Trove Gems - How to quickly increase Power Rank with Gems

Trove Gems - How to quickly increase Power Rank with Gems

Gems are collectible items that can grant huge amounts of Power Rank points to their users. It is very important to look for better and better gems since they can also be beneficial in stat increasing. In this guide, we will be taking a look at Trove Empowered Gems, Stellar Gems, Radiant Gems, and other types of Gems. Whether you are new to the topic or a little bit more experienced - check out how the Gems in this game work and what you can do to get the best ones.


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The basics of gems

There are three types of gems that are determined by elements - Water, Air and Fire Gems. For each of those types, there are also Empowered Gems. Your first normal Water Gem slot will unlock at level 10, second normal at 12, and an Empowered slot at 23. Air Gem slot is unlocked at level 13, level 15, and level 26. Fire Gem slot is opened at 17, 20, and 30 levels and Cosmic Gem Slot can be filled at levels 25, 27, and 30. It means that you will have to put three Gems to every element. The last one is always the Empowered Gem, which resides at the slots unlocked on levels 17, 20, and 30. Depending on the Gem that you have, it might come with different stats.

There are seven statistics that you can acquire on your gems:

  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Hit
  • Health Regeneration
  • Physical Damage
  • Magic Damage
  • Maximum Health
  • % Maximum Health


Each statistic is rolled randomly on the Gem, so you cannot guarantee yourself getting one over another. After looting one of the Gems, it will come with up to three different stats. Besides, those gems are split between two main categories: Fierce and Arcane Gems. While first ones cannot have Magic Damage statistics the second category doesn't provide Physical Damage.

In the equipment, tab players can equip Gems. There you can find Normal Fire Gem slot, Normal Cosmic Gem Slot, Normal Air Gem slot, and Normal Water Gem slot. Take into account that the key to Power Rank improvement lies within these stones. This system is the most important if you want to become stronger as it has the highest influence on the player's Power Rank. Never give up looking for better Gems - there are tons of different ones in Trove and they are all worth looking into. Take your time to find the ones that suit your needs to max your Power Rank as soon as possible.


Leveling up Gems

To level up a Gem, a player can use Gem Dust of the specific type and some of the Flux, however, the rarity of your Gems cannot be increased in any way. The best ones that you will be able to find are called Stellar Gems, and they are hidden in Shadow Boxes on Uber 9 worlds. By leveling up the Gem, you can either - crack it (resources are used, and Gem needs repairing), fail (resources are lost, but nothing happens to the Gem), level up (resources are used, and Gem gets +1 level), or double level up (resources are used, and Gem gets two levels). Your cracked Gems aren't useless since they still provide the same bonuses, but they cannot be further upgraded. If you wish to fix your cracked Gem, it can be done with the help of a "Re-Gemerator" that is available in the store for 500 Cubits.

Gem cracking can also be prevented by the usage of certain boosts like Gem Clover, Glittering Horseshoe, Lapis Luckbug, or Ninth Life. Boosters can be acquired from Gem Booster Boxes that cost 500 Cubits. These boxes also come from weekly contests and special events. Boosters are considered to be resources, so they are consumed on every level-up attempt. Above the Gem UI, there is a Karma Bar. It indicates your luck in the crafting process. If you have failed too many times (different amount for every kind of Gem), your Karma Bar will be full, and you won't fail anymore. While Boosters are great for increasing a change of successful crafting, they currently do not guarantee a positive upgrade result.


The best possible statistics on Gems

The rule is simple. Look for the Damage your class is using (Either Magic of Physical Damage), Critical Hit, and Critical Damage on your Gems. Someone wise once said that offense is the best defense, and it applies also to Trove. The faster you can deal with your enemies, the less damage you will receive from them. If you are struggling in terms of survivability and you find yourself one-shot too often, then you might be looking for Health bonuses. Try to get yourself some Maximum Health and Maximum Health %. However, avoid looking for Health Regeneration since it provides low value to your survivability.

Another rule that you should know about is that you should always be looking for gems with high Power Ranks. It isn't, however, the case if you cannot progress through the content. If you are not strong enough to find monsters at the current tier, try looking for Gems with lower PR, but better stats.


Normal Gems and Empowered Gems

The main difference between lesser Gems and large Empowered Gems is that the first ones can receive stat rolls of 50-100%, and the second ones are guaranteed to always come with the best possible stat rolls. It doesn't necessarily mean that all of the Empowered Gems are better than Normals since the amount and type of stats at level 1 are still random.


Which Gems are the best

The best possible Gems that you can acquire in the game are called Stellar Gems. They can be found in Uber 9 and 10 worlds, and they all provide a significant boost to the player's Power Rank. For Air Stellar Gems, you can look at Cursed Skylands for Water ones at the Drowned Worlds, and the Fire Stellar Gems can be found on Igneous Islands. There are also Cosmic Stellar Gems, which can be acquired from Geode Top site World at Uber 10.

It is also important to look for Class Gems. Each of the classes has specific Gems that can affect one of their abilities. For example, ARR-Tillery is an Empowered Class Gem for Pirate Captain that makes the two First Mate cannons double the damage. Another Gem that can be an example is the Hunting Dart that allows Dino Tamer to shoot three darts instead of one.



Our Gem guide is closing to an end. However, there are more topics that you can read about on our website. See for yourself if one of them catches your eye, and get better in gaming with us today! If you are looking for a marketplace where you can buy and sell your Trove Flux, check out our offer at We have the cheapest currency on the Internet - everything legally acquired and safe to trade.

If you are in search of the information about the topic of equipment Gem, find out how unused in-game model for the Gems looks like, see what lesser gem is, and get to know gem large then you must check out official Trove Wiki fandom pages. Explore each category, read community made guides, and make small improvements in your gameplay! Set your course for the win with SellersAndFriends. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get good Gems in Trove?

Find Gems with high Power Rank, go to new zones, and find Gems with better stats.

Can you trade gems in Trove?

No, it is no possible to trade Gems.

How to get Empowered Gems Trove?

Those can be acquired from Trove Empowered Gem Boxes.



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