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Buy POE Expedition hardcore Orb safe

Which Path of Exile server are you fond of? Was it Expedition Hardcore? If you wanted to aid your adventures with some PoE orbs, you're in the right place. Hop in and begin trading, stop wasting time.


Over 200+ payments


Some people are using only one payment method throughout their whole life. We offer you 200+ payments! G2A PAY is available for players from 170+ countries, providing services in more than 20 languages. By cooperating with them, we can assure our customers, that they will be safe and sound while trading. 

How to buy POE Expedition Items on Expedition Hardcore?

Interested in POE Expedition items on Heroic league? Follow those steps:

  1. Make a choice on your prefered payment method
  2. Determine the amount of orbs you want to obtain or how much money you want to spend
  3. Insert your contact information
  4. Double-check your order in your order preview
  5. Click on “Send Order” button below and our live agent will pilot you through the rest of the process

poe Expedition hardcore orbs delivery

If you want to get your PoE orbs as soon as possible, to use them on your Expedition Hardcore account, then you came to the right place. It doesn’t take a day or an hour, it takes about 120 seconds during working hours. We are open 18 hours each day, so you will rarely have to wait for your purchase.


bonus to every Expedition hardcore orbs order

After you register, you will gain a 1% bonus to every purchase. While it’s not much, if you keep trading, this bonus will extend to 5% bonus! We'd say, it's even worth investing a large sum of money into this business. 

safe trading

Is it safe to buy POE Items on Expedition Hardcore?

Need some Expedition Hardcore Items in POE? Having doubts about the security? Sellers and Friends treats transaction security as a very staple of our business. That is why we are always running a very in-depth background checks to ensure every single orb has been gained without any third-party-software or in other shady ways. If you are still not sure if you can trust our site just go and check our Trustpilot and Facebook profiles! The best POE Currency only here.


awesome live customer support

Some problems or difficulties can happen from time to time, so feel free to use our Live Chat support. 24/7. We help everyone, no exceptions.

We hope that we did everything for you to make your trading experience fine. Satisfied customer is a loyal customer. We did not received any negative feedback over the years, so we are positive that you will join 5,500 happy clients of ours. 

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