Path of Exile leveling guide - Become a league speedrunner!

Path of Exile leveling guide - Become a league speedrunner!
Path of Exile

Path of Exile Leveling Guide

Even though in Path of Exile, the leveling route is linear and there are no spots where you want to stay longer just to level up your character - there are some tricks that can help you increase your experience rates and get to the endgame faster. Have you ever wondered how pro players are reaching mapping within the first few hours after the league begins? Or maybe you are just curious, and you want to know how they get to 80+ level on the first day? Here we are to show you that it isn't that hard, and even you can become Path of Exile speedrunner. Read our guide to see how you can improve your PoE leveling.


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#1 Movement Speed is mandatory

Get equipment with a Movement Speed bonus

At the start of the game, you won't have access to any Movement Speed abilities or items. After you reach your first town, you can head over to the equipment trader and type "Movement Speed" in the box. This way, you might be able to find some items that provide this kind of bonus for your character. You can also identify items on your own, but always try to look for the highest Movement Speed bonuses. It is essential if you want to improve in terms of leveling speed since normally your character is very slow and you will spend most of the game running from one place to another.

  • You can get Movement Speed items from monster drops and NPC trades.


Use Quicksilver Flasks

After reaching Tidal Island, you will be given a quest. By completing it, you unlock rewards, and one of them is a Quicksilver flask that allows you to traverse at a faster pace. It is an essential item through the early and mid-stages of the game. If you feel like you don't need as much resource restoring flasks, then go ahead and equip two or three Quicksilvers to have their bonus active almost all of the time.

  • You can get Quicksilver Flasks from Act 1 "Mercy Mission," Act 2 "The Great White Beast," and Act 5 "The Key to Freedom." These are also rarely dropped by monsters.


Consider going for Onslaught

Onslaught buff is another thing that you may need to increase your Movement Speed. You can get it from various sources, and one of them is the Onslaught Support Gem. By connecting this gem to active attack skill, you have a 10% on a monster kill to gain the buff. When it comes to the bonuses granted by the buff, it is a 20% increase in Attack Speed, Cast Speed, and Movement Speed, which is very helpful during leveling. Some people use builds with traps or totems, and just leave them behind while pushing forward. This way, they can constantly get Quicksilver Flask charges and Onslaught Buff for a drastic increase in Movement Speed while monsters explode from the skills that you left behind.

  • Onslaught buff can be gained through monsters kills and is unlocked by Onslaught Support Gem, Silver Flask, multiple Unique Items, regular Passive Skills, and Ascendancy Passive Skills.


Find gap-closers

Although not every build features skills that allow you to jump between packs of monsters or run at a faster pace before reaching late-game, you should always have at least one equipped. On top of that, it should be connected to Support Gems like faster casting, faster attacks, and others that can make your skill go off more quickly. This way, you will be able to spam it at any time you want to.

  • Get yourself a gap-closer like Leap Slam, Shield Charge, or anything similar and connect it to multiple Support Gems.


#2 Learn the map

This is just as mandatory as Movement Speed if you want to be quick and efficient with your leveling. During your first playthrough, you should pay attention to the map layouts. Try to determine where zone exits are located, in what areas you can find way points, and how to find objectives needed for certain quests. On your next journey, you will be thankful to yourself for the knowledge that you have acquired before. No one likes to wander around the map, trying to find the entrance to the next zone, but it happens from time to time. Master your knowledge about the zones, and if you are struggling with one of them, just repeat it for as many times as you need. It will significantly decrease the time that you spent on pointless running.

  • Learn map layouts to complete objectives at a faster pace and to progress through the content more quickly.


#3 Organize your build around both single-target and multi-target skills

Most of the builds revolve around Area of Effect skills. To show you an example, let's talk about Ethereal Knives build - It has a great AoE capability so you can clear waves of enemies within a few clicks. However, it is very weak against the bosses. You will deal meager amounts of damage, and you might run out of flash charges during the fight. Because of that, you want an additional skill that will be carried just for the bosses, rare monsters, and other creatures that do require "special treatment."

  • Always have a single target skill in your pocket, even if you are going for AoE build


#4 Do not kill everything on the map

It is a simple thing that most players know about, but for the new adventurers, it might be a surprise. During your leveling, you will pass endless waves of monsters. You do not need to kill all of them to have a decent level and to progress through the zones. Leave your Bombs and Totems behind, use Quicksilver charges that you have, and make sure that nothing stops you from running towards your goal. During your leveling, you will need some experience, and Onslaught charges that come from monster kills. However, the vast majority of monsters that appear on the screen can be skipped.

When it comes to what is worth killing and what is not, try using your skills around large packs of monsters and do not waste your time on smaller ones or spread out packs. Make sure to clear every blue pack since they all grant good experience while not being that hard to kill. You can leave rare monsters behind if you feel like you do not need their loot or if you don't have enough single target damage. They can be a bit more tricky to kill, and even though they usually give both good profits and experience, on lower levels, they might be troublesome. If your goal is to maximize experience gains and progress through the content as fast as possible, forget about fights against them.

  • If you are looking for fast leveling, you should skip most of the mobs, kill only big packs of normal and magic monsters and leave behind rares if you don't feel strong enough to burst them down quickly.


