Albion Online Guide - Join the adventure with this beginner guide!

Albion Online Guide - Join the adventure with this beginner guide!
Albion Online

In Albion Online, the new player starts customizing their character, and then they are thrown into the wild world of Albion with nothing with them. As we know these are harsh conditions, we have prepared this Albion Online Guide for you to learn all about it. Here you are going to find out:

  • All the basics, such as the world, “classes”, leveling system, general gameplay.
  • Some secondary aspects, such as guilds, factions, PvP, and others.

Be prepared, warrior! In this Albion Beginner’s Guide, we will address all in-game features you need to know, including some tips so you can learn everything and start in the best way possible. Are you ready? Let's start with this helpful and detailed tutorial, adventurer! Welcome and enjoy Albion!


Table of contents:

Albion Online World Map

Albion Online Character Creation

Albion Online Classes

Albion Online Leveling System

Fame Farming

Albion Online Market

Albion Online Guild

Albion Online Tier Resources

Albion Online Destiny Board

Albion Online Gameplay

Albion Online PvP Combat System

Albion Online Bank






Albion Online World Map

Albion Online World Map

Black Zone Map.

As we said in the previous section, early in the game, when new players are thrown into the original Albion's world, they can start at any of the five points of the land; each region has its mark where to start. It means you can choose where to begin. This is a new detail! Most games establish a starting point. 

It is not the case for this sandbox MMORPG. Albion begins in total uncertainty. Due to this aspect, the player runs and will experiment with these circumstances when they move through the map.

As you might start in a steppe, a green forest, swamp, or wherever, you may find yourself a little far away from the nearest city and resources, so go have to go throughout the wilderness. If you have already started in the highlands, you will see various types of rocks and minerals on the screen. On the other hand, if you have started in the woods, you will find animals and trees. 

In Albion, there are five main areas or big size regions. 

Each of these areas has its own major city that works as a home and available resources and zones to gather them. Every town has its own icon and shows a marked light of unique color. 

These areas are the following:

  • Celidon - Lymhurst
  • Blyn Brae - Fort Sterling
  • Gleinmoor - Martlock
  • Umbrash - Bridgewatch
  • Mearepools - Thetford


Albion Online zona made up

At the same time, each of these royal cities has its own faction

In Albion Online, there are five factions, each of them represented by a local banner. You can enlist any of these factions whenever you want after reaching some requirements and do useful activities under its owned flag. Even participate in one or another quest. But first, you always need to complete one or another goal, such as to reach a certain level.

But we believe this has its downside because players of opposite factions can kill you for loot, even in blue areas. Enlisting in a faction may take a few months. 

In the middle of the map, Caerleon is the greatest city and has the biggest market in the game. But Caerleon is surrounded by a dangerous red zone (tier 6 region) full of powerful and strong enemies who drop interesting items and PvE, therefore don’t cross these ways unless you have whole tier 5 equipment or exit. Remember, upon death in a red zone, you can lose all your gear and items. 

On the other side, in a yellow zone, you have a chance to lose your inventory, but it is not inevitable. Just be careful in the highest tier red and black zone, because there you can be attacked by any character. Press M to open a world map view or use the mouse and click on the right down icon.


Albion Red Zone

A red zone -  tier 6 region. 


Albion Online character creation

Albion Online character creation

If we compare the character creation of Albion Online with that of other games, the first one is straightforward and extremely easy; never saying better. The features come pre-built, and there are just a few.

You can simply choose between a male or a female character. Once you have done this, then you have to choose the style of hair, the color of the hair, the face, the color of the skin, and the clothes. 

Of course, you can set your name. But be careful with these settings. You cannot change them afterward. 

Later in the game, you can try to change how your character looks thanks to any item you attach to your warrior.


Albion Online “Classes”

Albion player driven classes

As the game itself says, in Albion, “you are what you wear.” But, what does it mean? 

In Albion, you don't have a starter class or an additional job. The only important thing is what you are using, like weapons, fire staff, a helmet, boots, chest plate, cloth, leather armor, etc., because all the strength and power you have comes from these sources. If you wield a sword, so you are a warrior. If you wield a holy staff, so you are a healer. Weapons specialize in one type of skill.

Each class in Albion has its own sub-class, the armor as well, then the possibilities are endless. In this regard, the main feature is the Destiny Board (Skill Tree in games such as Path of Exile or Phantasy Star Online), where you rather improve the stats of your weapons and the level of the profession thanks to the fame to obtain attack and defense bonuses. 

