OSRS Money Making - Best methods to get rich in Old School Runescape!

OSRS Money Making - Best methods to get rich in Old School Runescape!
Old School RuneScape

Welcome to the complete money making guide to Old School RuneScape. In this article, you will find the best ways to make gold in "2007Scape," which will make you rich in no time. Whether you just started playing the game and it's your first time in Gielinor, you are a bit more advanced in this medieval world, or you are straight-up pro - you will most definitely find something for yourself in the text below. We guarantee that even if your adventure just began, you will be able to make gold for bonds, equipment, and anything else that your heart desires. Without further ado, let's get started.

WARNING: Due to the volatile nature of many item values, it is crucial to check the prices of items included in the methods stated below before trying them out. Some of the moneymakers become less lucrative as time passes by, and we cannot guarantee that those listed by us are always profitable.


Table of contents:

How to make a bond on a free to play account?

Low-level moneymaking methods

Filling water containers <~100k/h>

Killing Chaos Druids (Combat) <~200k/h>

Flax Spinning (Crafting) <~200k/h>

Supercompost and Ultracompost Making <~500k/h>

Tanning dragonhides <~500k/h>

Bird nests crushing <~500k/h>

Medium-level moneymaking methods

Making Machogany Planks (Firemaking) <500k+/h>

High Alchemy (Magic) <~1m/h>

Blast Furnace (Smithing) <1m+/h>

Barrows (Combat) <1m+/h>

Crafting Runes Through the Abyss (Runecrafting) <1m+/h>

Hunting Red Chinchompa (Hunter) <1m+/h>

High-level moneymaking methods

Killing Vorkath (Combat) <3m+/h>

Killing Demonic Gorillas (Combat) <2m+/h>

Killing Zulrah (Combat) <2m+/h>

Stealing from Master Farmers (Thieving) <1m+/h>

Eclectic Impling Jar opening (Medium Clue Scrolls) <2m+/h>

Crafting Wrath Runes (Runecrafting) <~2m/h>

Short Guide on Flipping


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to make a bond on a free to play account?

Free accounts are easy to create, and because of that, a lot of bots use them. It means that most of the bots in RuneScape are running on free to play worlds. Since there aren't too many money-making methods - almost all of them are exhausted by cheaters. Because of that, earning gold on free accounts takes a lot of time and, to be honest, is a waste of time. It is much easier to buy your first membership bond or month of a game-time and start from there. We strongly encourage you to invest real money in your first membership, and with our methods, you will be able to pay for the future ones with RS gold easily.


Low-level moneymaking methods

You would be surprised by how much gold could be made with some simple tasks that can be done by all of the accounts. You don't have to farm for a long time, complete complicated quests, or train your skills to 99 to make gold in Oldschool RuneScape. There are tons of opportunities that just wait to be found. If you wish to make money for your first bond without a need for training, then the ideas stated below will fit your needs.

filling water containers

Filling water containers

Requirements: Around 3k gold

Possible profit: Just under 100k per hour.

  • Buy water containers on Grand Exchange (Jugs or Vials) in vast amounts
  • Teleport to Lumbridge and switch to PvP World (do not leave the castle walls not to enter the PvP zone)
  • Between fountains right where you teleported you should find bank chest - withdraw your containers
  • Run to the nearby fountain and fill them with water
  • Bank what you got and repeat the process


This method is a beginner only as it is around ten times less profitable than other ones, but it is an excellent way for new adventurers to start their journey with gold making. With filling water containers, you will be able to make just under 100k each hour, and that should be enough for a decent beginning.

killing chaos druids

Killing Chaos Druids (Combat)

Requirements: Decent Combat level (40+) and equipment that you are willing to eventually risk.

Possible profit: Over 200k gold per hour.

  • Pick up some food and decent combat equipment that you are willing to risk.
  • Go to Edgeville Dungeon and find Chaos Druids to the North.
  • Enter the Wilderness area through the gate.
  • Kill Druids and collect loot from them.


At low levels, it is tough to find a good moneymaker that involves combat. However, it is not impossible. Chaos Druids are known for dropping herbs at large amounts. On top of that, they have a very low Combat level of 13, and they are weak to ranged. They can be easily killed even by the beginners, which means that players with a decent level in Ranged will be able to take them down very quickly. 

