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Purchase Temtem Pansun

Temtem Pansun is the main currency in the Airborne Archipelago – the six floating islands that serve as the in-game world in this great new MMO. Temtem is a dream come true for all the Pokemon fans that wanted a game designed specifically for online multiplayer. Buy Temtem Pansuns to make sure that you can always afford everything you need in the game, without worrying about economy. This currency may be spent in the Temporium on many useful consumable items. Different types of TemCards are necessary to capture and tame more Temtem. Medicine items are used to restore your Temtem Hit Points and Stamina or cleanse negative Status Conditions. Moreover, you can buy plenty of items that are useful out of combat!

There are some farming methods that allow the players to farm more Pansun and make money in Temtem. You’ll receive some of it as rewards for defeating the NPC tamers in battles. You can also sell the items that you find during your adventures in the Airborne Archipelago. However, the prices that you’ll get in Temporium are relatively small, and you’re likely to get more value by using these items when the time is right.

There’s also an interesting farming method available on the second island – Omninesia. If you explore this location, you’ll be able to find the headquarters of the FreeTem! organization. They will pay you high amounts of Pansun for released Temtem that you tamed earlier. You can also do it retroactively before you even reach the second island. All you need is a supply of TemCards. Then, make sure that you’re making more Pansun that you’re spending on the cards and return as many Temtem to the wild as you can. It’s a great farming method, but you will have to spend some time, maybe even days, capturing and releasing Temtem to become really rich. You can do it much quicker if you decide to buy cheap Temtem Pansun from Sellers and Friends! You don't have to search any longer. Buy Pansun on our site and spend it as you please! We're also selling gold and various currencies to many other MMORPGs for cheapest prices.


Temtem – an MMO creature collection adventure

Temtem is a new MMO game developed and published by a small Spanish studio Crema. The players get to travel the world and tame the creatures called Temtem. It uses a lot of the ideas tested in the beloved Pokemon game series. The mechanics of taming Temtem is almost identical to catching the pocket monsters.

The main storyline requires the players to travel all six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, visit dojos, and defeat the NPC dojo leaders. Along the way, you’re going to have multiple encounters with a shady, evil organization called Clan Belsoto. The Temtem that you can tame, belong to 12 different types, and they can learn different Techniques (moves) that they can use in combat. Some of them are granted for reaching a certain level. Others can be taught from special items called Technique Courses (TC). You can get them as free rewards for the in game quests.

However, there are certain differences. Some types are the same as in Pokemon, but a few of them are entirely different. Moreover, Temtem is heavily focused on constant 2v2 fighting (each player has 2 creatures on the field at all times). It makes the fights more complex and introduces a higher level of strategy to the game. The same Temtem can habe slightly different stat profiles what makes breeding a crucial part of the game. 

Thanks to the fact that Temtem is a massively multiplayer online game, there’s a lot of room for PvP. Since the fights are more complex and skill-based than in other similar games, there’s a lot to be had for some of the most hardcore players. Competitive PvP is a huge part of Temtem’s endgame. The game is still really new, so the meta changes all the time, as people come up with a quantity of new strategies and team comps.  

Temtem is currently available on PC, but the console port to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 is planned to release for early 2021.

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That was something, got delivery within minutes perfect delivery!
9 June 2021
Bought pansuns and was a bit skeptical but the order was delivered super quickly and im totally satisfied
27 May 2021
Woha, these guys are just wow, got my panusns within 3 mins after ordering gonna buy again
13 May 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

temtem pansun
  1. How to get Temtem Pansun?

    You can get it for defeating NPC tamers, releasing captured Temtem for the FreeTem! rewards or simply buying it from reliable traders at Sellers and Friends for a good price!

  2. What can you buy for Temtem Pansun?

    Pansun can be spent on TemCards, medicine items, and other consumables available in Temporium.

  3. Do you offer any bonuses?

    All the registered users get 1% extra Pansun for their money. The loyal customers that keep buying from us over time can increase this bonus by up to 5%.

  4. How many TemTem Pansun can I buy?

    Just choose the amount that you want, and you’re good to go! 100 k, 200 k, 300 k, 500 k, 1000 k, 1500 k, 2000 k, 3000 k? We have it all!

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