Whatever, we might talk about “3 main classes” characterized by the equipment you are using. Though you can mix weapons and armor, this is not recommendable because clothing is specialized in one activity type.


Albion Online weapon type and staff


Albion Online Leveling system

Albion Online Leveling

Basically, leveling in Albion Online works through three elements: Mastery, Specializations, and Fame

Mastery, on the one hand, is a subsection of the Destiny Board. Mastery allows players to use higher-tier armor types and weapons of a specific branch of the tree. 

Next, you have a list of the necessary fame to go from tier 4 to tier 8.



Mastery Level

Fame Needed

















On the other hand, specialization points are still specific to a single skill or item instead of a general branch. You get specialization points by crafting items and gathering materials. The experience you get in terms of specialization improves your stats in one skill and makes you competitive.   


Weapon and armor specializations

You can obtain weapon and armor specialization points via fame farm. When you kill a mob in a fight, this action gives quick fame to the pieces of equipment you are wearing as a reward. Each specialization level gives you +2 item power to that item or skill and +0.2 item power to all the same Mastery items. 


Production specializations

You get production specialization points through refining or crafting. Each created product gives you specialization points. Each point provides +30 to focus efficiency while refining or crafting under the same Mastery and +250 when refining or crafting a specific product. Improving production specializations is faster than improving weapon specializations.


Gathering specializations

You get gathering specialization points or learning points (Lp) when you pick materials of the same tier as the specialization level. Each point increases gathering yield by +0.5%, gathering speed by +0.5, and Gathering Gear of that tier in +0.2 item power.

The Albion Online's tools available for gathering are the Stone Hammer, Axe, Skinning Knife, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, and Sickle in Albion Online. Besides, gatherers make good money by selling the materials they gather on the markets. We think this is a great way to access new mechanics within the game. 


Additionally to all the above, if you have a free account, you will receive a 10 points bonus to unlock abilities in the Destiny Board every day. On the other hand, if you have the current premium account, you will receive 50. 


Fame farming

Albion Online Farming

Through fame farming, you can get the fame needed to increase your masteries and specializations, which, at the same time, will increase your item power (combat), the resource yield via a better-tiered gear (gathering), and the resource return rate (refining and crafting).


Combat fame

You gain combat fame by killing creatures, animals, and mobs of different value in Dungeons, the Overworld, Expeditions, Hellgates, and defeating other players in PvP. Defeating experienced ones gives you a lot of fame.

The amount of fame you receive depends especially on the tier of the enemy. 

Furthermore, the area where you face the enemy is also a factor in the earning fame process. You can participate in the aforementioned challenge alone or being part of a group in Albion Online.


Gathering fame

You can improve your gathering fame by, forgive the redundancy, getting gathered materials, and choosing the best farming spots from the beginning. There are five main professions and one passive regarding gathering:

  • Quarrier.
  • Ore Miner.
  • Skinner.
  • Lumberjack.
  • Harvester.


Three factors determine which resources spawn in different locations in Albion Online:

  • The type of zone.
  • The biome.
  • The tier.


Crafting and Refining fame

Getting fame in this category is relatively simple. When you have enough materials, head to the crafting stations and refine your raw materials. This action will provide you a good number of refining fame. 

Crafting in Albion Online is pretty much the same. You get crafting fame in the stations to improve your crafting skills. 

Also, you can use the Focus Points you earn (if you have a premium account) to increase the Resource Return Rate a bit when Crafting Focus. This action will provide you a small crafting quality bonus.


Albion Online market

Albion Online market

Open and Black Market together are the main factors that influence Albion Online's economy and a fast way to get the items you are looking for. In the Open Market, everyone can publish their offers (vanity items, food, weapons that they used, armor type, etc.) at a certain currency (silver or gold) price.

You can purchase both currencies with real money on the game´s platform, to spend them on everything you need within the game. Markets are accessible from any great city. Just approach the golden hammer and enter the interface.

The offers are available only for a specific period and at a certain cost. You can buy the item by selecting it from the list and clicking the button ‘Buy.’ 

On the SideBar of the Market Window, you have the tabs to offer your articles (Create a Sell Order) and to buy an item when a good offer appears (Create a Buy Order).

Either Open or Black Market, the two systems work as Auction Houses where the offers have different prices and change according to supply and demand. 

