Temtem Review - Is Temtem Better or worse than Pokemon?

Temtem Review - Is Temtem Better or worse than Pokemon?

Pokemon was the global hit game that was released in hundreds of languages, multiple forms, and countless versions. People love to jump into the cartoon world, befriend exotic creatures, and have a good time exploring new lands. Temtem made one huge step to cross the gap that was dividing players who loved Pokemon - accessibility. It allowed players from around the world to connect in a single MMO that had all of the features of the original Pokemon game that they have loved on PC. We played this multiplayer phenomenon, and we have some thoughts that we want to share with you among all other reviews.


How it came to be

Temtem came to life from the Kickstarter project that was backed by over ten thousand fans who have pledged over half the million dollars for developers to support their idea. Right from the beginning, it was made as a Pokemon-like MMO where players can enjoy creature-collecting within a multiplayer world. Besides some cosmetical and mechanical differences, it might seem like Crema Studio has taken inspiration on every feature of the Pokemon game and made it into Temtem. So now, instead of fighting in the Gyms, you will face your opponents at the Dojo. Instead of healing your creatures at Pokémon Centers, you will be doing that at Temporiums, and healing potions that you have used for some quick regeneration will be replaced by the balms. There are countless similarities, so let's talk about them a bit more.


Creatures that go by the name of Temtem

Since both games are based on the same mechanic in the world of Temtem, you will also be collecting cute creatures that are used in turn-based duels against other adorable creatures. As for now, thousands of Pokemons were developed throughout the years of releasing new versions of the game, and it would be a huge time waste for Crema Studio to make that many companions for their product. Because of that, we get to catch only around 160 creatures upon the game launch. Each of the Temtems has its elemental type, which determines the moves that it will be able to perform during the fight and during the adventure of exploring the world. All of them have different designs, but in general, they look like cute stuffed animals that anybody would love to cuddle.


Brutally cute

If you asked one of your friends what the primary goal of the game is, you would get an answer - "To catch them all!". Just like in Pokemon, in Temtem, you will be traveling across the world trying to find all of the Temtems to befriend them and put a large checkmark under their name in your notebook. And what is the best way to befriend a creature? You have to beat it.

Well, maybe this rule doesn't apply to our reality, but in the game, that is a fact. By crossing your paths with a wild creature, you will engage in combat where one of the sides has to lose. Do not be alarmed - your demise will only result in a visit at Temporium where medics will take care of your creatures, but winning will allow you to acquire new Temtem that you can use in future combats. Usually, you can find wild Temtems in tall grasses and the water. However, from time to time, there might also be an option to win them in the match against other players.


Rock, paper, elements

On your journey, you will face other Temtem Tamer's who are AI-controlled units with their collection of creatures. They are always aggressive on your first contact, so walking close to them will result in a challenge from their side. During the battle, you will have to use your collection of Temtems and their set of abilities to bring down opposing forces with well-thought attacks. It is also the part when elements come into play. Some of the creatures are stronger against certain element types and weaker against the others, and it's up to the player to decide what his team composition for the fight will be. It's like a game of rock, paper, scissors where one element beats the other and loses to another one. The battles are much more advanced mechanically, however, still easy to pick up for new players.


Where are the heroes there have to be villains

In every Pokemon game, there was a group of evil-doers that were trying to break the world peace, sell the Pokemons for profits or to erase their existence from the world. It was the ultimate goal of the story not only to collect all of the available creatures but also to beat the living crap out of those bastards. This part is not any different in the world of Temtem. Multiple villains have to be beaten to prove to the others that you are a skilled Temtem Tamer, and you deserve to unlock new fun locations like far islands, and more complex content. In this game, the main characters that you will be trying to duel are located in the Dojos. There you can find multiple AI Temtem trainers who will be trying to challenge you. Those who can beat them all will unlock their way to the final bosses of the Dojo, which are the Dojo Leaders. Fights can be quite challenging, but in a positive, not in a frustrating way.


Temtem Pansun is the main currency in the amazing world of Temtem. Get yourself a large supply at the start of your adventure and you won't regret it! 


Similarities, similarities... and a difference?

Besides multiple similarities and countless things that Temtem did the same as the Pokemon game, there are also differences. First of all - it is an MMO game. You will be able to meet other people and to interact with them through various emotes. It is also possible to unlock the global chat, but this option is hidden from plain sight, which might discourage some of the players from mingling with others. To enhance the social aspect of this game, you can also become a member of the Clan, yet it was still too early for this game to show us how the system looks like.

