FF14 Minions - Get your company for your path through Eorzea!

FF14 Minions - Get your company for your path through Eorzea!
Final Fantasy XIV

Collecting minions in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the funniest things you can do through your adventure. If you are interested in getting all these vanity pets, then this FF14 minions guide is for you. In this article, you are going to learn:

  • What are and how to get minions in Final Fantasy 14
  • Which are the most popular minions in FFXIV

After a short introduction, where we describe the general aspects of these cute creatures, we’ll give you a list of the most used ones.


Table of contents:

* What is a minion in Final Fantasy XIV?

* How can I obtain FFXIV minions?

* Which are the most popular minions in FF14?

* From purchases

* From Retainer Ventures

* From Dungeons

* From Quests as rewards

* From FATEs

* From Achievement Certificates

* From Mog Station and Physical Products

* From other sources






What is a minion in Final Fantasy XIV?

A minion is a partner, a companion who can accompany players through Eorzea. 

Minions do not have any particular function. They are just a ‘cosmetic.’ 

There are dozens of these creatures in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn and expansions


How can I obtain FFXIV minions?

Players can obtain some of them:

  • in Side Quests, 
  • in the Main Scenario Storyline,
  • in special events,
  • in the MogStation. 

Using minion whistles allows the player to summon their minion whenever they want, in any place they want. You can do it through the Minion Guide tab of their Character Menu. 


Which are the most popular minions in FF14?

There are more than two hundred minions that Square Enix puts at the disposal as of now. 

The tables below show a complete list of minions in FFXIV with the way of acquiring them. 


From purchases





Baby Bat

From Junkmonger Nonoroon in Poor Maid’s Mill, Upper La Noscea

These bats are captured and sold at a really good price cause they are scarce. 


From E-Una-Kotor for 3 Gelmorran Potsherds in Quarrymill, South Shroud. 

This minion is continuously surveying in all directions due to its single optic condition. 

Wind-Up Sun

Trading an Elixir to the Magic Pot on the Isle of Umbra, in Western La Noscea

Thanks to this minion, the sun will never go down on you.

Wind-Up Ananta

Achieving Respected Reputation with Ananta Daily Quests.

The creator of this doll claims she is a perfect replica of a recently molded Sarisha.

Flame Hatchling

From the Immortal Flames Vendor for 20,000 Company Seals.

This minion is a symbol of a new beginning for Immortal Flames.

Cute Justice

From Maudlin Latool Ja in the Steps of Thal, Ul’Dah for 400 Allied Seal.

This minion was created by an ex-Illuminati scientist and is made for pieces of solid zinc. 

Wayward Hatchling

From Maisente (Black Raddit Traders)  in New Gridania 

This minion recognizes the first they see as their mother. She could be you.


From Retainer Ventures





Fat Cat Minion

Obtainable in Water side Exploration XIV, XV & XVI.

This cat stole the fan’s hearts when it was released in Patch 2.4. It can’t move after eating unless you move a little bit away.

Bom Boko

Obtained from Field Exploration XX.

A member of the family of the Raccoon Dogs with a big heart and an FF14 minion with huge balls.


From Dungeons





Baby Opo-opo

Found in chests after defeating the boss of Brayflox’s Longstop Dungeon (Hard).

This minion loves the juicy sprite apple and dreams of a life of swinging free from tree to tree through the jungles.

Dwarf Rabbit

Dropped in The Aquapolis.

This rabbit swore revenge for his father’s death after a farmer’s wife cooked him. He destroys every garden patch he can find.  

Lesser Panda

Found it in a chest after defeating the boss of The Aery.

This panda is lesser than regular pandas, even in life expectancy, intelligence, and strength.

Dhalmel Calf

Drops from Pyros Lockbox in Eureka Pyros.

This minion has survived the harsh environment of Eureka. Nothing seemed to be in his favor.

Wind-Up Edda

Drops from Trimmed Sacks in Palace of the Dead.

This minion is a life-like replica of Edda Blackbosom created by an unknowing adventurer. 


From Quests as rewards





Wolf Pup

Completing the side quest ‘Man Best Fiend’ in Western, La Noscea

This pup served in the Imperial Garlean Army and was rescued before any permanent damage. He follows you until the end of the world.

Cactuar Cutting

Completing the level 47 quest from Hab in the Sagolii Desert ‘Zombies are People Too’. 

This is a mini cactuar that roams the kingdom after losing his companion Sabotendrick.

Chigoe Larva

Completing the level 22 quest Occupational Hazards in Buscarron’s Druthers, South Shroud.

This tiny vilekin leeches the blood of the people to health stranges ills.

Coeurl Kitten

Completing the level 15 side quest Curiosity Killed the Coeurl in Aleport, Western La Noscea

Coeurls are defiant and proud creatures, and they support each other when facing an enemy. 


From FATEs





Baby Bun

Completing the FATE: Lazy for You in the East Shroud. 

The behavior of this creature can be dangerous if it is not controlled. Their spores parallelize legs and limbs and might be mortal for any creature.