There is a downside to this way of making gold. Since the most popular place to hunt Chaos Druids is located on the Wilderness, there is some risk involved. You might be attacked by players at a similar level than yours, and there is a small chance that they will succeed in killing you, so it is not advised to bring expensive gear. On the other hand, you will be very likely to escape since these hunting spots have proximity to the Wilderness border. In general, there is a tiny chance that you will lose items, but keep in mind that Chaos Druids at Edgeville Dungeon reside in the PvP zone, and you might get attacked.

flax spinning

Flax Spinning (Crafting)

Requirements: 10+ Crafting and 50k+ gold if you don't want to gather Flax on your own.

Possible profit: 200k+ per hour.

  • Either buy thousands of Flax at Grand Exchange or collect it on your own.
  • Go to the 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle and use the bank to withdraw the full inventory of Flax.
  • Descend to 1st level and spin all of your Flax on the spinning wheel to receive Bowstrings.
  • Bank everything that you have got and repeat the process. When you are done, sell Bowstrings on GE.


From level 10 Crafting, players can spin Flax at the spinning wheel to create Bowstrings. The best place to do that is the 1st floor of Lumbridge castle, which has Spinning Wheels the closest to the bank. Although poorer players might opt to collect Flax on their own, it is faster to buy it and start spinning right away. You should be able to make over 1000 Bow Strings in an hour easily.

supercompost making

Supercompost and Ultracompost Making

Requirements: Some gold to begin with (50k will be enough, however the more, the better).

Possible profit: It depends on the market, but usually over 500k per hour.

It is a straightforward method that not too many people know about. To start, head over to Grand Exchange and purchase these items: 4 Compost, 1 Compost Potion (4 doses), 2 Volcanic Ash. If you can afford to get more, then multiply the listed amount. By combining Compost Potion with regular Compost, you will create Supercompost, and by combining 2 Volcanic Ash with Supercompost, you will create Ultracompost. Since those items are extremely useful for the Farming skill, you will easily sell them on the Grand Exchange with a profit. In larger amounts, it will look like this:

Creation of Supercompost: Withdraw six potions of Compost Potion (4 doses each) and 22 buckets of Compost from the bank. Add potions to the buckets, and you will get 22 buckets of Supercompost. You will be able to make around 400 gold on each bucket (after removal of the costs). It means that from each inventory, you will receive almost 9k gold. This process takes seconds but is extremely click-intensive, and because of that, you might try the next part of this process.

  • Buy Compost and Compost potions at large amounts
  • Withdraw 6 Compost potions and 22 buckets of Compost
  • Combine them to create Supercompost, which you will sell on Grand Exchange or save for the next method


Creation of Ultracompost: Withdraw as much Volcanic Ash as you can (minimum 54) and 27 buckets of Supercompost that you have made with the previous method or bought through GE. Click on ash and add it to the bucket. Push the button that appears on the chat box, and your character will start making Ultracompost by himself. You don't need to click the next one, as this process is automatic. You should be able to get around 200 gold (after removal of the costs) from each bucket, which means that you can get over 5k from each inventory. Since you can be semi-AFK during this method, we advise you to use it and watch a good movie in the meantime.

  • Buy Supercompost or Volcanic Ash at large amounts (you can also make Supercompost on your own)
  • Withdraw all of the Volcanic Ash to your inventory and 27 buckets of Supercompost
  • Combine them to create Ultracompost which you will sell on Grand Exchange for profit


Overall depending on the amount of gold that you have invested and prices on Grand Exchange, you should be able to make even up to 700k - 1 million per hour. It is one of the best moneymakers that doesn't have any requirements, but whether it is useful at the time or not depends on the market prices, so make sure to check them out beforehand.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to instantly buy all of the resources as you can only get 600 Compost/Supercompost every 4 hours due to market limits.

tanning dragonhides

Tanning dragonhides

Requirements: A few hundred thousand to invest or even millions if you want to tan expensive hides.

Possible profit: Over 500k per hour.

  • Go to Grand Exchange and buy Dragonhides of your choice.
  • Start at Al-Kharid bank and withdraw 27 hides and a few hundred coins to pay for services.
  • Go to Ellis, who is the tanner next to the furnace room, and give your hides to him for tanning.
  • Return to the bank and repeat the process


One of the most popular ways to make gold involves tanning hides into leathers. It is a simple process that requires medium amounts of player input so you could watch TV or do something else while tanning. In general, it is a very profitable activity; however sometimes price drops may occur, making it much less viable. If you want to try out tanning, make sure to check prices beforehand and select the type of hides that give not only good profits but also the ones that you will be able to afford in large quantities. It is very often better to buy large quantities of Green Dragonhide than to waste time going back to Grand Exchange for more expensive hides.

bird nest crushing

Bird nests crushing

Requirements: Large amounts of gold to begin (10m+ recommended).

