STO Credits - Save the World Thanks to This Currency, Captain!

STO Credits - Save the World Thanks to This Currency, Captain!
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Being part of a Star Trek crew is one of the most exciting things that every fan of this incredible franchise can experiment with. To be successful with your ship and defend the universe, you will need Star Trek Online Energy Credits. Regarding this, in this article, you will learn:

  • How to earn Credits; 
  • What you can do with STO Credits;
  • Where and how to buy STO Credits.

In the first part of this article, we address general aspects of STO Credits, what are the most profitable ways to earn them according to our judgment. In the second part, we talk about the best websites where you can buy Energy Credits. 


Table of contents:

What the Star Trek Energy Credits Are?

How to Earn STO Credits Within the Game

Running Missions

Selling Common Quality Duty Officers


Tour the Galaxy (Daily)

Can I Buy Star Trek Online Energy Credits?

How Does The Delivery System Work

Is It Safe To Buy STO Credits?

STO Energy Credits Conclusions






What the Star Trek Energy Credits Are?

Star Trek Online Credits in Sellers and Friends

Star Trek Energy Credits is the main currency in STO. Users can use this currency to purchase new ships when they reach a new level, new weapons for ground and space, shields, deflectors, and others.  

Something fundamental we must know about Star Trek Online Credits is that they cannot be transferred to other players via email but through trading, fleet bank, or account bank. 

On the PC version of STO, the cap for Credits for gold accounts is 2 billion. For a silver account, the cap is 15 million Credits. 

For Xbox and PS4 versions, the ceiling for Credits is 2 billion for both accounts.  


How to Earn STO Credits Within the Game

Like every MMORPG game, several categories obtain Energy Credits, including competing missions and selling items such as weapons and armors to merchants. Now we address the most relevant.


Running Missions

Buy STO Credits Admiralty

This method is not recommended for characters less than level 50 (when you are an admiral). 

  • Missions episodes. Select episodes and missions and complete them one by one. In missions episodes, you come across the enemy, and the enemy drops loot. The idea here is to sell the products you get in the Exchange for a good EC number. 
  • Duty officers assignment missions - time spent 2 minutes - In the current map, you can start dozens of missions that offer STO Credits as a reward for completing. 1,000 EC on average.
  • Admiralty assignment missions - time spent 2 minutes - For a critical result, you can obtain 70,000 Energy Credits each. 
  • Foundry Farming missions - time spent 5/10 minutes - Click on Hail Starfleet again and head to Foundry. Then write ‘farming’ in the title search box. Now you will have a list of current missions about defeating enemies for some loot. Sell this loot in the Exchange for STO Credits. 


Selling Common Quality Duty Officers

Star Trek Energy Credits duty officers

White duty officers are required if you want to upgrade the facilities of your starbase. For this reason, common quality duty officers are in high demand most of the time. Just post your specialized officers on the Exchange at an average price. You can find out the average price by checking the other seller's offers. 

Note. Civilians don't sell so well; thus, you have to drop the price. 10,000 STO Credits is a good enough amount of money for each civilian.



Star Trek Online Energy Credits The Exchange

This is one of the most common ways to get any kind of currency in MMORPGs. STO Credits is not the exception.

Buying low and selling high can give you a good profit in terms of Credits if you know what item exactly you must buy and when to sell it. For this reason, it may be a little risky. 

The secret in flipping is quantity. You will receive lots of Credits if you buy a bulk of something (materials, mainly) and offer it on the Exchange. 


Tour the Galaxy (Daily) 

Star Trek Online Credits Tour the Galaxy

To earn STO Energy Credits, dailies are missions repeatable every 20 hours that are perfect for getting Dilithium Ore, Fleets Marks, and Reputation Marks as rewards. 

Tour the galaxy is a race against the clock because the moment you choose to start it, you have 15 minutes to complete it. 

Regarding Tour the Galaxy, this is one of the oldest missions on STO. You will receive around 25,000 STO Credits for visiting each system, depending on your level. If your level is below 15, you will receive 10,000, even less. 

We recommend you to visit eighteen sectors because when you finish the number 18 you will receive 100,000 STO Credits as a reward for touring the galaxy. 


