Buy Lineage 2 Adena

Buy Lineage 2 Adena

So you wish to buy Lineage II Adena and you wonder if it’s safe and secure? We do as much as we can to make your experience better. Here, at Sellers and Friends, transaction security is our primary concern! No matter which Massive Multiplayer Online role play game you choose.

How to buy Lineage 2 Adena

If you want to buy some Lineage 2 Adena with Instant Delivery simply follow those steps:

  1. Choose your server from the top menu
  2. Choose the quantity of Adena in Lineage you would like to purchase or the amount of USD you would like to spend
  3. Fill the contact information
  4. Verify in the contact information accordingly
  5. Go to checkout (cart) and carefully check your order in the preview
  6. If everything is correct, press "Pay Now" and choose a payment method of L2 Adena. You can choose different money transfer method like credit cards. Now you are very close to boost your accounts with extra Adena credits. We give a special bonus to every order based on account level system.
  7. We are here to help! Our live agents will guide you through the rest of the process at live chat. They will provide you with details about products delivery.

Lineage II game currency - Is it safe to buy L2 Adena?

If you are looking for the best place to buy Lineage 2 Adena at the cheapest price, you are in the right place. SellersAndFriends offers you the best service Lineage Adena and here is why:


fast lineage 2 adena delivery

We know well that nowadays everyone appreciates their time. And it's no secret that time costs a lot. Because of this, our service ensures fast delivery of the order, good prices and a large amount of real stock. This delivery takes only up tp 120 seconds within working hours, no matter if you're from South Korea, United States of America, or Europe. And the reason is that everything we trade comes from our own stocks. Enjoy safely trading based on trust. Just check user reviews. We take care of our players!

bonus to every adena order

Our rates are affordable. We give a BONUS Lineage Adena for every order. The more you are buying, the better bonus you will get. VIP+ members receive 5% bonus in addition to their original trade. There is a 1% Bonus just for being registered user! It's a five-star content among all of the so-called "discount " at our competition market services. 

secure trading

Our service is personalized and safe. We have already been trusted by over 5,500 customers, who bought or sold something.  You can also see the "feedback list". This proves that SellersAndFriends is a trusted, complete premium service of Lineage II Adena. We guarantee protection against fraud, and buying on our website you will receive more than enough confirmation of our trustworthiness.

awesome customer support

You could also order end-game items for your character. Save some time, that you'd waste on farming mobs and quests for Adena. If it is a product that we actually don't have (like some item you are looking for) you may always make a pre-order via our LiveChat. It's available everyday, 24/7. 

Purchasing Lineage Adena from the trusted seller you have guaranteed that we are using a currency which is made by hand. We are using the safest Lineage 2 Adena delivery method and perform detailed background checks on our suppliers as your safety is our safety as well.

Okay, so Adena is safe but how do you know if you can trust us? Simply, just check our store reviews on Trustpilot or our Facebook Profile - we have many satisfied customers, why don’t you join them? Stop looking for cheap Lineage 2 Adena for sale. Become a member today!

Sign now and just Buy Adena Lineage II from us! It is safe! We also offer other currencies in the most popular MMORPG like Final Fantasy XIV, Albion Online or on another Adena Lineage 2 global servers beyond server Chronos, Naia, EU Core including new lineage 2 classic Adena. We also sell WoW Gold, Vanilla WoW Gold, GW2 coins, and LoL Accounts definitely higher than Gold. Your shopping cart will never be empty, no matter the game you play. If you are looking for power leveling, feel free to contact our online support via live chat on our site. Our customer service reply as soon as possible.


Don't wait! Sign in and share the experience of participating the best online gaming and trading community in the business. Enter the world of possibilities you've never known. Become the most potent player, that NCSoft creation has ever seen!

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Customers Reviews (15)

Average rating: 4.5 Based on 72 votes
Great service, friendly, helpful and quick. Trade doesn't take more than 5 minutes! Not the first trade with them and not the last one! Thanks.
24 October 2019
3 1
Confirmed purchase
Service website is astounding unlike other sites I've seen. And the great feedback from the community is a plus as well! Nice to see a very well-kept and trusted service!
10 August 2019
4 2
best service ive came across, word
9 June 2021
Got the adena with bonus within minutes! thas some world class service!
24 May 2021
Dunno what to say more than this service is amazing, they really care about buyers safety and are very polite also the delivery's description is on point, LIGHTSPEED!
25 March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

buy l2 adena faq
  1. How is the Adena delivered?

    On Classic servers usually face2face with few exception, where we do it through mail, and on Live servers through auction house.

  2. How long does it take to get Adena?

    If you are gonna purchase during our business hours (8am - 11pm GMT+1), it’s delivered in matter matter of minutes.

  3. What if I buy the Adena outside of your business hours?

    If it’s an order for Classic server, then leave a nickname in the order message. We can always send it through mail once we wake up.

  4. Can I get an individual offer, if I would like to buy a bigger amount?

    Yes, we’re flexible when it comes to bulk purchases. Ask for such offer.

  5. Can I pre-order some bigger amount?

    Yes, you can. If you need more Adena, than we have in stock, simply contact our Agent on Livechat and talk it through.

  6. Why there are no price tags on the listed Items for sale?

    Prices of the items change all the time, some of them might not be available in the exact moment that you want to purchase them. Ask our Agent on Livechat for a price and delivery time.

  7. Do you recommend character builds in L2?

    Yes, we do, if you want an advice about a specific build in-game, you can ask us about that. L2 is one of our main games, thus we have got enough knowledge to do so.

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