Furthermore, the Open Market shares with you all the information about who is selling, when an item is purchased, and what is the price if you compare it with the average price. This way you have certain control over your finances. 

Besides, buying and selling stuff on the markets involves taxes you must pay.

On the other hand, Black Market works as a long calculator since all the equipment that players and mobs lose anywhere goes to this market. The system calculates the number of pieces and sets and the price according to the quantity. 

By selling your items on the markets you can earn a large amount of money per hour, satisfying the demand for materials, mounts, and gear. 

If you are looking for some special item on the market, we recommend you stay nearby and check, from time to time, if the article you are looking for appears on the list.


Albion Online Guild

Albion Guilds

Guilds are one of the essential aspects of Albion Online since they can claim territory and big cities and attack other areas where other guilds have built their headquarters. A guild can have a total of 300 members and its own island, space where partners can build structures and interact between them. Breeding and raising animals are also two good alternatives. Guild members don't let other guild members enter their island.

People can decide to join whatever Guild they want, but if you’re going to come back to the same Guild, this takes 72 hours. You will have to wait seven days to join a new Guild.

Regarding the Guild’s maintenance, members of the "team" need to collaborate with a reduced silver tax to help this purpose. This tax is a percentage of the silver that members loot from the ground. 

Depending on your rank in the Guild, you can run some particular actions that other members cannot. 

The first three ranks - Recruit, Member, and Guardsman - can’t do anything except for being part of the Guild. Officers and all the higher ranks can Claim Territory, Kick Members from the GvG list and invite users. 

The higher ranks - Warmaster, Master of Coin, Right Hand, and Guildmaster - can attack territories, Kick members below their rank, Bring new members, Demote members below their rank and Promote to rank below them.

Joining a guild allows you to get islands, which are basics when it comes to Guilds. Islands are unique places where members of the Guild can build structures otherwise not available in cities. 

Creating your own guild from scratch is another possibility, but this requires more effort and convince other players to join you.


Albion Online Tier Resources 

Albion Online Tiers

Everything, absolutely everything in Albion, is sorted by tiers or levels. There are eight tiers in total, where 1 is the lowest and 8 is the highest.

To gather a tier 3 material, you need a tier 3 tool to craft for yourself. But to craft for yourself that tool, you need tier 3 level crafting. 

The same is for zones. In a tier 5 zone, you might kill tier 2 - tier 4 monsters with their respective rewards. 

All things you get in Albion Online require a tier from your skills. Then you must improve your stats in the way you need. Making a decent plan will make your life easier!


Albion Online Destiny Board, one or another advice

Albion Destiny Board

This skill tree is pretty similar to others that appeared in games such as FFXIV, Path of Exile, etc. The idea here is to reach the mastery of different skills depending on what kind of warrior you are or what kind of skill you need to improve. 

On the Destiny Board’s left side, you have the fighting skills, and on the right side, the crafting abilities. On the bottom, you will find farming and gathering skills. The idea is you follow a "line" and go deep in that line improving the skills. Unlocking every node allows you to access new abilities and improves stats. 

Specialization points improve spells, attacks, and any ability in a specific way. 


Albion Online Gameplay

Albion Online Gameplay

As we mentioned in a previous paragraph, Albion is a Sandbox MMO with a story that unfolds in a vast open-world full of secrets, full loot, different zones to farm (blue zones, yellow zones, and red zones), get money, and face other players. Prepare yourself for this, warrior!

Also, you can head to the cities and visit the market, where you can buy, sell and trade all kinds of goods you need.

Talking about the environment, you can interact with it gathering all kinds of resources, of course, depending on the tier of your tools. 

Every zone on the map has different resources. For example, in Martlock, you will find Wood, Stone, and Ore. In Bridgewatch, you might gather Hide, Fabric, and Ore. In Celidon, you will find Wood, Stone, and Hide. 

The most crucial factor in Albion is the other players and the mobs because their actions directly influence the game's supply and demand and the items you carry in your inventory. 

Riding horse is the best way that players can travel solo by the world, or on foot or, an ox, or any mount, which facilitates access to other zones. 

The user interface is more straightforward than other games. 


Albion Online PvP and combat system

Albion Online Guilds

The Royal Continent in Albion Online has different zones, Blue zones, Yellow Zones, Red Zones, and Black Zones. 

