Temtem monsters - Catch them all!

Temtem monsters - Catch them all!

Temtem's are fictional monsters and a vital part of the Temtem game. They come in various forms, types, and species; however, there is some resemblance when you compare them to real-life plants, animals, or mythical creatures. There was a list of over 160 Temtem species during the game release, and every single one of them was different. Let's take a closer look at the monsters that reside in the Airborne Archipelago.


Fantastic beasts, and where to find them

In the world of Temtem, the monsters, also called Temtem, are used by the people as their traveling companions. During the game, it is implied that Temtems love to fight against each other (in a positive manner). Because of that, dueling between two players and their companions is a common activity that is considered to be a sport. Players who want to catch a Temtem must search through tall grasses where wild creatures can attack them. By winning a duel with them, adventurers have a chance to befriend a wild Temtem.


A closer look at the wild

Temtem's are creatures that become stronger as they gain experience in the battle against other Temtem. Their level can determine Their combat advancement. With each level, they gain an increase in their statistics:

  • HP - Hit Points stat determines how much health does Temtem have. When it reaches zero, Temtem becomes exhausted, and it has to recover in Temporium.
  • ATK - The value of Attack determines how much Physical Damage can be done by Temtem.
  • SPATK - Special Attack influences the damage that can be done with Special abilities.
  • DEF - Physical Defense of Temtem reduces incoming Physical Damage from your opponent's attacks.
  • SPDEF - Special Defense reduces incoming Special Attack Damage.
  • SPD - Speed is responsible for the order in which Temtem's abilities are being used during the combat.
  • STA - Stamina determines how many moves can be used by Temtem during the combat. It is refreshed when the battle reaches the end.


Get yourself a nice supply of Temtem Pansun! It's a great and extremely useful resource that will definitely come in handy as you try to catch all your favorite creatures!


The element of elements

Elemental types define the properties of Temtems. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses against other types of elements. It is a game of rock-paper-scissors where rock beats scissors and scissors beat paper. Each Temtem can have up to two types, while their techniques are assigned only to a single type. The element of ability used determines the amount of damage against the target while the element of Temtem determines how well it will defend against it. Temtem is considered a perfect counter if it's resistant to both of the enemy's types, and its own types are effective versus the opponent.


There are 12 different elemental types in Temtem. Here's the list :


  • Strong Against: Mental, Electric (Crystal Techniques will deal 2x damage against those types)
  • Ineffective Against: Fire, Earth (Crystal Techniques will deal 0.5x damage against those types)
  • Resistant to: Mental, Electric, Toxic (Crystal Temtem will receive 0.5x damage from those types)
  • Prone to: Fire, Earth, Melee (Crystal Temtem will receive 2x damage from those types)



  • Strong Against: Mental, Melee, Digital
  • Ineffective Against: -
  • Resistant to: Toxic
  • Prone to: Water, Electric, Digital



  • Strong Against: Electric, Fire, Crystal
  • Ineffective Against: Water, Nature, Wind
  • Resistant to: Fire, Electric, Crystal, Toxic
  • Prone to: Water, Nature, Melee



  • Strong Against: Water, Mental, Wind, Digital
  • Ineffective Against: Electric, Earth, Crystal, Nature
  • Resistant to: Electric, Wind
  • Prone to: Earth, Crystal



  • Strong Against: -
  • Ineffective Against: Mental
  • Resistant to: -
  • Prone to: Mental


  • Strong Against: Nature, Crystal
  • Ineffective Against: Fire, Water, Earth
  • Resistant to: Fire, Nature, Crystal
  • Prone to: Water, Earth


  • Strong Against: Neutral, Melee
  • Ineffective Against: Crystal
  • Resistant to: Neutral, Melee
  • Prone to: Crystal, Electric, Digital


  • Strong Against: Earth, Crystal
  • Ineffective Against: Melee, Mental
  • Resistant to: Melee
  • Prone to: Mental, Digital


  • Strong Against: Water, Earth
  • Ineffective Against: Nature, Fire, Toxic
  • Resistant to: Nature, Water, Earth, Electric
  • Prone to: Fire, Toxic


  • Strong Against: Water, Nature
  • Ineffective Against: Toxic, Earth, Digital, Crystal
  • Resistant to: Toxic, Water, Nature
  • Prone to: Wind


  • Strong Against: Fire, Earth, Digital
  • Ineffective Against: Water, Toxic, Nature
  • Resistant to: Water, Fire, Earth
  • Prone to: Electric, Nature, Toxic


  • Strong Against: Toxic
  • Ineffective Against: Wind, Electric
  • Resistant to: Wind, Earth
  • Prone to: Electric


temtem monster types


How many creatures are there?

As for the release, there are currently 161 little monsters called Temtem in the game. We may assume that there will be much more than that as the Pokemon series has presently over 800 creatures after many years of development. Temtem during its launch was a well-made product with very detailed content, and because of that, we believe that Crema Studio will deliver more Temtem for their game - players just have to wait patiently for their release.


Luma Temtem

Besides a regular Temtem's, players can also find a special kind of regular creatures called Luma Temtem. They can be recognized by the different color variations. Outside of the different colorization, Lumas can be easily noticed by the glowing effect that Emirates from their bodies. They are also significantly stronger as they have at least three perfect Single Values or statistics. Luma Temtems are extremely rare, and in the wild chance of meeting them is at around 1/8000. To decrease this chance and have a better shot at getting Luma Temtems, you can start breeding where the next generation of produced Temtems have a 1/800 chance to become special.



There is a large variety of creatures, monsters, and Temtem species in the game that players may have a chance to befriend. They can become your companions, buddies, and fighting partners. It's up to you to catch them all and to assemble a perfect team that will be able to beat down anybody who dares to cross your path.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the max level in Temtem?

You can get level 48 with your Temtem, and that's the maximum.


What is the best Temtem?

Saku, Gyalis, and Volarend are considered to be the strongest in the 1st generation.


Is Temtem worth buying?

Of course, it is. It is a great online multiplayer Pokemon-like game.


What type of Temtem species are there?

The list contains nature, wind, water, toxic, fire, crystal, mental, melee, electric, Earth, Nature, and Neutral.


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