Possible profit: Depends on the market, but usually over 500k per hour.

  • Bulk buy bird nests for over 10 million gold.
  • Withdraw "Pestle and Mortar" and 27 bird nests
  • Use them together to start the process of crushing
  • Sell crushed bird nests for profit


This idea is very similar to Ultracompost making since you will be able to do it while focusing on other things. With it, you should be able to make more money; however, resource prices are much higher, so there is more significant gold input required. With similar ways to make gold, always make sure to compare market prices and count possible incomes to see if it is a profitable method at the time. You should be able to crush around 5k nests every hour, which will result in up to 500k profit.


Medium-level moneymaking methods

If you are a bit more advanced in your leveling process, you should be able to start with more complicated ways that can give you better profits. In this section, you will find some combat-related ideas as well as those that involve higher levels of non-combat skills.


Making Mahogany Planks (Firemaking)

Requirements: Enlightened Journey Quest, 50+ Firemaking, over 100k gold.

Possible profit: Over 500k per hour.

If you like methods that involve running, then you will appreciate this one. Making Mahogany Planks at Sawmill requires Mahogany Logs and 1500 coins for each of the planks made. You will be traveling to this place by the balloon teleportation system, so you need to unlock it with Enlightened Journey quest, and on top of that, you have to get the permission for traveling near Varrock. For that, you will need 40+ levels in Firemaking skill. After the initial unlock route, the traveling will cost 1 Willow Log per trip. 

To begin, take Ring of Duelling and teleport to Castle Wars with your noted Logs and 50k gold. Run North to the Balloon and fly to Varrock. Store and withdraw logs from a nearby crate if needed. Go to Sawmill operator and make the planks. Teleport back to Castle Wars with your ring to bank items and start over.


High Alchemy (Magic)

Requirements: 55+ Magic

Possible profit: Will vary with the amount of gold invested, items that you have chosen, etc. In general, over 500k per hour.

  • Do some research (on the Internet or the Grand Exchange) and find items with much higher High Alchemy value than their price on GE.
  • Buy them in large quantities and make sure to get some Nature Runes as well.
  • Equip Fire Battlestaff
  • Cast High Alch to disenchant items into gold.


One of the medium level ways to make gold comes with a High Alchemy spell. This ability costs five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune. The cost of Fire Runes can be reduced to zero with the use of Fire Staff. By using High Alch on an item, player disenchants the item into gold. Since gold values on items are predefined, sometimes prices of items are lower than their actual disenchant values. It creates an opportunity for moneymakers to buy large amounts of alchable items at low prices and make money on them by using High Alchemy spell.


Blast Furnace (Smithing)

Requirements: Started The Giant Dwarf quest. 85 Smithing (Runite), 70 Smithing (Adamantite), 50 Smithing (Mithril), 30 Smithing (Steel). Over 100k gold. Ice Gloves and Coal Bags will make your life easier.

Possible profit: Even over 1 million gold per hour

  • Go to official Blast Furnace world (there are 15, so you will easily find one)
  • Buy ores that you will use depending on your Smithing level and at least twice as much of Coal ore.
  • Head over to the Blast Furnace.
  • Bring your Ores, Stamina Potions, Ice Gloves, Coal Bags, and around 100k in cash.
  • Deposit money in the coffer (this allows you to use Blast Furnace - 1,2k for each minute).
  • Place your Ores on Conveyor Belt and Empty your Coal Bags to deposit Coal.
  • Make a few trips with Coal only and deposit everything - make sure to use your Coal Bags.
  • Take your bars from the dispenser and repeat the process.


Blast Furnace is one of the most famous money-makers on RuneScape, and it is still one of the most profitable ones as well. By starting Giant Dwarf quest, you gain access to the machine, which lets you create Smithing bars at a much faster pace than with other methods. Because of that, it is not only a great moneymaker but also a fantastic Smithing experience farm. To train here, you need only 30 Smithing level; however, this method begins to be fast from level 50. It is also advised to get Ice Gloves since otherwise, you will have to bring buckets of water. In general, you can even make more than one million per hour with this method but keep in mind that better ores will give you better profits.


Barrows (Combat)

Requirements: Over 70 in Combat, Over 43 in Prayer - the higher, the better. Those are not the requirements; however, with lower skills, you will struggle a lot and won't make money on this method.

