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Was it Path of Exile Expedition Softcore that you have chosen when signing up? Good news! We have some orbs for you to buy. Be quick, create a Sellers and Friends account and get yourself closer to the coveted PoE orbs, that everyone want to have. High-end content is waiting for you to strike a nice deal. Wait no more, and hit that "CONTINUE" button. Path of Exile is yet to develop the cross-platform option so if you wish to play on PS4 or Xbox One, you might wait for a little bit of time.


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How to buy POE Expedition Orb on Expedition Softcore?

Looking for some Orb in softcore Expedition league? It is unbearably simple. Just follow those easy steps:

  1. Pick a payment method
  2. Decide on the amount of Poe Ultimatum orbs you want to buy or the amount of USD you want to spend
  3. Review the information in the contact details
  4. Verify information in the order preview
  5. If everything seems to be in order, press the “Send Order” button and our live agent will guide your through the rest of the deal.

Double-check if the amount and prices are ok, as we don't have a refund tool. Also, pay close attention to the payment provider you entrust your money to, as they may charge you a little extra.


poe Expedition softcore orbs delivery

Ever wanted to get additional orbs for your PoE Expedition Softcore account, and to get it lightning fast? Fret no longer. Our active window is at 18 hours each day, so there’s a high chance that you won’t have to wait for your orbs to arrive. It takes only 120 seconds!


bonus to every Expedition softcore orbs order

A signed up account gains 1% bonus to every purchase. And with further trades, this bonus will expand to 5% bonus! It all depends on your trading volume. Trust us, the discount will knock you out cold, if you trade a lot.

safe trading

Is it safe to buy POE Orbs on Expedition Softcore?

You wish to buy some orbs in Expedition Softcore league but you are not sure where do they come from? Sellers and Friends don’t buy from botters and exploiters, we are always checking our sources for any suspicious activities to ensure our currency is sparkling clean just check our Trustpilot and Facebook profiles for hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. The best POE Orbs only here.


awesome live customer support

Live Chat support will always be there for you if you encounter any difficulties. Feel free to ask any questions, you will receive a solution to any problems, we’re live 24/7. The best customer service in the Internet.

There is no time to waste. You are here to gain a time advantage by buying PoE Expedition Softcore orbs. The only entity stopping you, is yourself. Forget about trust issues. Have faith in trusted seller, like us. You will see, that nothing is better than our platform in terms of providing you with orbs. It has never been easier.


If you thought about the PoE currency, orbs should be your answer. It is kind of original, and you have to give the developer credit for walking away from the overused gold. Orbs are the most coveted items, as they unlock access to many areas of the game - the best items. It is why if you're an apprentice cartographer dreaming about improving your bow skills or elemental damage a lot, orbs may be the way to go. Should you ever crave for Chaos orb or Divine orb, you can try and purchase it on our website. Most of the endgame veteran players and game lovers do not hesitate, when it comes to grabbing the top notch gear for their character. At the highest level of play every piece of an advantage is crucial.

Wait no more! Gather up your PoE-playing friends on Discord or Curse, and head straight to the adventure.


About Path of Exile

Join Top Ranks of Path of Exile right when Atlas Expansion comes out! Prepare to face new monsters on new maps. Strike them down and level up your character after the newest patch. Get involved in crafting new custom Ultimatum bosses (even more advanced than Elder or Shaper boss), that will possess various attacks of your choosing. Create a boss with a unique passive, that will be able to cast various abilities, unleashing physical melee attacks, or magical projectiles. 


Craft a boss that would surprise any veteran PoE player. You will set the attack patterns, and have the boss’ stats increased. You also hold the power in determining the items that may drop from your boss. If you need to enhance your items, make it drop Regal Orbs. You need to link a Blood Magic gem with another one? Orb of Fusing is your way to go. Keep in mind your Skill Tree, as you create a boss to fight it yourself. 


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