SWTOR How to Make Credits - Get Rich in 2020

SWTOR How to Make Credits - Get Rich in 2020
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Hello there, General Kenobi. Today, we will embark on a brand new journey to wealthiness and prosperity in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Let's begin 2020 well enough, to make this entire year something great. The contents of this guide will discuss ways of making credits in SW:TOR 2020, according to the newest expansion Onslaught - on patch 6.1a.

Why do you need credits? It's a silly question. It should be obvious, come on. However, if you don't know - credits give you stability. Stability is a big help. Something goes wrong, you use credits to revert the harm to get what you lost. You really want something, or you simply need something to progress? You buy it. You want to reach the top and watch everyone from a high ground? Stack of money can easily serve as your stairs that go high and beyond. And you will need a lot of credits to reach the top. Let's start teaching you the ways to make a lot of money. And don't worry, we're going to ditch daily heroics (heroic quest). Dailies are simply too obvious.


Find yourself a Good Guild

What exactly is a good guild, and why is it important? A good guild is not a place that's friendly at all times. It's very rare to have a serious guild that is very safe for even the weakest players. It's essentially a machine where all gears are working correctly towards the final goal. A good guild is a place from which those who are not efficient enough and are not willing to work together - are out. It's a harsh reality, but the faster you get that, the better your guild will be, and the better you will be for the guild. You should be challenged by the people from your guild, creating relationships "in the heat of the battle," through resilience, respect, and hard work. It is not a place for quitters. A good guild will usually require you to be better, so pick up your pace and get serious with itm abd you may reach your credit goals on your account.


How can a guild make you money? Your guild has to be active, and its people must be willing to prosper. How do you do that by using a guild? You want a guild that is consistently making conquests and invading planets, these guild quests are very important. Every member of the guild should easily be able to meet their personal conquest points and goals in a good guild. When you complete them, you will get a lot of crafting items necessary for top-tier crafting recipes. Those are very important for the endgame, and they are always in demand. But they are never just available. By selling the Solid Resource Matrix that you get from completing these goals, you will make at least 3 million credits, which is a very nice sum for such an activity. It's a good sale. So invade a planet or two with your guild, this method could really work in your benefit.


What's best is that you can meet those goals on multiple classes and get x times the number of your characters at 75 lvl. Ah, that's the downside, you have to be at level 75 to make some money with this technique. 


But the main reason, you want an active and driven guild, is that everyone works towards completing the Guild Conquest Goals. The best thing will happen when your guild can go for a Large Yield. The reason is simple. After your guild achieves the goal, which is not hard to reach, all you really need is some discipline. Every character that you have in the guild will receive some good thing - also counting in the Solid Resource Matrix. Four of them, to be exact. 


And notice what we said - every character that you have in that guild. Let's say that you have five characters at level 75, and all of them are in your guild. You managed to complete all personal goals, and guild goals were completed at Large Yield as well. You will receive 2 Solid Resource Matrix per every personal goal reached, and each character in the guild will net you 4 Solid Resource Matrix. Each completed goal will grant you 30 Solid Resource Matrix. At least 1,5 Mil Credits a piece. You can sell all of them for 45 Mil, or use them for crafting later on. And these goals can be completed weekly. 45 Mil each week! It's not much when you look at the long game, but it adds up.


And we're only at the first point of this guide. There's much more to talk about!


Sending Companions on Gathering Missions

It's a really powerful way of creating some good and stable income. Anytime you're in the game, it doesn't matter if you are attending a PvP or PvE mission, or if you are just in one of the havens, at all times - you will be able to send your companions so that they can gather some crafting materials. It's entirely passive. All you have to do is just to stay logged in, letting your crew skills work. 


What should you do with the items that they gather? Your MMORPG brain most likely suggests you crafting something valuable so that you can sell it on the market (or cartel market). Now, let's take a look at this.


Sometimes, the items that you craft will double the final product. What does it mean? You get your crafting items. You decide to create an Augment, for example. The crafting finishes, and you created two items. Double the items, double the profit - it's fantastic. However, is it worth it?


