Path of Exile Raider - a guide to build from PoE Ranger.

Path of Exile Raider - a guide to build from PoE Ranger.
Path of Exile

Besides two other Ascendancy classes in the form of Deadeye and Pathfinder lies Raider - a subclass of Ranger in Path of Exile Game. In this short guide, we want to bring you closer to the topic of this auto-attack oriented specialist who is the master of self buffs gained through casts and combat itself. If you want to gain knowledge on who Raiders are and what abilities define them then hop on to the text below.


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Raider Class description

As mentioned below Rangers are designed to be the best with auto-attack oriented builds. They perform exceptionally well in this field due to buffs that they can receive from their passive abilities. This is also the reason why they synergize so neatly with Frenzy, Onslaught, and Phase based skills. On the other hand, they can be built as evasive physical/elemental damage dealers giving them a wider variety of options when it comes to character development. In their Passive Skill Tree we can find nodes that improve Evasion Ratings, Frenzy Charge Duration, Movement Speed, and those that upgrade the effects of Onslaught.


POE Raider Builds

When it comes to the builds Raiders are not limited to ranged skills. They revolve mostly around auto-attacks, buffs, and quick damage bursts from Frenzy Charges. In their arsenal you can expect to work with abilities like Caustic Arrow, Cyclone, Elemental Hit, Explosive Strike, Flicker Strike, Frost Blades, Molten Burst, and Spectral Throw. These often won't require high amounts of currency investment and because of that, they are decent for new leagues and for starting players. On top of that, it is worth noting that auto-attack oriented build performs admirably in all fields of the game. They are above average bossers and decent levelers. If you are looking for Path of Exile Ranger Builds make sure to head to official Grinding Games forums. There you can find the best PoE Ranger Build as this is the main source of player created content for this game.



We have already told you that Raiders are specialists when it comes to buffs but which one of them can be found in their builds? This Ranger subclass often chooses auras that can improve their ability to auto-attack. Skills that can add attack speed, improve critical chance and damage that comes from basic shooting is the most sought after when you are Raider. A good example is a Precision that increases both accuracy and crit for you and your allies. Aura-based builds are also present in this scenario as they provide necessary boosts that improve the constant damage dealing nature of this Ascendancy. Look for stats like Attack Damage, Increased Attack Speed, Increased Movement Speed, Increased Elemental Damage, Chance to Evade, and Chance to Dodge on skills that you want to equip.


Most important passive tree nodes

Minor skills

Evasion, Frenzy Charge Duration - Adds 15% to your Evasion Rating and 20% to Frenzy Charge Duration.

Evasion, Movement Speed - Adds 15% to your Evasion Rating and 4% to Increased Movement Speed.

Evasion, Onslaught Duration - Adds 15% to your Evasion Rating and 15% to Onslaught Effect.

Major skills

Rapid Assault - Gives you Onslaught for 10 seconds on every kill. You also get a 10% to get it for 10 seconds for hitting Rare and Unique enemies. On top of that gives 20% Attack Speed and 5% Evasion for melee attacks.

Avatar of the Chase - Increases effects of Onslaught by 100% and during its duration gives a 30% chance to evade melee and projectile attacks while also increasing Attack Damage by the same amount. Requires Rapid Assault.

Quartz Infusion - Provides a 10% chance to dodge attacks, Phasing on kills for 4 seconds as well as on max Frenzy Charges and during Onslaught. Increases Elemental Damage by 40%.

Avatar of the Veil - With it you gain various bonuses during Phasing - Immunity to Elemental Ailments, 10% chance to dodge spell hits, and 10% increased movement speed. On top of that during its effect enemies around you have 15% lower elemental resistance to Fire, Cold, and Lightning and 15% less Accuracy. Quartz Infusion is required.

Way of the Poacher - You can gain from it Attack Speed increased by 10%. 20% chance to gain Frenzy Charge on kill, 20% chance to gain Frenzy Charge on Rare and Unique Enemy hit as well as +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges.

Avatar of the Slaughter - 8% increase for Attack Damage and Evasion Rating per Frenzy Charge and a 3% increase to Movement Speed and Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge. Way of the Poacher is required.



This is the end of our article about Raider subclass. If you are looking for Path of Exile Ranger build you can search for one in official forums where all of the best players post their guides. Choosing the most optimal one for your current league can be crucial in order to be efficient and quick during leveling. Make sure to check out our marketplace. Here you can find currency for the most popular titles in the online gaming world. Rise in power with Lineage Adena, Bloodstone gold, and MapleStory mesos. Cheapest prices are waiting for you so don't hesitate and step up your game today!

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Bendter • 22 April 2020 Why would you play Raider when Scion that goes for Raider perks have better skill choices on the tree. Good guide but not a good class. Reply
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Cristalcrix • 27 April 2020 All ranger specs need more love from GGG Reply
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Tinker94 • 1 May 2020 Caustic Arrows are my favorite. I try to make them work even if they're not super meta :D Reply
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Grubby7 • 3 May 2020 Just go elemental hit and destroy every boss in a few seconds, easy. Reply
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