Albion Online - How to Make Silver

Albion Online - How to Make Silver
Albion Online

In this tutorial, you can read about good ways to make silver, differences between silver and gold, gold exchange and more. Check the full table of content and enjoy!


Table of contents

      1. Albion Online Silver
      2. How does silver help during gameplay
      3. Good ways to make Albion Silver
      4. Gold
      5. Difference between Silver and Gold
      6. Gold exchange
      7. Is Albion Online P2W Title?


Albion Online Silver

Aspects that are very often characterized by high interest are in-game currencies. In Albion Online the main currency is Silver. Albion Online Silver can be used to purchase almost everything, from food to items, gear or other valuables. Few of the things that cannot be bought by silver are premium accessories, bonuses and premium status. So basically Albion Silver is the primary currency in the game.


How does Silver help during gameplay

As you already know, a lot of stuff can be bought via silver. Very useful items can be possessed if you only have some in-game currency. But wait, doesn't it sound like a pay to win model, is anyone here who would like to play P2W game? Don't worry, capabilities that are possible to posses by huge amounts silver are also possible to get just by playing. To sum up, silver as currency allows you to buy or sell almost everything on the marketplace and not only, but doesn't ruins healthy Albion Online in-game economy. Whole “How to make silver” guide may also interest people who want to know something about a very nice opportunity that Albion Online gives to us. More precisely, it is possible to exchange common in-game currency - Albion Online Silver, to premium currency - Albion Online gold. For gold, you can buy for example premium status and in my opinion, that's the most useful thing that you would need silver for!


Good ways to make Albion Silver


The market allows you to trade with other players regularly. Price for certain items is flexible and that's the whole point of this method. Variability of evaluation is what you search and where you find your profit. In my opinion, this method is directed mostly to advanced players. To be honest, you have to know precisely the price of particular items, goods. Sometimes you earn at very small differences in price, so it requires a good knowledge of whole content.

It may sound complicated, but for me, it is the most satisfying method of earning silver.


You can farm the Silver on your own but you can also purchase Albion Online Silver with quick delivery and enjoy it within the new few minutes!



Albion Online PvP system allows you to compete for almost every moment during gameplay. If you like to rivalry between others or fight in larger groups this method is for you! Of course, to compete amongst thousands of players you have to be good. It's hard for beginners not to be afraid to enter unrestricted PvP zones and take a risk. Trust me its worth to take a risk, but if you already feel strong. Be brave, but rate your real chances.

It's insanely fun!

Read about Albion Online PVP in our other article.

Gold Market

Imagine currency exchange point in your city, with USD and EUR rates. Now bring it into virtual Albion Online world and jus change currencies. In the Gold market, you can exchange silver and gold. But now comes the question: how to earn on something like this? In the real world, people also earn on the flexibility of the exchange rates. Here, as on the real market, you have to find a good spot to buy and even better to sell :) It may sound simple but trust me, it's not always easy to predict how the graph will go.

Also, it's very important to say that here the more silver./gold you have, the more you can earn, so it's not that easy to start from the bottom with this method.


Farming via dungeons is also a possibility, and not a bad way to make silver. In my opinion, if you search for good profitable occasions dungeons are great but may get boring. I recommend farming in groups, with friends or via guild. Profits while farming in larger groups should be better, but mostly it wouldn’t be so tiring. Don't "over farm", if you focus on earning too much you can lose a lot of content and very easily get bored with the game. So, loot, get silver, sell items at the market and enjoy profits. Remember that profits in red and black zones would be much better than in areas with restricted pvp.

Pup Farming

Pup farming is all about exploring and killing particular mobs. You have to hope for valuable loots, that is, for example, a pup. Some exotic creatures have small chances of dropping their pups while killed and that's what you should be waiting for. Why would people buy pups? Pups can be converted to mounts or other pups.

But where, how, and how much can I earn? How to make Albion silver from it?

Direwolf pups are the best to farm in my opinion. People are ready to pay thousands for them. You can find Direwolfs in a forest with tier 6 mobs.

Why does Direwolfs are such good mobs to make Albion silver?

Other mobs also drop pups, but a lot of them spawn to rare and it makes much harder to kill them constantly.


However, this is a guide about Albion silver and how to make Albion Online silver, but I decided to put a few extra words about Albion gold to make a later introduction about gold exchange easier. Gold is also some kind of currency as silver is, but they have some differences that I will mention later. For now, that what you need to know is that that gold is also a currency, but premium currency and is possible to be bought by real-life cash.


Difference between Silver and Gold

The main difference between gold and silver is in its use. Silver and gold are dedicated to purchasing different stuff, some of them are restricted only to silver, others only to gold. For example, gold as a premium currency, in my opinion, is mainly directed into transactions connected with premium account purchases. I'm going to discuss later subject with "pay to win" in titles from this genre. Silver is more common, and that's not surprising anyone, I think. Gold presented as premium currency is also less common, the difference in price between these two currencies also plays an important role in availability, but I will mention in later. Probably some kind of cosmetics and accessories for gameplay would be possible to buy for gold, but impossible for silver.

Gold exchange

As I said, Albion Online has different currencies. Gold exchange works like currency exchange point in real life. That possibility is very nice for a player who is not used to put real life earned money into a game. For example, without this opportunity to exchange currencies you had to buy gold, now with game-earned silver, that is exchangeable it is possible to have premium status "for free".

You need to have at least about 25 hours in play time to have a possibility of using Gold Market

What's more!

Price on gold market is flexible, it changes all the time as players realise next and next transactions. Don't be surprised if the price from previous month doesn't match a current quantity.


What's important!

Gold exchange works as a real market, you make a deal with another customer. What it basically means, you have to find that customer for your offer. Not always you would be able to sell your gold or buy silver for your already set price. Be ready to adjust the price to the demand.


Is Albion Online P2W Title?

As many of you know, if a premium currency is introduced there is always a risk that game can become pay 2 win title. However! I have to admit that Albion Online is not "pay to way". Of course, you can buy premium currency, but because of the Destiny Board, everyone has to put the same amount of time to wear particular gear. That's good news for players who are not willing to pay additional money into the game, but here comes very important fact. As some of you may know, in Albion Online there everyone has an opportunity to get access to the premium status that makes gameplay easier and much more enjoyable. It gives an advantage but, premium status can also be bought with silver, so without worries and with some work you can get status using game-earned currency.

To sum up, Albion Online is not a P2W title but a wide range of applications for currencies as gold or silver convince players that thick wallet may appear very useful.

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QueerQueen • 10 April 2020 So should I buy Albion Online silver or not? Reply
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Tenor Kai • 17 April 2020 Maybe Albion is not P2W but you still have to buy premium to use all features. Its like B2P Reply
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Lord Kazard • 26 April 2020 tl;dr just like in every other game - buy for less and sell for more Reply
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Skyter • 29 April 2020 Just invest in some buildings, hire a few laborers and make them earn money for you! It's the best way, just like in real life :D Reply
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Lewil333 • 7 May 2020 I got a lot of gold and constant premium subscription without spending a penny in the game store. It's a nice system that rewards the good and smart players. Reply
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Torment6 • 3 June 2020 This whole trading system is way too complicated for me. I can grind in black and red zones for hours and some sucker can make more money than me just sitting on their ass or going from town to twon. How is dat fair? Reply
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