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For all European Blade and Soul players we have tons of attractions here at Sellers and Friends. The best in-game currency buying deals available out there! Wait no more, and start trading with us.

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We are the best place to spend your money to buy Blade and Soul Gold on EU. It is why we provide you with the best services, including G2A PAY. 200+ payment methods, 170 countries of delivery, 20 languages available. 

How to buy BNS gold on EU?

Interested in some BNS gold on EU server? Still thinking how to get gold in bns? Follow those steps:

  1. Make a choice on your prefered payment method
  2. Determine the amount of currency you want to obtain or how much money you want to spend
  3. Insert your contact information
  4. Double-check your order in your order preview
  5. Click on “Send Order” button below and our live agent will pilot you through the rest of the process

Have fun with the fastest product delivery in the e-commerce! We have implemented a Live-Stock system, which shows you how much of a Blade and Soul Gold we currently have. You can choose the desired amount and pay almost instantly. It takes less than 120 seconds during business hours.

Grab your instant 1% bonus for registration. Keep trading and one day it will reach even 5%! You can not only buy BnS gold here, not only sell it, but also earn on it.

Is it safe to buy BNS gold EU?

You are thinking about buy BNS gold on NA server but are not sure if its safe? Worry not, Sellers and Friends are doing their best to make the deal as secure as possible for our customers by picking, maybe not the smoothest, but the safest means of gold delivery. But don’t take our word on it, check our Trustpilot and Facebook profiles to verify. Hundreds of players around the world trusted us, why won’t you? The best Blade and Soul gold only here.

If we haven't already convinced you or you have encountered other difficulties while trading BnS Gold here, please head towards our Live Chat support. They are the definition of patience and helpfulness. 

You never know, who you meet in the Internet. But you already know us! Our whole business is settled on trust and quality. We maintain a high level of customer service for the convenience and pleasure. If you trade once, you will surely come back to buy more BnS Gold. If you do it once, you will never trade elsewhere.

Customers Reviews (2)

Average rating: 4.5 Based on 6 votes
Confirmed purchase
Very Fast delivery and very helpfull Support Agent. I'll come back if I need more.
14 August 2020
Confirmed purchase
Support are very nice, good service i like it
6 May 2020

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