When you look at the numbers, it appears to be, that this is not the right way of using your gathered materials. We were shocked as well. It's because most of the time, unless your crafting item has a big boom in the price on the market, you will make way more by just merely selling the crafting materials. The real money is in this business. The best thing about this way of earning credits is that crafting items are always on demand. People create an item, and then - crafting mats are gone. Who is going to supply our demands? Our reader will supply them by sending Companions on Gathering Missions. Simple as that. As for materials themselves - they sell pretty fast.


As for which materials - Scavenging works the best, as there are a lot of mats that will be valuable. Of course, the market will decide which skill is better for gathering valuable materials, but currently - we're having lots of success with this one.



Slicing - Legendary Embers Farming

Slicing is considered one of the best gathering skills to make money. And it's true. You just have to know how to use it properly.


There's no trick to it. All you have to do is to take Slicing to a high level. Having it at 700 is very important. After that, you just send your companions on gathering missions. After you do so, there's a chance that your pals will bring you back some Grade 11 Missions.


It is where the money is hidden. Grade 11 Missions will grant you some nice things when you send your companions to gather you some things. The most important item that you will get from those will be Legendary Ember. You can get between one and seven of those. Very valuable, high demand most of the time, you should just put them on the market. The sheer price value depends on the server, on the players that are willing to sell it, and those who want to use it. Classic Supply & Demand. Basics of a little thing known as the economy.


But you don't have to JUST gather those. For example. If the market twists itself in a particular way, and Grade 11 Mission is cheaper than the average amount of Legendary Embers you get from a single G11M - you should absolutely consider buying that mission from the market to make a profit with some risk. The amount of risk that you will be taking depends on the prices of both items. Let's take an unlikely scenario, where a single G11M is worth as much as 2 Legendary Embers. It puts that risk very low. You can get 1-7 LE from every mission, there's a very high chance that you will make a profit by purchasing Grade 11 Mission from the market. In a scenario where G11M is worth as much as 6 Legendary Embers - it's not worth the risk. You would be better off selling Missions instead of doing them. Never do it mindlessly by just sticking to the guide, it diminishes the rewards. It's a big issue that deserves its own section.



Best Advice - Analyze, Be Aware, and Act

The most valuable thing in this guide, by far. A mindset that will make you money if you take action while being guided by these three little things you see above. You should rarely stick solely to the guide that you are using. Especially when it comes to playing the market in MMORPG games. And there are plenty of reasons why.


Things that good sellers post in guides like ours are temporal. The data and profits that these guides are specifying are relevant only at a specific point in time. And ways of making money will most of the time expire. The more popular is the guide, the faster ways of making money that the guide talks about will become irrelevant. The reason is simple. 

Supply and demand. 

There's an unpopular way of making money, but it's highly profitable. Someone makes a guide about the new technique, more people jump on the bandwagon, suddenly the market is overflowing with an item, and it's more than enough to meet the demands of the market. What happens? The market is oversaturated. The price of an item drops, because there's too much of that item, that can be accessed easily by other players. You just hop on the market, your desired item is on the market at all times, the price drops, you buy for the lowest price possible, and you just go on with your day. Here's a valuable lesson for you - scarcity creates value. As long as you remember that, you will prosper if you take part in some means of activities.


Economy in MMORPGs

Let's look at an example from a different MMO title. Some months ago, this amazing player in Black Desert Online - BladeBoques - had done something incredible when it comes to the market, using his knowledge of the economy. Not only did he revitalize the market, but he also made an insane profit in the process. There is a weapon upgrade item that comes mainly from using a specific life skill, and the chance of obtaining it is really low. There's a very high demand for this item. After adding more ways of getting this item (at small batches, and mediocre chances, but still), the market was overflowing with them, add a special event to that, where players can get this item easily - there's too many to carry. 


Blade bought all of those items. People got a lot of money into their hands, a total of 51 Billion Silver, used to purchase all of those items that were in high supply. The supply dried out, and those items that were high in demand - completely disappeared. The demand got even higher. The price naturally increased over time, and after some time, BladeBoques sold those items that he purchased before - selling them all for 106 Billion. Over 100% increase, it completely revitalized the market, profiting our hero and the player base immensely. It sounds fun. Find some items, make a list, and notice how you can make some bonus profit. You should absolutely watch this video, this might save you some time on understanding this concept in your trading travel. 


