FFXIV Spriggan Cap - How to obtain this funny accessory

FFXIV Spriggan Cap - How to obtain this funny accessory
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is plenty of beautiful items, accessories, and cosmetics that remember us, one or another chapter of the franchise.  The case of the FFXIV Spriggan Cap is not different. In this article, you are going to find out:

  • What is a Spriggan Cap
  • How to get it

Next, we will see how to obtain this funny hut, so your character can look more adorable. Besides, you learn everything about Hidden Leather Maps. Let´s start adventurer!


Table of contents:

* What is the Final Fantasy XIV Spriggan Cap?

* Final Fantasy XIV Spriggan Cap, How to get it?

* What are the FFXIV Unhidden Leather Maps?






What is the Final Fantasy XIV Spriggan Cap?

Final Fantasy XIV Spriggan Cap feedback score

Spriggan Cap is a unique level 1 item for the head introduced in Patch 2.2

The statistics and bonuses of this item are:

  • Defense: +4
  • Magic Defense: +4

Besides, this item has become so popular among players that it has been put up for sale in the Square Enix Store as a part of a Hood Scarf Combo.

Final Fantasy XIV Hooded Muffler: Spriggan


You can find pockets in both ends of the scarf to put your hands on and use them as gloves when the weather gets cold in the real world.

Use the navigation menu to check this FFXIV item. You can find an image gallery to see the product, condition, and details. Just click on Buy Now. Then add it to the cart,  set the delivery method and the payments, and accept the FFXIV site’s conditions.


Url: https://na.finalfantasy.com/topics/229


This beautiful cosmetic was a reward of the FFXIV Hatching Tide Event 0f 2016 ‘An Eggstraordinary Treasure Hunt (15 March 2016 - 20 March 2016).


FFXIV Hatching Tide Event shipping est


Final Fantasy XIV Spriggan Cap - how to get it?

There are two ways to get The Spriggan Cap within the game, through treasure hunts (Unhidden Leather Maps) or via the Market Board

To be honest, the first one is the most interesting. Besides, the price you must pay through the second choice may be a little high.

Let's address the first way.


FF14 Spriggan Cap description

Spriggan Cap description.


What are the FFXIV Unhidden Leather Maps?

Unhidden Leather Maps are level 50 maps that are a more challenging version of the Timeworn Boarskin Maps. These were designed for a single player and were introduced in Patch 2.3.

Unhidden Leather Maps are dropped from the Timeworn Archaeoskin Maps, which are 6-grade maps found in level 55 mineral deposits, fishing holes, lush vegetation patches, mature trees, and rocky outcrops. 


FFXIV Unhidden Leather Map

A Hidden Leather Map.


The rewards that you can get when you dig up a treasure with these maps are the following:

  • Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
  • Enchanted Hardsilver Ink
  • Exquisite Buttons
  • Growth Formula Epsilon
  • Hard silver Nugget
  • Mythrite Rivets
  • Rainbow Cloth
  • Ramie Thread
  • Rush Grass
  • Unhidden Leather Map
  • Lightning Crystal
  • Dark Chestnut Lumber

In this case, we recommend that you reach level 55 before heading for these treasures due to the high-level monsters that guard the FFXIV treasure.


FFXIV Spriggan Cap modules

You can also obtain the leather map from the FFXIV Timeworn Dragonskin Maps, which are grade 8 maps found in level 60 mineral deposits, fishing holes, lush vegetation patches, mature trees, and rocky outcrops in FFXIV.

The rewards you can get by finding a treasure via an FFXIV Timeworn Dragonskin Maps are the following:

  • Paissa Brat
  • Bluebird
  • Rush Grass
  • Thavnairian Silk
  • Thavnairian Leather
  • Exquisite Buttons
  • Unhidden Leather Map
  • Growth Formula Theta
  • Chimerical Felt
  • Adamantite Nugget
  • Hallowed Water
  • Hallowed Ramie Cloth
  • Hallowed Chestnut Lumber
  • Birch Lumber
  • Hardsilver Ingot
  • Titanium Ingot
  • Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink
  • Adamantite Rivets
  • Griffin Talon
  • Crawler Silk

The other option in FFXIV is purchasing one of the previously mentioned maps or directly an Unhidden Leather Map in the Market Board or by trading with players. 


Final Fantasy 14 Spriggan Cap conclusions

FFXIV Spriggan Cap is not the most incredible item in the game, the most expensive or difficult to get, but it is a cute accessory, and that is something. 

If you want your character to look different, then go for it.  


FFXIV Spriggan Cap EC2N3AR Est

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Where can I purchase the Hodded Muffler: Spriggan?

You can find quick links to games merchandise and women’s hooded additional items on eBay and other platforms. You can find several menu options categories, such as motors, fashion, books, game merchandise, etc. Just select this last. 


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