Temtem breeding guide - The most powerful of creatures!

Temtem breeding guide - The most powerful of creatures!

In the Temtem game, Breeding allows players to create new Temtem Eggs by combining two Temtem's of different sex. The newborn can inherit various statistics, values, and techniques from his parents, so in general, breeding is used to create a new, unique Temtem that couldn't be found in the wild. In this guide, we will be taking a closer look at this topic to show you how you should breed your Temtem's and what you can achieve by it. Let's get into our Temtem Breeding Guide.


Why you should breed your Temtem's

There are a lot of reasons why players breed Temtem. Some tamers are doing it just to have some fun or to experiments with this system. However, this part of the game is essential to the competitive scene within the game. Breeding allows Temtem's to pass Single Values (SV's) to the next generation, which affects the power or effectiveness of various Temtem statistics. Because of that, pro players are taking a long route of combining extraordinary species to create a flawless Temtem with all seven statistics maxed, perfect tool kit, and traits that will fill the specific role in the team's composition.


In order to breed the best Temtems, you will need a lot of the game currency. Buy Temtem Pansun today and find a solution to man of your problems!


Luma Temtems

Breeding might also be done to have a shot at collecting Luma Temtem. These are the special type of regular creatures that have alternative looks, better statistics and are quite rare to find in a natural environment. By walking in tall grass, you have a chance to be attacked by a Temtem. When that happens, there is a 1/8000 chance that this creature will be a Luma Temtem. While breeding, this chance is increased by ten times, which gives players a 1/800 probability to receive a Luma Temtem. There is also a possibility of breeding two Lumas at the same time, which might result in a 1/80 chance in getting Luma offspring. So, in general, breeding is critical cause it allows you to create stronger versions of regular creatures with an opportunity to make them extraordinarily special.



We also have to mention that your Temtems won't be able to breed indefinitely. On their statistics page, you can see a small plant with leaves. It indicates the status of the creature's fertility. Every time you use this Temtem for breeding, one of the leaves becomes darker. When all of the leaves are dark, it cannot be used anymore for the breeding process, and you will have to find a new one.


How to breed in Temtem

To start breeding, you have to get to the second island on the map that's called Omninesia. When you get there, run West until you come across the first grass path and then change your direction to the North. Run forward until you face two large buildings. The one to your right will be the Temtem Breeding Center.

Now that you are inside, it's time to start the process. Go to the nearby NPC and talk to him. He will ask you to pick a breeding pair of two parents for your future egg - compatibility will be crucial at this part. You want to choose two Temtems of the opposing gender but the same element only this way they will be compatible together. If one of the parents has two types of elements, then his partner only has to match one of those. It is essential to note that the female parent Temtem always determines the species of the offspring, and male genes do not affect it by the slightest.

In the Breeding Center, players can store up to three different pairs of Temtem. The process of making a new generation takes around 5 to 10 minutes in real-life (5 for the same species and 10 for those from the different evolutionary line). After that time player can collect the hatching egg that contains the new Temtem. Since the Breeding Center can hold only a single egg to hatch, you will have to take it out before producing a new one. You can hatch eggs in less than an hour.


Inherited values

Here is the list of examples of what newly hatched Temtem baby may inherit from his parents:

  1. Species - The newborn must always be the first form of the evolution of the mother Temtem.
  2. Fertility - The child inherits the lower fertility value from one parent points minus one.
  3. Abilities - The new generation can learn a set of moves based on parents' techniques.
  4. Single Values - Newborn will inherit single values from his parents, depending on what values they have had.
  • There is a 40% possibility that the stats will be the average of both parents' stats.
  • There is a 40% possibility that the new stat will be better than the stat that parents had.
  • There is a 20% possibility that the new stat will be lower than the parents' stats.


  1. Traits - These are, in general, generated randomly, but some items might give guaranteed inheritance.
  2. Luma - Normal breeding gives you a very low chances (1/8000) to get Luma if at least one of the parents is Luma, it grows to 1/800, and if both parents are Luma, then newborn might inherit their Luma at a 1/80 chance.


Creating a perfect Temtem

To breed a Temtem that carries on all of the maximum SVs from his parents, players will have to either get two Temtems that both have perfect stats or use the special items called DNA strands. Those items will lock the parental values of statistics so the new generation will only inherit their stats and not random values. It can be purchased in the Breeding Center for Pansuns. However, these items are very costly, and not everyone can afford them. To use DNA strands, players have to equip them into the parent inventory. There are various versions of this item, and while some of them can secure only one stat, there are also variations that protect two at the same time.

The ideal Temtem should have all 7 of his SVs maximized (maximum is at 50), perfect abilities, and the trait that fits his purpose. The trait could be randomized from all of the possible ones. However, it can also be carried from the parents when the player uses Engineered DNA Strand during the process. With Temtem like this, you will easily win every battle.



In the end, we are sure that the Breeding System in the Crema Studio game is a great feature that allows players to create more powerful versions of their creatures and to experiment with various outcomes. It is also an unparalleled tool for the competitive scene and adventurers who seek to create a perfect Temtem. We hope that our guide has brought you closer to the topic of breeding Temtem species, and you will be able to create your extraordinary creature in the world of Airborne Archipelago.

Crema studio did as good job as Nintendo in implementing breeding system into their game. To put it simply a system that you can view in Temtem is just as good as this that can be found in the Pokémon series. Since it is so well done you can easily use to breed new generations that will join your squad. Temtem is one of the best Pokemon-like releases from long ago and gives an example for the future of this genre. Make sure to try it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to breed two different types of Temtem?

It is not possible - At least one of the elemental types has to match.


Can you get maximum SV from two Temtem that don't have a maximum SV?

Yes, you can. However, it is quite unlikely.


Is there a way to regain lost fertility on the one Temtem?

Sadly, there are currently no ways to do that.


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