Three Major Rules of Money Making

Now let's take a look at what will happen in a reverse scenario. A scenario that will occur when too many people use the same guide to make money. They supply the market with an overflow of a specific item. The price drops; it's no longer profitable to gather this item and put it on the market. If one guy uses this technique - he will make a profit. If a few dozens players use this technique - our first guy will make less profit. Take a thousand guys - the first seller will make almost no profit. It's a harsh reality. 


It brings us to our three valuable things in making a profit in MMORPGs or making it in general. Do your research. Analyze the market and play it, so you find something that is very desirable, yet scarce. Something that costs way more than the price of ingredients used in creation. Comprehend why does that happen, so you know how to use that information. And act upon it. Because, to be honest - guides about making money in a specific way in games will only work as quick and fleeting profit. Of course, it applies to games that have a working central market. You should treat them like hints, and tips instead, especially when it comes to playing the GTN (galactic trade network). When others start reading, doing the exact same specific thing, the best thing goes out of the order, and you have to search for something else. You can be sure it will always be the truth.



Using This Guide Properly

Never try to copy another seller, and never pass on your knowledge to a bigger group of people (give this information only in a closed space of the most trusted friends, who won't spill the beans). It's not a suggestion, it's a command. The more people know about your ways of making money, the more items will be on the market, lowering their value, and your profit. Moreover, even if you are quick - you will not sell all of your items. Because what happens, when there's an overflow - other sellers create a wall that locks you in a particular place for so much time, it's hard to believe. 


Let's say that you wanted to make a profit by selling an item at 200k when the costs of your ingredients were at 150k. Higher price difference - more profit. If more people know about your strat, you will put that item at 150k, and in 5 minutes, there will be dozens of new offers, each going lower and lower - because all other sellers want to sell it as well. If you manage to get into this place - congratulations, call the ambulance, because you've lost the money that you invested, and you will need to get it back. Guess, sometimes, you have to learn on your own mistakes when you want to earn credits.



It is the end of our Star Wars: The Old Republic - How to Make Credits 2020. We hope that our content will help every user of our website, allowing everyone to take advantage of things wrote here. With our guide, you should steadily begin to understand not only the simple ways of making money but maybe even creating your own opportunities to fill up your bank. Of course, this is not exactly enough to make you comprehend all of the data about the economy in online games that use a marketplace system similar to SWTOR. The guide isn't there to solve your problems, or to make you rich. Instead, after reading a guide on making money, you should seek a solution that comes out of your own conclusions. So please - use this guide, and any other credit-making guide as your next stepping stone in your education about the game, economy, and systems tied to it


Of course, to make the most amount of money, and become a billionaire - you will have to invest, to turn your input in the most amount of profit. And you can easily do that right, here, on our website. Proceed to Games > SWTOR Credits to purchase some cheap, quick, and easy money for your space odyssey. See you out there in Space, son!



Is SWTOR related to KOTOR?

Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place approximately three hundred years after KOTOR. Of course, both games share the same universe, and you might actually find some easter eggs related to the older game. But outside of that - the timeline is pretty clear.


How can I build my credit fast?

There are lots of ways of stacking up on credits in your bank. Some of the most effective methods are actually in this guide. And there are many more techniques for making credits that are even better, but those must be found by you. Remember, the fewer people know about the best money-making strategies, the longer the strategies remain the best. You won't accoplish them in days, they're spread across a larger window of opportunity. 


Can I tell my friends about money-making methods? 

You are absolutely free to do so. However, remember that good word can spread pretty fast. Five friends get to know some useful information, they tell their five friends, and then entire guilds know about this. If you want to be a good friend - tell them about the profits. But if you value credits more than your friends - keep your peeps poor. But there's a way around it. When you use one technique - pitch them another one - archaeology for example. Simple as that, albeit it's some mild deception that wild keep people away from your bioware gold


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