SWTOR Credits farming - Get rich in no time with these methods!

SWTOR Credits farming - Get rich in no time with these methods!
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Players familiar with BioWare game - Star Wars: The Old Republic are also usually familiar with money-making (or Credit Farming) methods available in this title. However, since not all of them are obvious, we want to dig a little deeper into this topic and show you how you can make credits in SWTOR. Whether you are an experienced player or the one that just began exploring, this article will guide you through the topic of increasing profits. Without further ado, let's get into it.


Heroic Missions

Heroic Missions are regular quests with more serious difficulty that give better rewards for completion. These missions usually come in a group difficulty that requires 2, 3, or even 4 players and cannot be finished alone. It is an excellent opportunity to earn Credits if you are at the max level. With the proper equipment, Heroics can be completed quickly, adding a decent sum to the character's net worth. If you want to focus on this way of making a profit, make sure to complete all side quests available in the Heroic zone.

It is also worth pointing out that if your character has already reached level 60, you will receive Alliance Crates for your effort. Alliance Specialists will be happy to take those from you, and as a token of their appreciation, you will receive a Box of Goodies. Most of the rewards that come from those cannot be sold to other players, but vendors will give you a couple of credits for them. Depending on what you have received, it might be just unworthy trash that has to go straight to the NPC's or a valuable companion gift that's worth 100k. In the end, Heroic Missions might feel grindy in the long run, but they are one of the best ways to make money in the game as for today.

  • The best combat-related money-maker in the game
  • Fun and enjoyable on the beginning
  • Quite grindy and repetitive in the long run



Crafting is a decent way to earn large amounts of credit, which doesn't involve the Galactic Trade Network. You won't be able to get millions right away; however, with a good investment, you can make millions within a day. The biggest issue with this method is that you will have to maximize your Crafting skill beforehand. That requires not only funds that will allow you to buy necessary resources but also the time for the process of leveling. Because of that, this method won't provide suitable enough profits to new players. These might look for other ways of making Credits like putting Archeology and Slicing to good use. With the two mentioned skills, they might be able to collect some mats on their own, which can be used to Craft new things or sold at GTN for a fair price. Crafted goods will give you better profit per material than raw resources that you can collect. Make sure to get some points in your professions to a point when you will be able to make really profitable items and equipment pieces.

  • Requires time and Credit investment to max profession
  • Gives a possibility of a high income daily can be repetitive


Galactic Command Crates

At level 70, players can start collecting Galactic Command Crates that award Command Tokens when opened. These are used in gear upgrading and in purchasing buffs. With the use of them, you can also buy Lokath Recombinators to sell it on GTN for a fair price. It won't provide you with daily income, but all in all, it will add to your Credit stack. Since this item is handy for Crafting purposes, it will sell very quickly so you won't waste your time waiting for trades to go through.

  • Requires level 70
  • Provides a little bit of steady but not a daily income
  • Is an easy method to get some profit


Rotating events

Events like Bounty Week and Rakghoul Resurgence can be a great way to make additional profit. Each event has its currency, which can be used to buy various items. Those items usually can be traded to NPC for some credits. It is possible to make millions on events since items available from them are typically restricted only to certain times of the year. Because of that, players will often spend large amounts of Credits to get them without effort. It creates an opportunity for those willing to work hard for the mentioned goods. Since the greatest loot very often requires days of item collecting and constant repetition of boring quests - people get discouraged during the grind. Because of that, others can make even more from events.

  • Great way to get rich in a short amount of time
  • Usually less time consuming than other methods
  • Available only during specific periods



Last but not least, we have the best money-maker in every online game where the global market exists. Luckily, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, there is the Galactic Trade Network, which serves that purpose. The term "Flipping" refers to buying items for less and selling them for more to create a profit margin. It can be done when items are crushing in price so they can be sold when they will become expensive once again or just daily for a smaller profit.

Flipping, unlike most methods, requires an initial investment. It's up to you how much you want to start with. Keep in mind, though, that the more you will invest, the more you will be able to earn. If you are not experienced player, and you don't know exact prices just yet, then trade only items that don't fluctuate in prices too harshly like crafting materials or consumables. More advanced Force users can try to flip high-level gear and rare items. They will be much more expensive, and their prices will allow you to gain more profit; however, their market is volatile, and you can lose Credits if you aren't patient enough. In general, Flipping will allow you to make more Credits than any other method in the game with a little bit of investment and basic knowledge about the market.

  • Best way to earn credits in the game
  • Requires investment and market knowledge
  • Involves some risk of losing Credits with wrong investments



Our guide on how to earn credits in SWTOR ends here, but your reading can continue. If you want to expand your knowledge and become better in games that you play, we offer a wide variety of guides and articles from various multiplayer online games on our blog page. You can find more ways to farm credits, read about Crew Skills, improve your GTN Game, see what's Cartel Market, and what is available in Activities Window. Check out all articles and see for yourself how you can step up the game today. 

Say what you want but always keep in mind that you can learn more by reading than by playing on your own. Please check out our quest guides and tips on how to get cxp from crafted goods. A wide variety of articles await your attention. See what we have in stock on the blog page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much money does SWTOR make?

By selling SWTOR Credits at Sellers and Friends website, you can make hundreds of dollars.

What is the Credit Cap in SWTOR?

One million credits is the goal that you can have on one character.

What are Heroic Missions in SWTOR?

They are Missions of greater difficulty with better rewards and tougher enemies.

What is the SWTOR Credit Escrow?

When you are not a subscriber of SWTOR, and you have surpassed Credit Cap, your Credits will go to Escrow, where they will be kept until you purchase your subscription.


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