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A player with proper levels and tons of gold is nothing without his gear. Some items are common, some are rather popular, others are rare, or entirely unobtainable. We all know the legendary, end-game gear, that can turn a twink into a war machine. If you ever find yourself in need of those items in Lineage 2, we will provide them for you.

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Buying items is easy, if you use G2A PAY:

- 200+ payment methods,

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How to buy Lineage 2 items?

Looking to buy some Lineage 2 items? Follow the steps below:

  1. Pick an item from our stock
  2. We don’t have the item you’re looking for? Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as we have it
  3. Select preferred payment method
  4. If you have something important to inform us about, leave a message (preferred delivery time etc.)
  5. Verify your contact information and order preview
  6. If everything seems to be in order, click “Send Order” and our live agent will guide you through the rest of the deal

Why you should buy Lineage 2 items here?

fast lineage 2 items delivery

We have implemented a Live-Stock. Thus, if you see that desired item is available, you can get it within 120 seconds during working hours. Outside of it, the transaction can take a little while longer, but it's still faster than other services.

bonus to every items order

Do you have an account? If yes, feel free to start using your 1% bonus! If you don't have an account - what are you waiting for? The bonus will not pick itself up! If you trade a lot, it can reach even 5%! We leave competition far far behind.

secure trading

You need to buy some items in Lineage but you are not sure if it’s safe? Here, at Sellers and Friends, security is our primary concern. That is why we always check our sources for any suspicious activity to ensure that every item comes from legit practices. We have many satisfied customers worldwide, just check our Facebook or Trustpilot profiles.

awesome customer support

You are never alone here! Our Live Support team is only waiting for you to have any questions, they can answer, and any problem they can resolve. Feel free to contact them and ask any thing concerning our content. 

You may ask yourself: "Is it safe to buy Lineage 2 items?" And you will have a darn right to ask. To answer it quickly - yes. It's safer than your bank account. If you see an item, and you have resources to buy it, it's as well as yours. We have our reputation vouching for the safety. Check also our offer for Lineage 2 Adena.


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