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Arkanis gold

Arkanis is one of the ArcheAge servers out there after the server merged. For many new players it can be hard to reach the desired level of play in the fastest way possible, without having to grind for countless hours and waste time. You can buy ArcheAge Gold on Arkanis here at SellersAndFriends! Best prices, fastest delivery, and the most satisfaction available.

Over 200+ payments


Use one of the 200+ payment mathods from G2A PAY! We support it, thus we can deliver to more than 170 countries. Language barrier is non existent, as we support 20 languages.

How to buy ArcheAge Arkanis Gold?

To buy gold on Arkanis all you have to do is follow those steps:

  1. Decide on payment method
  2. Type in the amount of gold you would like to buy or amount of money you wish to spend
  3. Verify the date in our contact form
  4. Check the order preview
  5. If the information is correct, proceed with the purchase and our live agent will take it from here

How can we have the fastest delivery? It's thanks to the Live-Stock. You can immediately check our stock volumes. We do not wonder, where will we get the ArcheAge Gold from as the trade begins. We already have it! It is the matter of few clicks after the payment is done. We deliver in no more than 120 seconds during work hours. 

We give you 1% bonus for every transaction, if you sign up and create an account. The volume of your trades can wind up the bonus even to as much much as 5%! You can not only buy ArcheAge Gold on Arkanis, but also earn something extra from it! Get to know our bonus rewards system to use it to its fullest. 


Is it safe to buy gold on Arkanis?

You want to get some safe gold on Arkanis but have your questions regarding the security? Transaction safety is of utmost importance to us, that is why we are putting much of our resources into enhancing it. We avoid shady unclear practices and deal only with what we have. If we won’t have anything in stock we will straight up tell you with no sweet-talking. We always check our sources for any abusive in-game action making sure every coin that we get comes from legit in-game activities. The best Gold Seller ArcheAge! At SellersAndFriends you can also buy ArcheAge Gold.

Not sure of something regarding our website? Want to ask a question about how to buy ArcheAge Gold on Arkanis? Feel free to head towards our Live Chat support. They are waiting for you to resolve all of your doubts. You can feel like home here.


That would be it about our buy ArcheAge Gold system. It's simple, time-efficient, cheap, and safe. What more could you possibly ask for? Start trading with us, and you will quickly see how far ahead we are compared to the competition. Actually, there is no competition for us. See for yourself.

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