Infant Imp

Completing the FATE: Go, Go, Gorgimera.

This creature is waiting for the day when he will conquer hell. 


Complete the FATE ‘Creepy Doll’ in Eureka Pyros

An adorable but terrible doll was created to defend the Antitower from unexpected enemies in FF14. 

Gold Rush Mine-cart

Obtained as a reward from the level 57 FATE ‘On Dangerous Ground’ in the Blue Window, The Sea of Clouds.

Retainers and adventurers who bet on luck use this cart to move materials from one side to another across all Eorzea. 

Pudgy Puk

Obtained as a reward from FATE ‘The Eyes Have it’ with a Gold Medal Rating.

A succulent snack for Steropes but a great minion ally who can’t run.


From Achievement Certificates





Penguin Prince

Completing The Road of Verminion I Achievement.

This penguin dreams with, someday, rules his empire. Nowadays, he is a good companion for cold weather. 

Black Chocobo Chick

Getting from Jonathas in Old Gridania for 2 Achievement Certificates.

This poor Chocobo minion was yellow before a random passerby doused him in black ink.

Beady Eye

Obtained as a gift from Jonathas for 2 Achievements Certificates.

An author says this creature borns from the tears of ahrimanes.


Acquiring the achievement Gathering in the Air by earning 50,000 points in a single ocean fishing voyage.

A prehistoric creature found on the Diadem who, due to the tough environment, became a ruthless predator.


From Mog Station and Physical Products



Acquisition Type



Wind-Up Red Mage



A mage who walks the path of the center, in the middle of white and black.

Chocobo Chick Courier



Some people suspect that this minion Chocobo is another yellow Chocobo colored with pine tar.

Baby Gremlin



Its intentions are as black as the deep night.

Spoony Bard

Item Code

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Sound-track

This outfitted automaton FF14 minion was created to honor the legendary Edward Chris von Muir. 

Heliodor Carbuncle

Item Code

Topaz Carbuncle Plushie. Just available until December 31st, 2017) 

A beautiful creature who is a perfect memory of the memory of Tataru.


From other sources



Acquisition Type



Assassin Fry


From desynthesizing of Ninja Betta

This fry has given up swimming altogether and taken to the skies.



Caught in The Burning Wall, Eastern Thalanan, where Gigantoads live, using a Topwater Frog as bait.

This minion can survive for hours without any water and fly.


Treasure Hunt

Obtained from an Unhidden Leather Map.

The nutkins are shy and timid creatures but, this, in particular, is very brave.

Paissa Brat

Treasure Hunt

Drop from Dragonskin Maps.

Paissas are often bred by the Vanu Tribe for fighting, in addition to being a delicious dish.

Abroader Otter


Getting from Deep Site 7 in Subaquatic Voyages. 

Otters live playing and having fun in the islands of the sun. 

Paissa Patissier


Acquired from Kupo of Fortune of Ishgard Restoration.

Paissa Patissier is currently training as a culinarian. The kitchen is their natural environment.

Hoary the Snowman

Seasonal Event

Getting from Starlight Celebration 2014 and available on MogStation.

This minion is just a happy soul inside a col body.



Attend the Eternal Bond Ceremony.

A Moogle who serves the Sanctum of the Twelves claiming a magicked poppet. 


Final Fantasy XIV Minions conclusions

There are several pages on the web where you can find information about minions of FF14 for PS4 and Pc. In this article, we just have made a list of the best ones according to our judgment. The acquisition type has been an important criterion. 

An excellent thing about minions is that you can personalize even more your character and give it personality without spending any money or Gil. Just head and get your pet, your company, on the adventure of becoming the Warrior of Light.

In addition to the above, anything you want, if you have some problem with something in particular on our web page, or you want to leave a comment, feel free to do it in the box below or contact our customer support. 

Finally, if you need FFXIV Gil, you can check the offers we have here, in Sellers and Friends. We put at your disposal all the money you need at the lowest prices of the markets. Click over the following link.





How do you get minions in FFXIV?

There are several ways to get minions in FFXIV. The most common way is participating in seasonal events, where one of the rewards is a minion. Also, you can get them at a special price inside chests and side quests.


Can I buy minions on the Market Board?

There are some minions you can purchase on the Market Board. For example, Bom Boko is obtainable from there, but you can also send your retainers out on random Field Exploration Ventures.


What minions sit on your shoulder in FFXIV?

Koala Joey climbs to this part of your character’s body, even head, automatically. Wind-Up Succubus floats to your shoulder if you are a lalafell. Baby Opo-opo, Nutkin, and Wind-Up Nanamo do the same if you are a lalafell.


Can you name minions FFXIV?

Sadly, the answer is no. At the moment we write this article, this option is not available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Maybe in a future expansion, this option will be available. 


What is Lord of Verminion FFXIV minion minigame?

Lord of Verminion is a mini-game in which you engage opponents using minions. The objective of this mini-game is to destroy all the enemy’s Arcana Stones that are placed on the field. 


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