Possible profit: Depends on luck, stats, and your gear - should be around 1 mil/h.


If you are looking for a step-by-step guide, then many can be found on the Internet like this one: Barrows Guide. We won't describe everything here since there is too much to talk about however doesn't be discouraged by that. Barrows might seem difficult at first, but it is very easy, in fact.

In this minigame, you will deal with a fight against six revenants that haunt the old graveyard. The goal of the game is to find their coffins, plunder them, and to kill any residing ghosts that might defend their home. You should be able to make a profit from every run however, hitting a rare loot table will lend you the biggest profits of up to 10 mil. You can expect to make around 1 mil per hour with proper equipment on Barrows.


Crafting Runes Through the Abyss (Runecrafting)

Requirements: Enter the Abyss quest (very short), 44 Runecrafting (Nature Runes), 54 (Law Runes), 65 (Death Runes), 75 (Cosmic Runes), and at least 21 Mining. Rune Bags, Rings of Duelling, and Amulets of Glory are strongly advised.

Possible profit: It will vary depending on the runes of your choice and your stats. You should be able to make between 500k and 1500k.

  • Go to Grand Exchange and buy necessary items.
  • Equip Ring of Duelling and Amulet of Glory. Take with you Rune Pouches and a Pickaxe.
  • Fill your bags and inventory with Pure Essence and use Stamina Potion if you have one.
  • Start at Edgeville bank or Grand Exchange and head north to the Mage of Zamorak.
  • Right-click him to teleport to the Abyss. (You can repair your damaged pouches here if needed - talk to Dark Mage to do so.)
  • Mine some rocks to enter the inner part of the Abyss.
  • Go through the portal of your choice and bless your Pure Essences on the obelisk.
  • Use Amulet of Glory to travel to Edgeville, where you will bank and start over your journey. If you run out of charges, then use Ring of Duelling to get to Castle Wars, where you can access the bank.


Runecrafting is simple and doesn't require high stats. You will need some levels in the Runecrafting and a little bit of gold, but all of that can be gained within a few hours. Even though you will be running through the Wilderness, it is highly unlikely that someone will attack you there. Just to be safe, make sure to leave your equipment in the bank.


Hunting Red Chinchompa (Hunter)

Requirements: Eagles' Peak quest (short one), At least 63 in Hunter. 4 Box Traps and some ranged equipment.

Possible profit: Around 1 mil per hour depending on your current Hunter level.

  • Equip Ranged gear and take four Box Traps with you.
  • Teleport to Fairy Ring with code AKS or go south of Feldip Hills by yourself.
  • You will find Red Chinchompas nearby. Kill the first one and set traps around the place of his respawn.
  • If Chinchompa runs away from your traps, make sure to kill him so new ones will be able to spawn.


Hunting Red Chins is the most profitable way of leveling for Hunter skill. It does require some attention, but it isn't very click-intensive. The most common place to do that is Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground, but to access this place, you have to complete the Western Provinces Diary. Because of that, the area south of Feldip Hills is recommended one since it doesn't have any requirements besides 63 Hunter.


High-level moneymaking methods

In this section, you will find the best moneymakers in the game. Remember that some of them have high requirements. Most of these methods are combat-related since bossing becomes extremely lucrative on endgame characters. High stats and good equipment allow you to take down monsters at a faster pace with less investment, which results in better gold per hour. On top of that, you won't have to waste as many potions and food through the fight.


Killing Vorkath (Combat)


  • Completion of Dragon Slayer II, which requires tons of other quests.
  • Skills like 75 Magic, 70 Smithing, 68 Mining, 62 Crafting, 60 Agility, 60 Thieving, 50 Construction, and 50 Hitpoints. The combat level of at least 100+.
  • Very good equipment, including consumables and potions.


Possible profit: Around 3-4 mil every hour, which might vary depending on the luck. Possibility of dropping an item that's worth over 25 million in gold.

Vorkath is a boss that you will first meet during the Dragonslayer II quest. It is not the hardest boss in the RuneScape by any means, and he can be easily killed solo. The journey that you have to overcome to unlock him is very long, though. There are around 30 quests that have to be completed, and some of them are quite long. On top of that, only players with great combat stats will be able to fight the boss effectively, so make sure to get your combat stats to high levels. In this guide, we won't explain the fight itself as it is a too complicated process to point everything out.


Killing Demonic Gorillas (Combat)


  • Completion of Monkey Madness II quest, which requires other quests.
  • Skills like 69 Slayer, 70 Crafting, 60 Hunter, 55 Agility and 55 Thieving
  • Very good equipment, including consumables and potions.


