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Do you want to improve your Star Wars: The Old Republic game performance? Get items, armor, weapons, create advantages to explore harder zones? You need to buy cheap SWTOR credits we have for sale. You won't need to spend countless hours on typical MMO grind. We offer the in-game currency for the lowest price on the market, short delivery time, and professional service. SellersAndFriends is the best place to buy SWToR Credits. Buying SWToR credits here will not cause problem or players account termination. We have 5,5 thousands satisfied customers, with large number of them being happy SWToR credits buyers. Read opinions about our offers on Facebook and TrustPilot (link below). We will add order bonus to every purchase. Everyone can benefit- just create an account.

Buy Swtor Credits - how to place an order?

How to buy cheap SWToR Credits

  1. Pick the SWToR credits quantity to buy, or the amount of USD to spend
  2. Choose from 200 payment methods (payment methods include PayPal or credit card)
  3. Check the contact form on the next page
  4. Verify the order preview; make sure everything is correct (SWToR Credits quantity, server, email, payment method, price) before acceptance
  5. Complete payment
  6. Wait for a Live Agent to take you through the rest of the process.

Credits will be delivered to your Star Wars: the Old Republic account immediately after the payment. G2A PAY provides with the payment security technology.

Buy SWTOR Credits - Why Sellers And Friends above other sellers?

Instant game swtor credits delivery

Best delivery time and method on market. We can deliver your order in a matter of 120 seconds after the payment during business hours. Our page is working for 18 hours each day, you can expect almost an instant delivery of your item. The time zone is London, United Kingdom. Outside of work time, we guarantee to complete the order within 24 hours. No way any seller comes even close.

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Bonus to orders. We add 1% bonus to all trades at SellersAndFriends. You only need to sign up; we will take care of the rest. The bonus is leveling up to a 5% by trading a lot of Star Wars: the Old Republic credits or other currency.

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Safety is key. SellersAndFriends offers SWToR game credits currency made by honest players who have spent their time farming SWToR credits. Every currency we have in stock - gold, silver, flux, credits - was legally acquired, and you won't risk a thing buying here. We don't sell products or things of unknown origin or from illegal leveling. Over 5,500 satisfied users and many positive customers ratings on TrustPilot (all rights reserved) are proof of security (link below).

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Live Chat Support will guide you through the SWTOR credits buying process with all the help necessary. A team of professionals can answer your queries about the order or offers. Contact us via a chat message and we'll reply. Our customer service is online, even during weekend. We hustle to ensure the best possible trading service, product quality, and smooth transactions. English language sergice only. 

About Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Online (all rights reserved) is an MMORPG game based on a Star Wars universe that became a cult with billions of fans. This MMO game was developed by BioWare in 2008. The game features eight classes with different story lines that unfold once player characters levels up. In the game, the player can join both sides of the conflict - Sith and galactic Republic. Each class has a unique playstyle and skill set to help during the journey through the galaxy. Besides the standard Old Republic credits, you can get a Cartel Coins - a premium subscribers money in this game. Do you want to defeat the great Sith Empire? Or maybe you enjoy the concept of joining the dark side of the Force? You can't fill your plan with empty pockets. 

Why buy SWToR credits? The reason is simple - it's faster. For a price of few dollars, you get an addition of credits, whereas you'd have to grind lots of loot and waste time. You can't buy time.


About us

Choose SellersAndFriends - the best seller, the lowest prices, the fastest services. In-game money we have for sale - Republic Credits - can be delivered to you. Credits are the gold of SWToR. Put them in the shopping cart and have your order completed. Every customer at our web site can become the greatest Sith or Jedi. If you want to trade in-game items, coins, credits, or sell gold or services, contact us or our partners, namely MMOAuctions (all rights reserved) with their content - guides, newsletter, and other goods from many MMOs games. Every member will find something for himself.

Check our property trademarks - Live Stock (copyright) and 120-seconds delivery guarantee time. If you want to know more about ways of deliveries, buyer protections, others offers, money back information, privacy policy, cookies settings, credits orders, members account changes, buyers protection, orders delivery speed, refunds, games orders, payments - our support guarantee to provide you with required information. We have uncomparable player service when buying game credits with Live Stock (copyright) ensuring 2-minute delivery.

Make a deliberate choice while buying SWToR credits from us. We don't have the tools to track down the exploits, which is why we do not grant any refund demands in the case of frame. Under any circumstances do not share your password, character name, email address, or any other credentials. We are a reliable seller with unquestionable reputation, tried and trusted, safe, fast delivery methods. We do not take responsibility for any account termination. 


May the force of credits be with You in the new Star Wars: the Old Republic expansion event prepared by BioWare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

buy swtor credits faq
  1. Is it possible to improve the first credits bonus?

    Yes, it is. You can reach up to 5% additional credits from your purchases.

  2. Is it safe way to buy credits at SellersAndFriends?

    We offer only hand made money by true players with honest method, so yes. Our SWTOR Credits are safe.

  3. What is the next step after payment?

    Our Live Agent will contact you after the payment is through to finish the SWTOR Credits transaction. You can talk to him before the credits  deal via Live Chat. No names, face to face delivery.

  4. Do I have to buy SWToR premium?

    Everyone can still play for free without access to some features. Premium account is a gamers world gold card giving advantages.

  5. What if I want to buy higher quantity of SWToR credits?

    Contact us on Live Chat or place a reminder in mailbox, and we'll make arrangements as for the quantity.

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