#5 Get yourself a good Loot Filter

It is one of the biggest life-changing tips that you will get for the Path of Exile. Even though you might think that it doesn't speed up leveling - it does. More than you may think. By installing Loot Filter, you will be able to get a sound notification for every valuable item that drops on the floor. Because of that, you won't miss any important items that you might want to pick up. You can also remove the names of items that you do not need to reduce the amount of trash that shows up on your screen. This overlay allows you to personalize the way you see item drops. If you want to make a bigger window for an Exalted Orb or Chaos Orb that is highlighted by a red color and a sound plays when it drops - you are free to do so. If you want to remove all of the gray items from your sight - no problem. If you aim to show only Rare Items, Orbs, and Uniques as a drop - you can do it. Loot Filters are very helpful, and utilizing this feature allows players not to be bothered by unnecessary items.

When it comes to leveling speed with Loot Filter, you will be able to spend less time sorting out things that you need. The only gear that is worth picking up will show to you on the ground, and you will be able to focus on the combat rather than on the loot table. It is very important for the players who rush forward without looking at the items that they are leaving behind since they can customize sound notifications to hear that something valuable dropped nearby. With good Loot Filter, you can show items from every recipe maximizing your daily profits.

It's all about time efficiency. You don't want to miss valuable gear, but you also don't want to spend twelve hours thinking about which items you should pick up.

  • Install a good Loot Filet and see on the ground only the items that you need


#6 Relogging

If you are playing on the new league, one of the best tricks that will conserve your Portal Scrolls and allow to teleport to a nearby city instantly is the relog. To do that, exit to the character selection screen and quickly click enter on your keyboard. This way, you will be automatically teleported back to the city when logging out, and you will rejoin the game by selecting your character once again. If you are using AutoHotKey, it is also possible to perform all of that with a single button on your keyboard so you can always teleport instantly without wasting your currency on the scrolls. Be aware that the miss clicking "Exit to character selection screen" button might result in pushing the "Exit to Login Screen" or "Exit Path of Exile." Since in new leagues, there is always a queue of players that wait to join the servers, you will be placed on the last spot of the line.

  • Use the relogging technique to conserve Portal Scrolls and to teleport faster.


#7 Use the build that was designed for leveling

In almost every website related to PoE builds and official game forums, you will see multiple topics that are labeled "League Starter." Those builds are always designed for players that start from scratch and want to level up their characters with as least funding as possible. League Starters are also designed for fast leveling. You can run through the content, leave bombs or totems behind you, and progress further. It is crucial to choose passive tree builds that are designed for what you want to achieve, so make sure to use builds for leveling if you're going to reach endgame quickly. 


#8 Equip correct gear

If your build doesn't provide specific items for the early game you might want to take a look at this list:

Armor - The best thing that can help you early on in the leveling is Tabula Rasa. It is a shirt that doesn't provide any defensive bonuses, but it has six white slots connected. It means that from the first level, you will be able to expand capabilities of your main skill with supportive gems, which is even better than all of the defense in the world.

Helm - Another essential item in your equipment list is the helmet - try to find one that provides a high amount of multiple resistances or get yourself "Goldrim."

Boots - Look for boots with a high bonus to Movement Speed. You might also buy "Wanderlust."

Gloves - Here, you have a wider variety of options, and you should look for decent Rare gloves with bonuses that you need for your build. You might also opt for uniques in the form of Lochtonial Caress, Hrimsorrow, and Sadima's Touch.

Rings - Rings might give you various bonuses in forms of Resistance and Mana Reduction. In general, you want them to provide you enough resources so you will be able to spam your spells constantly. For unique choices, go for Perandus Signet that increases experience gains.

Amulets - Here, you should also aim to reduce the cost of your skills. For summoners, we advise Sidebreath, and for the rest of the players Atziri's Foible. If you do not need mana, you will be better off with a decently crafted rare.

Belts - Belts are your main source of survivability. Look for high health and resistance to them. The best unique belts for leveling will be Meginord's Girdle, Wurm's Molt, and Prismweave.

Weapon - Since this is your main source of damage, you should always look for the weapon with the highest DPS. Depending on the build, you might look for either one-handed or two-handed weapons. Usually, it is better to use two-handed weapons since they allow you to use the 2nd 6-link. Still, it all depends on your build, so make sure to check for what kind of weapons you are looking for. There are multiple Uniques that could work for you. Some of them really worth mentioning are The Poet's Pen, Lifespring, Axiom Perpetuum, Oni-Goroshi, Shiversting, The Screaming Eagle, Limbsplit, Gorebreaker, Hrimnor's Hymn, Gore Drill, Last Resort, Storm Cloud and Craghead.


When you get close to the point of map clearing and you are in the need of Orbs make sure to clear Chamber of Sins level 1 and level 2. Due to the high amount of monsters per zone at this place - you may earn there some easy currency. There is no boss that could distract you so you are safe to farm at this location.

Our guide was based on the fastest rushing Delirium player log. We create our content with the experience of players from the top of the table. Getting better is not a task that can be done within a second or two but a work that you will have to keep focusing on a lot. Make sure to go back to this article whenever you need help.



That's all that we have prepared for you in terms of the Path of Exile leveling guide. We hope that our guide will allow you to reach new heights on the PoE ladder easily. With tips and tricks that we have implemented in this article, you should effortlessly surpass most of the players in the speed of leveling. It is not that hard to become better in the game. All you have to do is to implement the right decisions that we mentioned in your playthrough.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you level up fast in Path of Exile?

Get lots of movement speed, do not kill all of the monsters, and learn zone layouts.

What is the highest level in Path of Exile?

Currently, the maximum level that you can reach is 100.

How do you get good at the Path of Exile?

By reading guides like this one and playing the game.

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Harmitor • 19 May 2020 With every new league I feel like it all comes down to RNG. If I'm finding the items I need, my build comes online earlier and I level really fast, if I don't get the right items I stay weak and level up slower... Reply
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