RS3 Money Making - the best ways to get rich in RuneScape3!

RS3 Money Making - the best ways to get rich in RuneScape3!
RuneScape 3

RuneScape. The incredible saga that conquered the hearts of millions of players all over the world. This phenomenal MMORPG was an absolute bomb back in the day, and it still is. RuneScape has one of the biggest fan bases in gaming history. You can find all kinds of RuneScape merch, documentaries, mods, cheats, even entire economies based on the in-game currencies that can be found in this video game. It is why the term RuneScaping became so popular among PC games that didn't know what this title was about.

We can safely say RuneScape is more than just a video game. It's a movement, a feeling, a marvelous work of art. It might not have the best graphical engine nor the best sound department, but the stories that can be lived when making your way through the world of Gielinor. Millions of players understand the magic behind RuneScape and are constantly sharing information that other users can watch later so they can progressively become better players.

It's a loving community, that's for sure, but it is also a very competitive one. That's why the PvP is so good, and the PvE also has its magic. However, just like in real life, players need money to progress in the dangerous lands of these kingdoms. It is why RS3 money making is an important activity that needs to be completed by every single RS3 player.

Without money, your gaming progression can be profoundly affected. Money making in RuneScape is something that you may know how to perform since the first day you start playing. You can watch a lot of money making methods videos, but what's going to give you the experience you need in this guide.


Table of contents

Getting started

RS3 currencies

RuneScape Gold

Low-leveled gold-makers

Harvesting cursed energy

Killing chickens

Collecting bananas

Best gold-making methods

Cleansing herbs

Crafting cosmic runes

Crafting Fruitfall

Superheating the Runite Ore

Tanning Leather

Making Mud Runes

Herb Runs




Getting started at the fine art of RuneScape money making

We are Sellers and Friends, a platform aware of the players' needs and requirements. We are veteran players just like you, and we absolutely love RuneScape. We are as committed to this game as you are, so if you need anything else regarding the RuneScape universe, don't hesitate to contact us. So, enough chit-chat! Let's start making money in RuneScape. 

In a few words, we can state that it is impossible to fly before learning how to walk when we talk about RS money making methods. You may come across some videos to guide you if you search well enough, but these videos will show less information than you actually need.

It is why we have this guide written for you! Forget about losing hours looking for the best money making method. We will reveal all the secrets you need to fulfill this activity properly. So let's sink directly into this matter right away.


Let's talk about RS3 currencies

The realm of Gielinor is full of secrets and wonderful activities to perform. There are also various kinds of currencies, but it's more than obvious that gold stands out. This money-making guide was made for getting GPs sooner than ever, but we also should know all of the other currencies so that we don't get confused along the way.

Some minigames have specific kinds of currencies that can only be earned and spent inside them so that we won't talk about them for now. Don't lose the focus, and let's get into the world of the RS in-game currencies.


  • Archery ticket: this form of currency can only be used in the Ranging Guild, also known as the Archer Guild. It can be exchanged for goods from the Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange, but don't expect it to work elsewhere. To be honest, this isn't one of the most useful currencies out there. Try restarting your priorities and look for gold instead!
  • Rusty coins: just as the Smuggler will say to you, "they are worth nothing." This form of currency can be obtained in Dungeoneering to buy items from the Smuggler. They can't be used elsewhere, so if you have some of these rusty coins remaining, be sure to spend them all!
  • Trading Sticks: we may safely say it is the second most valuable currency in the game. Unlike other forms of currencies, trading sticks can be used to buy and sell items in multiple places of the RuneScape lands. It does not mean they are as valuable as gold, but they are surely better than the rusty coins and so on.
  • Zemomark: they are used to buy items in New Varrock. There are multiple methods to gain Zemomarks, but they will depend on each player's time and resources. Either way, you may spend them as much as you like, but you won't be able to store them. So before you decide to go with the farming methods, keep in mind that you need to get rid of them asap.
  • Chronotes: this currency is used in the Archaeology skill. Thus it can only be spent in the Archaeology Guild Shop. This tradeable currency will grant you lots of fun while you make them, so even though it is not as important as gold, you will still need it somehow.


