Trove Chaos Core Guide - How to Get Them and Where to Spend Them

Trove Chaos Core Guide - How to Get Them and Where to Spend Them

Trove Chaos Core Guide

Chaos Cores are one of the many valuable resources available in Trove. They can be used in an individual crafting station to produce multiple exceptional items. Let's take a look at the best ways of farming Chaos Cores and the possibilities that they provide.


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Acquiring Chaos Cores

There are a few ways of getting these items. Chaos Core can be a rare drop from Chaos Chests and for deconstructing specific items in the Loot Collector. You can get Chaos Chests from high-level dungeons and the Shadow Towers. They're also available to buy for Credits in the game store.   

The items that you can deconstruct for Chaos Cores include the Chaotic mounts, wings, auras, et cetera. Once again, these items are mostly available from the Chaos Chests. However, there's a single source that's not directly related to these loot boxes. You can complete various Hero Quests and earn Adventurine. Then, spend 600 of this currency on the aura called Atom Sphere that's available at the Club Merchant. Deconstructing an Atom Sphere provides 4 Chaos cores.


How to use Trove Chaos Cores?

The Chaos Core is an untradeable material that can be used in the Chaos Core Crafter (sometimes called Chaos Crafting Bench) to get some really valuable products - some of them are not available in any other way. You can buy this station in the Novice Crafting Bench for 100 Flux.

First of all, the Chaos Core Crafter allows you to get every class in the game. The recipes consist of Flux, Chaos Cores, and some class-specific materials. The starter and basic classes are relatively cheap. Each of them only needs a single Chaos Core, 1,000 Flux, and a moderate amount of materials. The advanced classes are much more expensive. Every one of them requires 3 Chaos Cores, 15,000 Flux, and a lot of valuable mats.

Next, there are various collectibles: mounts, wings auras, et cetera. This feature offers a lot of different items to craft, and the most expensive ones can take even 20 Chaos Cores (and then you also have to consider the remaining materials).

Besides, you can use the Chaos Core Crafter to get some fantastic costumes! They're relatively expensive, class-specific cosmetic items that can change the looks and even some animations of your character. Each recipe consists of 10 or 20 Chaos Cores, a whopping 50,000 Flux, and additional high-priced materials. Of course, not all the Trove costumes can be unlocked using the chaos Core Crafter, but there's quite a few of them.

Finally, you can also use Chaos Cores to make two very expensive types of loot boxes – Light Chaos Vault and Dark Chaos Vault. These vaults' content can include special dragon egg fragments, used to craft some legendary dragon mounts. However, that's something that becomes an option only in the very endgame, and it's reserved for the most hardcore Trove players.


Trove Chaos Cores 

Getting Chaos Cores is a tough task. It's almost impossible to get them in large amounts consistently. Of course, this type of endgame premium resource can offer truly amazing rewards. With it, you'll be able to unlock all the classes, get unusual collectibles, and acquire beautiful costumes! Just remember to be patient, since getting every great item that you want might take a lot of time!

Trove is a 2015 MMORPG that has been developed and published by Trion Worlds. It's currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



Can I trade Chaos Cores in Trove?

Unfortunately, no, these materials are untradeable.

How do you craft a class in Trove?

Classes can be crafted using the Chaos Core Crafter. Each recipe requires some materials, as well as Flux and Chaos Cores.

How to get Chaos Chests in Trove?

Chaos Chest is an uncommon reward for dungeons, lairs, and Shadow Tower instances. You can also buy them directly from the game store for Credits.

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