How to sell PoE orbs?


Not every player wants to buy PoE orbs. Some of them would like to sell those precious items. Guess what - we'd like to buy them! Fill in the order form, or drop a message on our Live Chat, and we'll get to you with our proposal. 

How to sell Path of Exile orbs?

You want to sell your Path of Exile exalted orbs? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Set the amount of orbs you want to sell
  2. Chose a payment method of your liking
  3. Add additional info or a direct message to us if you have any remarks or questions
  4. Make sureyou've put correct info in the contact data
  5. Check out in cashout preview if everything looks fine
  6. Click "send" when you're ready

From now on your orbs are in our database. We will contact you as soon as we are ready to make the purchase of your orbs

Who likes to wait? We bet that none of you. And here at Sellers and Friends you will never have to. We complete the transaction within 120 seconds. Our live agents are taking care of all of your needs regarding the trade, so that you don't have to wait for your dues for days like you have to on other platforms. 

Enjoy your 1% bonus that we give you right from the start. We have a 5% bonus on tap prepared for the best customers, who are loyal and are not afraid of making deals with us. Each day there are more and more of them. Join them, if you wish to build your online trading empire. 

You want to sell us your Exalted Orbs on but you are not sure how safe will the transaction be? At Sellers and Friends we are doing our best to make sure that whole endeavor will be as secure as the game makes it possible. Our delivery methods are clear as daylight and entire process is handled by a live agent that will provide guidance through the whole deal. You can also buy path of exile orbs.

Is there anything left we can help you with? Do you need our assistance while trading PoE orbs? Our Live Chat support is right there for you. Feel free to use their time to do your bidding. They will help you, no doubt. 

Path of Exile is a proof that after World of Warcraft, Metin, Tibia, and Lineage a quality MMORPG can still be created. The developers did their best to cultivate the best traditions of online gaming, while bringing in a breath of fresh air. Gaining very positive critics from the community, PoE had grown to an incredible popularity, comparable to the most popular, well-established MMO titles. More and more players are logging in each day, and many of them decide to do it for earnings. We provide a platform for them, to dump the hard-grinded orbs for a good money

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