Lineage 2 Giran Adena

Lineage 2 Giran Adena

Starting fresh on newest NCSoft Lineage 2 Classic server Giran? Look no further! Sellers and Friends, reputable Adena vendors are here to provide you with flawless service and safe Giran Adena. Trades made via our site are 100% secure, all you need is to follow the following steps and Adena on Giran will soon flow into your pockets.

Over 200+ payments


Don't be afraid about the payment! With G2A PAY we have access to 200+ payment methods in over 170 countries and 20 languages. You will surely find something for yourself.

How to buy Adena Giran?

Steps to buy Lineage 2 Giran Adena:

  1. Make an account on our site
  2. Choose the amount of Giram adena you would like to buy or the amount of USD you wish like to spend
  3. Fill in the required fields
  4. If you have anything we should know (for example online times on Lineage 2 Giran server) leave a message in the “Message” window
  5. Double-check all the provided information
  6. If everything is O.K. simply click “SEND ORDER”

Be advised, that if you wish to use some of the payment methods (like Paysafe Card for example) you will need to make a, account and upload funds there. G2A wallet balance can then be used to make a Lineage 2 Giran adena purchase on our site. Once you will make your payment we will proceed with the delivery. Simply join Live Chat and our agent will guide you through the rest of the process. We deliver adena on Talking Island server using face to face method where we exchange the ordered adena for your “trash” items. Please note that we are open from 6 AM - Midnight CET (GMT+2).

fast lineage 2 giran adena delivery

We value your time. It is why thanks to our Live Stock we can deliver your purchased Adena in less than 120 seconds! We are open for 18 hours a day, so there is no way that you are waiting for your currency. Come in, purchase, pay, boom! It's right there on your Giran account. No one has a shorter delivery time.

bonus to every giran adena order

The moment you register your account on Sellers and Friends, we grant you a 1% bonus to every transaction. No matter if you are buying or selling Adena - you get something extra from us. The bonus can go up to 5%, so definitely it's worthwhile.

secure trading

Is it safe?

Thanks to years of experience we know what are the safest ways to trade adena. Sellers and Friends has an upstanding reputation which we value more than any amount of adena in the universe. On new Lineage 2 classic servers we can continue providing our customers with safest possible adena. Be sure to check our Facebook or Trustpilot feedbacks left by lots of satisfied customers worldwide. If you want a safe, reliable vendors to get L2 Giran adena from - Sellers and Friends are here to deliver! At SellersAndFriends you can also buLineage 2 Adena on Chronos.


awesome customer support

Any questions unanswered? Any problems requiring an assistance? Fear not! We have a Live Chat support available for you all the time. They're here for you to make you feel even more comfortable and taken care of.

That being said, there is not much more for you to do other than to buy Lineage 2 Adena and boost your Giran account.  Don't stay behind. Your competition already has it!

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Confirmed purchase
26 September 2020
Confirmed purchase
unsurpassed service turbo fast delivery real time real person customer service
25 April 2020
Confirmed purchase
thanks for always being their
9 January 2021
Confirmed purchase
16 November 2020
Confirmed purchase
31 October 2020

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