ESO Gold Farming Guide - Introduction

ESO Gold Farming Guide - Introduction

There are many profitable ways to farm gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. ESO Gold Farming is mainly a matter of time. I'm going to show you several different methods of getting gold that you can farm from many various sources. Of course, your income depends on time spent in game, level, etc., but each of these methods should provide you with fair amounts of goods later in the game. I wish that this content will help you. Let's get into the beginner guide details:


Table of contents

  1. Questing
  2. Fishing
  3. Thieving
  4. Reselling
  5. PvP
  6. Summary



It's probably the most common way for farming. The main advantage of questing over the other methods is that it's not always boring, what's more, it can very often get interesting. Generally, quests are easy to do, daily quests protect us from running out of work. Frequently rewards from quests like materials can be sold either to other players or NPC's. Questing is fairly easier to stand rather than farming, a few hours in a row.

The main advantages of questing:

  • More interesting than typical farming, that gets terribly boring by the time.

  • Good amount of quests (daily quests, side quests, and main story quests).


In contrast to questing, fishing is rather boring. It is profitable, but you have to be patient and determined. Generally, using the correct bait in the water you fish is eliminating the risk of loss, and also gives us chance to catch a 'Wet Gunny Sack' or 'Special Bait'. Usually higher level generates higher income. Leveling fishing high makes your character will be rich fast. However, fishing is the best method for farm ESO gold even for a low-level range. It's better to fish in groups, with friends to increase money profits.

The main advantages of fishing:

  • It is boring, but worth spent time. Certainly good amount of ESO gold to catch.

  • Great and easy income even at low levels.


Also, thievery is a good source of getting ESO Gold, if only you are lucky enough. The best advice here is to be careful and to the job in good spots. Watch out, because they may change frequently. Learn the spots, don't draw attention and during doing pickpocketing always keep behind your target. If you get captured, invisibility potions can turn out useful. Sell stolen goods and earn from them.

The main advantage of thieving:

  • Risky but more profitable than, for example questing.


A very rewarding way to farm some ESO Gold, it's satisfying but controversial. By utilizing the decentralized guild store mechanics you can manipulate the prices, this method is recommended by the most popular eso guides sites like dottz gaming. You have to be the first guy that catches goods for the best prices. Go around the merchant guilds (if possible three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon or at night) and find underpriced products, motifs, material or gear sets, buy it and then just sell it elsewhere for a good share. Here the income depends on how good you are, when the time flies, you become more and more experienced. Sometimes you can catch weapons for a price reduced even several times or crafting writs for price so low it can be actually profitable to complete them on your own and then just sell the reward. The one condition has to be met however, you need to be a member of a trading guild that has a store in a "trade hub" city which is usually one of the faction capitals (with an exception of Rawl'Kha which is popular crafting place for players due to fastest routes between crafting stations and Craglorn as it used to be one of the most popular grind spots in general)

The main advantage of reselling:

  • You don't have to spend hours in front of the PC. Only check latest offers a few times a day and you can start making good profit without any kind of grind. However, it can be quite expensive. 


In my opinion, it's the most pleasant way to farm ESO Gold. Get AP (Alliance Points), go to Armory Merchants, buy items players are willing to spend gold on. While farming AP you shouldn't stay in the same location too long. Use AoE (Area of Effect) abilities to tag as many targets as possible, this guarantees you Alliance Points if any of them die. Always check what items are most needed for players to maximize profits.

The main advantages of PvP:

  • PvP is less boring than, for example, fishing.

  • Not enough, it is fun to do, it's also a good way of earning.



Crafting skills (for build making) can be very desirable. Sometimes recommended builds have several items to complete, which you can not achieve without a player with a character with specific skills. You cannot buy it in public stores or server spot. Gear crafting tips are not well known and we can write another guide about crafting. Demand on items can be very high especially in guilds and then you can get rich like never before.

ESO Gold Farming Summary

There are many different ways of Farming ESO Gold. Use those that match your playing style to increase the pleasure of earning. Be patient and try to mix a few ways of earning to constantly increase profits. If you can't be bothered however you can always buy ESO gold from our website. Doesn't matter if you are a Templar, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Warden, Dragonknight or Necromancer - we got you covered. 

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