In every corner of this continent, you can attack and be attacked by faction-flagged players. Non-faction-flagged players are safe in blue and yellow zones

First, to participate in PvP in yellow zones, you must red flag to face other flagged and non-players. Showing hostilities towards players along with no red flag results in negative reputation loss. 

Second, in red zones, players can hit each other regardless of whether they have a red flag or not. Be careful with the gankers! They are a bad influence. We recommend you escape from this kind of player.

Death in red zones could mean you will lose any piece of equipment you have in your inventory,

Finally, in Black Zones, there is no flagging system. In Albion Online, players can attack each other, including the same faction. The best of the Black Zones is they will give you a 200% bonus to fame earned. 


Albion Online Bank

There are five types of banks that players can be found in Albion Online based on their location. Each bank is independent, and they are not shared globally. The types of banks you can find in Albion are the following:

  • City Banks.
  • Guild Island Banks. 
  • Hideouts Banks.
  • War Camp Banks.
  • Outlands Banks. 

In banks you can save whatever you want, that is to say, SIlver, Gold, all kinds of weapons, gear, consumables, special items, crafting materials, even mounts. 


Albion Online Beginner's Guide conclusions

One of the most versatile games with a sandbox world that has come out in recent years is Albion Online. Besides, Albion Online released a few years ago is not an easy game. There is not a short road with it and can be quite overwhelming. 

Like every true spirit good sandbox - just like Eve Online, ESO, or others - all the gaming is built around the player, their decisions, and freedom. These decisions directly influence the items available, the possibilities you have, and how you interact with other users and friends.

Sandbox Interactive GmbH has brought us an interesting game. The business model of Albion Online is just like many other MMOs, where you have free access to a base version of the game. Then, you can buy a premium account, which gives you some special rewards. Besides, Albion is continuously being updated, then you have to be prepared for more real content. 

Talking about newcomers, if you wanted to be part of a great game and you have not discovered this one yet, go and immerse yourself in the adventure, you will not regret it! 


Albion Online players language Steam

Thanks for sharing and reading our top Albion Online not-so-quick guide with loads of information to help new players (less than a week) that we have provided. We hope to have captured your and all the player’s attention and interest. 

After reading this article for beginners, you can go to a place with video tips and watch a video guide. You are equipped with almost perfect knowledge that will allow you to understand it. We offer good extra content for those players who are looking for some video info on the Internet. 

Furthermore, do a quick search on our website for more content and information about your favorite and most recent free game. Use the browser to find out completely the data we are uploading every week. Besides, if you are willing to leave some comments, feel free to share them in the box below. Actually, we love to read them. 

Please follow us, join our community and become the first to know everything about this game and others. Soon we are uploading new links to new guides. Last but not least, if you wish to make us some questions or something else, log in to your account and feel free to ask us in the box, in the live chat, or use customer support. 

Finally, if you need Albion Online Silver, you can buy it at a cheap price on our platform. Just click the link below, fill the form with your name and email address and do the rest.



Taking Albion Online BUY Silver setting




How do you get good at Albion Online?

Anyone can be really good on Albion. The only method is to do all the activities as many times as possible, such as farming, fighting, making builds, and trying hard. This way, your characters will increase the general stats. With high stats, you can acquire a powerful weapon and be able to handle it. If you don't progress as much as you want, make sure you are going deep, and keep in mind that mistake is part of the progression.


Is Albion pay to win?

Someone can tell you, yes, but the answer is no. Currently, at the moment we write this post, players can start and play Albion Online without paying, specifically since the year 2019, April. If you take the first look, you will note this. On the other hand, you can get and hold the premium service and have an advantage in terms of resources, building experience, fame, learning points, reputation system, etc.


How do you get rich in Albion Online?

Getting rich in Albion Online is a very complicated task and happens if you try hard, so go ahead and just do it. There is no tip or trick for players to get rich easily. Maybe just get some private property or buildings, such as farms, or a personal island, buy some unique items as an investment, and sell them on the Black Market at a reasonable price. Also, playing a lot. This is the only reason to get rich.


Is Albion Online worth playing 2020?

Totally. There are dozens of reasons for players to start playing Albion Online. This is one of the best ever MMORPGs of history, comparable to the FF familiar franchise, even WoW, that guarantees hours and hours of fun, full of content and details. Besides, the end game content offers thousands of possibilities for the most advantaged warriors. 


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