Possible profit: Around 2,5 mil worth of items for one hour of hunting.

Demonic Gorillas are profitable because of their loot table in which you can find Zenyte Shard. It's used for the creation of very powerful jewelry. Since their drops are not consistent, sometimes you will be able to make extremely high amounts of gold, and sometimes your trip will barely give any profits. Since this is a luck-based activity, some players prefer bossing over this method.


Killing Zulrah (Combat)

Requirements: There are no requirements besides started Regicide quest, but you need a Combat level of over 100 to kill this boss efficiently.

Possible profit: Around 2 mil per hour depending on your luck.

Even though Zulrah is considered to be one of the endgame bosses, he is not too hard to kill. On top of that, the drops that you can get from kill are quite consistent, and there is a chance to get millions from a rare drop table. In extreme cases with Twisted Bow and perfect movement, it is possible to make even up to 6 mil per hour doing this method. Since this boss does not require complicated quests and learning of intricate mechanics, it is a good boss to learn for those who are new to bossing.


Stealing from Master Farmers (Thieving)

Requirements: 38+ Thieving (at least 70 recommended). You can also take Rogue Equipment, Ardougne Cloak 3 or 4, Thieving Cape, and Seed Box to increase profits. Food is also a must below 94 Thieving.

Profits: Depends on the Thieving level and equipment, it can vary from 200k to 2 mil per hour.

One of the most famous ways to make gold with Thieving involves pickpocketing Master Farmers. Those can be found in various spots like Draynor Village. Players usually trap Master Farmer in one place, which allows everyone to steal from this NPC without a need to follow him around. The idea is simple as those NPCs are known for their seed drops. Constant pickpocketing at lower levels will be quite painful as you will often fail, which results in damage taken. Food will be necessary, and constant trips to the bank might lower your income. Because of that, it is advised not to start doing this before 70 Thieving. Rogue Equipment is almost necessary as it doubles the drop received.


Eclectic Impling Jar opening (Medium Clue Scrolls)

Requirements: 50 Hunter, 42+ Construction, and 96+ Magic. On top of that, gold to buy items.

Possible profit: Around 2 mil per hour.

Eclectic Impling Jars can be opened to receive various items like ores, herbs, and equipment pieces. Between those, you can also find Medium Clue Scrolls, which can be done for various rewards. Although you will lose money on opening, you will be able to get many Clue Scrolls. By completing them at high efficiency, you will be able to make millions from their drops. 

There is a small chance to receive Ranger Boots as a reward, which are the most expensive boots in the game. Requirements that we listed will let you use all of the teleports, as well as Spellbook Swaps, through the use of the housing system. Every way that can make the completion of scrolls shorter is necessary for this method to be effective, so make sure to use your Stamina Potions, Teleport Tablets, Amulets, Rings, and everything else at your disposal.


Crafting Wrath Runes (Runecrafting)

Requirements: Dragon Slayer II quest and 95+ in Runecrafting Skill. It is also recommended to get all Runecrafting pouches, Mythical Cape, Wrath Tiara, Amulet of Glory, Anti-Dragon Shield, and weight reduction of any kind.

Possible Profit: Under 2 mil per hour.

Wrath Runes can be crafted on Wrath Altar by players who have reached level 95 in Runecrafting skill. Wrath Altar cannot be accessed through the Abyss, and therefore the only place where it can be found in the cave in the Myth's Guild basement. It is also the reason why you need Mythical cape since, with this item, traveling times will be significantly shortened. You also need Pouches to store more Rune Essences, Wrath Tiara, so you will be able to craft runes, Amulet of Glory for bank teleports, and Anti-Dragon Shield to avoid a portion of the damage that awaits you from dragons near the cave entrance. Stamina Potions are also a must because, for the majority of the time, you will be running during Runecrafting.


A short guide on Flipping

Requirements: Starting investment of at least 1 million gold.

Expected profit: Will vary depending on invested gold and time. You can make millions every day, and you can lose some money (but it is highly unlikely).