Can I Buy Star Trek Online Energy Credits?

On the Internet, there are several platforms in which the player can trade STO Credits, items, and all in-game goods they want. Regarding Star Trek Online Credits, the following are the most reliable.

Buy STO Credits PlayerAuctions

One the most famous auction websites on the Internet and a safe online marketplace. Here you can sell and buy STO Credits, accounts, power-leveling services, and others. For buying STO Credits on this web page, just follow the following 5 steps:

  • Select the game and the service you want to buy. Check the STO Credits prices. Then select the offer that you are interested in. Click ‘BUY NOW.’
  • Register for free. Fill the registration form with your username, email, password, etc. This information request is for buyers and sellers of STO Credits. 
  • Check out and pay. Give your in-game username or character name and leave a message telling a location where the seller can find you and complete the delivery. Then choose the payment method. The payment methods available are PayPal, GoCoin, Neteller, Skrill, Discover, or Credit Card.
  • Sit back and wait for the seller to deliver the STO Credits. The seller will contact you through an on-site message. Login and check your inbox to arrange the delivery.
  • Confirm the delivery and let the seller get paid. The seller won’t receive the money until you confirm the STO Credits transaction. Just log on to your game account and ensure everything is there. Then complete the delivery and confirm the STO Credits order.

Buy STO Credits MMOGA

This is a great shop that is continuously being updated with the best offers of the latest games. The purchase method on this website is very similar to the previous one.

  • Select the game, the server, and the offer. Click on ’BUY.’ You need to insert an item name (the seller will buy you this item from the Auction House), the price of STO Credits, and the used game client language. 
  • Check the information of the STO Credits transaction and check out. 
  • Create your free account with your data, your postal address, and a password.
  • Select your payment method. Depending on the product in the shopping cart, the platform will offer you different payment methods. You can choose between Paysafecard, Skrill, Paypal, Sofort Banking, and credit cards. Then confirm the order. 
  • The seller will complete the delivery. Check you have the STO Credits on your in-game account. Finally, the transaction and that the order is completed. 




Note. Both websites will charge you a little fee for any transaction you make. 


How Does the Delivery System Work?

Mainly, the delivery system works face to face. The seller will meet you in the in-game place you indicated and give you the STO Credits orders. 

This is the safest method to receive millions of STO Credits. 

Another very popular way is that the seller buys a thing you post on the markets. As it is possible to check the name of the user who posts that offer and the high price, it will be straightforward for the seller to find the offer. 


Is It Safe to Buy STO Credits?

In general, buying items on sale, services, and currencies on the Internet is secure, but you have to keep in mind some keys.

  • Only buy from more than proven and professional sites. Check the experience and feedback that other customers have left. 
  • Never share your personal or account information with anyone.  
  • Check the success rate of the STO Credits sellers.
  • Make sure the website in question uses anti-scam software. 
  • Read the safety guidelines and refund conditions to make sure you can get your money back in the event of any mishap.


STO Energy Credits Conclusions

Star Trek Energy Credits is essential to reach main goals and upgrade your performance in this game, purchasing new ships and weapons and increasing the capacity of your fleet. Getting STO Credits is not an arduous task, but it takes a lot of time. For this reason, it is better to buy it directly on professional platforms. Besides, you can get a massive discount by the way.


Buy Star Trek Online Energy Credits

Thanks for reading until this point, Payoneer. We hope this STO Credits guide has been to your liking. Remember, we are here to help you and solve the gaming needs of the people.

For news and more content and details, follow us on social media, a unique place for MMO fans, and become a member of our community. 

If you have additional questions about STO Credits, use the box below, contact our customer support or use the live chat. 

Now you and the members of your crew are ready to engage!

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What is the Best Way to Earn STO Energy Credits?

Selling the loot you have in stock on the Exchange is a very profitable way. For such purposes, complete missions and get the loot the enemies leave. Now, instead of fighting fodder in a bid to grow your position, it could be better if you buy STO Credits on the web. 


Can I Get Banned for Buying Energy Credits in STO Game?

It is very rare for someone to get banned for buying STO Credits. Perhaps, if you buy an infinite line of STO Credits, you can be banned, but it is improbable. 


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