It is noticeable that games put quite a high emphasis on the cooperation between players as during the fights, you will always be playing in 2v2 duels. It is an integral part of this title as synergy between you, and your teammate will decide about the outcome of your battle. You can join them with random players or friends that you have invited by yourself. The crucial part is that you two will have to cooperate. Don't let those cute looking graphics fool you. Temtem is not always an easy game, but a little bit of challenge is welcome to see as modern games seem to become easier and easier every year. Here you need more than a sword, shield, stamina bar, and working keyboard to win a fight.


How does it look

Speaking about the graphics, there is no way not to mention how beautiful this game is in terms of its look and the sound. Temtem models are all unique and well designed. Locations are well planned and engaging, everything is bright and optimistic, and on top of that, there are a lot of smaller details that are pleasing to the eye of the receiver.

The music in the game is very chill and peaceful. What might surprise you from time to time, it shows its claws when the battle becomes intensive. During the fight and especially at the Dojo, the rhythm becomes much faster, and the sounds that come from the speakers might increase the player's heartbeat. It is not music that somebody may like to listen to outside of the game, but it fits well in the Temtem's content. The only issue which we had during the gameplay comes with Temtem sounds. The sounds that creatures make in Temtem are weird, and you might notice that quite often, they do not fit their characters. Yet it is a small issue that doesn't have any effect on the gameplay or immersion and can be quickly forgotten after a few hours of playing.



Some of the low-end PC users might feel discouraged from trying the game by looking at those gorgeous graphics. It is the case that game that looks that has always to be resource consuming. Creme Studio did a great job optimizing their newly released title, and it runs quite decently even on the older computers.



Overall, Temtem is a great game that took a lot of inspiration from the Pokemon series. It also means that this title did recreate a lot of mistakes committed in the past by its predecessor. The fighting system might feel repetitive. Traveling is frustrating since everything wants to attack you, and there is no real endgame after catching all of the Temtems available in the game. Even with all these flaws, it is still an MMO worth checking out. The price might scare some people off, but think about this as a Pokemon game with a multiplayer aspect. We believe that Crema Studio did excellent work in enhancing an old-school game series with new mechanics and features. If you liked the Pokemon, you would fall in love with Temtem. It is still in shortly after the early access as well as release date, and there is definitely more to come, but the world of Airborne Island Archipelago is already worth checking out.


Nintendo for years knew what players really wanted to see. With the release of the Switch console competitive Pokemon Sword and Shield scene was about to start growing, however, there was still one element lacking - online play. Sharing your game live with other players was enough for many Pokemon fans to begin their adventure at Temtem. This could have been dramatic for Nintendo's developer but actually wasn't. Even though many players did move from Pokemon series to Temtem they didn't move for a long time - there was also something lacking in this title as well. Monster book in Nintendo's series already had over 800 names in it while Temtem was including only 161 as mentioned in our full early access review. Even though they have promised to improve this number several times there is not enough content in the Temtem as for today to compete with the Pokemon series.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Temtem any good?

Yes, it is a good game that brings regular Pokemon-like experience into the online multiplayer world. Definitely worth buy.


Is Temtem better than Pokemon?

Both games are great, and both have their flaws. It's up to you to choose what you like more.


Is Temtem going to be free?

Since it wasn't released for free on Jan 2020 - It is highly unlikely that Temtem will become free to play.


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emmanuel0j • 10 April 2020 Honestly, it is a good game but it lacks endgame content. New Pokemon game comes out every two years or so and there is always new content. If it will succeed or not depends on the developers Reply
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VeoNeo • 13 April 2020 Would be good game if it was f2p Reply
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muhchamp • 21 April 2020 It's a clear rip-off, but at least they're trying to do some things to make it an MMO. I really like the emphasis on the 2v2 fights. Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 21 April 2020 by muhchamp.

Elfcher • 11 May 2020 the early server issues and a small, unknown studio really put me off at the start, but it seems like they cleared up their act a bit. Maybe it's worth a try after all... Reply
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Pochinuka • 20 May 2020 Maybe this game is a RIP-off but its Nintendo fault that they didn't made pokemon MMO Reply
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