Before we explain how Flipping works, we need to point out one important method that could help you. To check the real margins on an item, you want to buy it for a very high price and sell it for very low. Here is an example:

  • You want to check the margin of a Cannonball, which has the market price of 10gp.
  • You buy 1 Cannonball for three or even four times that amount (30 or 40gp).
  • Your trade instantly goes through, and you receive your Cannonball + some GP (let's say it is Cannonball + 10gp). This GP comes back to you because Grand Exchange has found this item at a lower price than 30 or 40gp. It happens very often.
  • Now you want to sell it for a few times the lower amount than its regular price so around 2gp.
  • Your Cannonball instantly sells, leaving you with 5gp. Again this happened because people were not expecting someone to sell it for such a low price, and everyone tried to buy it for more.
  • Last but not least, it's time to check the margin. You want to go into the trade history by clicking the "History" button on the top left corner of the Grand Exchange window. Here you will see how many items you have bought and sold. You will see that Cannonball was bought at 20gp and sold at 5gp, which means that the real trading margin is 15gp. Now you know that it is possible to buy it for 5 and sell it for 20 so you can make 15gp on every Cannonball.
  • It is the best method to check item prices, but it won't work on expensive equipment since you would lose a lot of money by checking the prices of said items. It works best when you want to trade stuff at high quantities like Cannonballs, Zulrah Scales, Arrows, Bolts, Feathers, etc. If you're going to see real market prices of more expensive goods, then you will have to rely on websites that provide this kind of information.


If you are playing RuneScape for some time already, then you have probably heard about Flipping. It is considered to be the most lucrative money-making method in the game. Keep in mind, though, that it is not as simple as punching monsters in the face or cutting logs straight from the trees. Flipping basically means to buy for less and sell for more. By finding items with the highest margins, you will be able to make a lot of profit with very little time investment. People who aren't Flipping are missing out on an excellent opportunity to make a bank. All you have to do to make gold is a few minutes for research and another few to post auctions on Grand Exchange. It is worth noting that some of the items on GE are restricted from being bought at large amounts. There are buy limits set for each of the items which lasts 4 hours before resetting. There are two major ways to gain profit from RuneScape market:

Items with high buy limits: These items are runes, cannonballs, herbs, fletching products, seeds, and other smaller items that can be bought in thousands. Everything that can be purchased in large amounts can be easily found at the most popular items page on the official Old School RuneScape website. In this case, you will be trying to find items with buy to sell margins of 10+ gold. 

Here is an example: By buying 10k Cannonballs at 10gp each, you will pay 100k Gold, and selling them at 20 GP price will give you back 200k GP. It means that you were able to make 100k profit from this single trade.

Items with low buy limits: This method requires more money to be invested as regular items are more expensive but also the profits that you can expect to get will be higher. The rule is simple: look for the items with as high margins as possible and invest in them. Set the price so you will make a decent profit and wait for them to sell. You can use various websites to check item history and determine if it could sell and if there is a demand for it. However, stay away from investing all of your money in one item. Sometimes you will be able to buy and sell what you want right away, but at other times you might be waiting for hours. It is especially noticeable with various vanity items like Clue Scroll rewards, which are great for long-term profit and overnight trading.

Flipping in Old School RuneScape is very easy, and you can quickly make millions from buying at the low prices and selling high. It happens since the majority of the players are rich, and they want to buy what they need quickly. This situation is the opportunity for those who count every item's value and sell it accordingly. If you want to become a millionaire, then there is no better OSRS money making method than Flipping in all of the RS.


Other money making and leveling methods for various skills (with the exception of Combat Skills) that you might lookup:

  • Smithing: Mithril Bars, Adamantite Bars, Runite Bars, Dart Tips, Sapphire Rings
  • Fletching: Yew longbows, Magic Longbows, Maple Longbows, Ruby Bolts
  • Mining: Iron Ore, Mining Runite Ore,
  • Cooking: Anchovy Pizzas,
  • Runecrafting: Blood Runes,
  • Woodcutting: Woodcutting guild, Yew Logs, Magic Logs
  • Herblore: Dwarf Weed.


Our guide for money making methods in Old School RuneScape has come to an end, and we hope that we were able to bring you some insight on this topic. We believe that with the text that we have provided in this article, you will be able to become rich in Old School RuneScape faster than you can imagine. If that is your goal, then certainly you are in the right place. Make sure to leave a comment in the section below to share your opinion about the website and guide in general. We need to know what you think so we can improve the site and elevate it to the new level. Sign up, login, and become a part of our community today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the fastest way to make money in RuneScape?

If you know what you are doing, then Flipping is, without a doubt, the most profitable in terms of making money right away.


What skill is most profitable in OSRS?

High-level Runecrafting and Smithing will give you the most gold per hour.


What is the fastest way to make money in OSRS f2p?

High-level mining at Runite Ore.


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