Sell Final Fantasy 14 Gil

Over the years players have amassed tons of Final Fantasy in-game currency, which is named Gil. We know, that some of them are not tied to their accounts, and they want to get rid of the wealth they gathered. It is why we provide you with services allowing you to sell Final Fantasy 14 Gil in the best possible fashion.

How to sell Final Fantasy 14 Gil?

You're thinking of selling us your Final Fantasy XIV Gil? Easy!

  1. Fill the form regarding amount of gil you want to sell
  2. Choose how you want to get paid
  3. You have an important message to us? Write it down in the message window
  4. Verify your contact data
  5. Check if all the provided data in cashout preview are correct
  6. Click the "send cashout" button

From now on your currency is in our database and our agent will contact you once we are ready to buy it.

We have Live-Stock available two-ways, for both buying and selling Final Fantasy 14 Gil. It means, that whenever you want to sell the currency, it will be added to our Live-Stock and you can order a withdrawal. The transaction will be completed in less than 120 seconds during business hours, and up to merely few hours outside of it. 

Signing up on our website will grant you 1% bonus for every Final Fantasy 14 transaction. This can increase to stunning 5% bonus if you keep trading. Give your grind a meaning!

So you consider selling your Final Fantasy Gil but you have your concerns about the safety of such transaction? No need to worry. At Sellers at Friends we won't be giving you any promises we wouldn't be able to fulfill - we make the purchase only when we have a need of the Gil being sold and only if we can pay for it directly at the time of transaction. We always make sure to use the safest possible method possible. If you still need some extra convincing you're welcome to check out our reviews at Facebook and TrustPilot profile. You can also buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil.

Every good website needs to be complemented with a good support team. This is where comes our 24/7 Live Chat support. We will solve all problems and difficulties.

Over 5,500 individual customers are currently in our clientbase. Those players generated a huge number of reviews regarding our website. They are open for everyone to access on TrustPilot and Facebook. So you can check by yourself if you can trust us.


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