RuneScape 3 Gold - the true ruler of these lands

Without money, also known as coins or gold pieces, players couldn't have a chance in this competitive environment. We can categorically say the RuneScape currency is more powerful than many other real-life currencies worldwide. The economy established around this game is vigorous, even with its ups and downs.

Legitimate inflation and deflation have been experienced by the players over the course of years, making us feel obligated to take a deep look at this phenomenon. If you want to forget about the extensive process of making RuneScape 3 gold, Sellers and Friends can help you achieve your goals in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, let's say you have enough time to invest looking for precious gold, then you can see the best methods to produce gold in this guide.


Low-leveled money maker? Don't worry!

Like everything in life, you usually start at the bottom and make your progress with hard work. Don't feel bad if your character is too weak. We assure you that you'll climb to the mountain top sooner than you believe. It is true that you won't have the same possibilities of making money than experienced players, but you'll learn how important it is to have sweet gold. So, if you are ready to start a fresh account, follow these ways to assure your path to greatness.

This RS3 money making guide was created for every kind of player, so worry not if you believe you won't have access to these methods if you are recently starting in the RuneScape world.


Harvesting cursed energy

Member-only: yes.

It is where every RuneScape newbie starts. You don't need anything to start harvesting this energy! Every new player can do it without limitations. The profit is good, but it will depend on your Divination level. The only "bad" thing we can state about this method is the very high risk that it represents. There will always be players looking to kill you because harvesting only takes place in level 25 Wilderness, specifically in the multi-combat area.

You can also get Cursed energy by converting cursed memories and enriched cursed memories, but getting them won't be an easy task for you. Convert all collected memories into energy, head back to Edgeville, and then turn the cursed energy you got into incandescent energy. Then, the incandescent energy can be sold for 291 Gold each, meaning a really high profit for the player performing this money making method.

Always keep in mind the fact that you are playing in the Wilderness. If you die, you will lose everything! Keep the eyes open to prevent Player Killers from taking your life. If you are killed, you will lose your items forever - neither Death nor your grave will help you recover them.


Killing Chickens

Member-only: no.

Everybody can kill chickens! It is a common activity performed by every RS3 player at least once in their life. It is fun to kill chickens from time to time, but don't make this a regular behavior of yourself. Chickens don't fight back, and we get it, but still! However, no one can deny the profitability of making money by killing some chickens. You can find them at the Fred The Farmer's farm along with multiple eggs spawns. Besides, new players will get familiar with the combat system, so it's a win-win situation. Additionally, if you bury the bones dropped by the chickens, you can increase your Prayer experience a lot. Be sure to gather the feathers and eggs too. They may be useful in the near future.


Collect some bananas!

Member-only: yes.

It is one of the safest methods to make gold easy and risk-free. Before doing this, be sure to have the Amulet of Glory, Ring of Duelling, and some baskets. The baskets are necessary to collect more bananas and increase your profit per hour. The Amulet of Glory allows users to teleport to multiple locations where the bananas can be quickly found.

Musa Point is the absolute best place to do this due to the presence of a banana plantation, which is very convenient for this process. To make this farm a lot more efficient, remember to bring 23 empty baskets so you can collect enough bananas. Only five bananas can grow on a single tree. Also exactly five bananas fit into a basket. When your baskets are already full, you will get enough money for them. Easy, quick, and profitable!


The ultimate money making methods

Okay, so let's get straight to the point. This guide to make money was created with the sole purpose of helping everyone to accomplish this hard but necessary task. Many video games get us involved in magical worlds where fun is the main goal, but in RS3, it goes far beyond that. Creating a guide like this is only achievable by true video game lovers, just like you, just like us, just like every Rune Scape 3 player in the world! So these are the absolute best methods to make your golden dreams come true.


Cleansing herbs

Member-only: yes.

This is kind of repetitive, we know it. But this works for everyone, everywhere, every time. It doesn't matter if your skills are not that developed; all you need to do is find the herb that profits the most for the whole cleaning process. It is impossible to correctly perform this if you don't have the Herblore Cape. Thus it is better if you achieve level 99 in the skill. The main issue with this method is the fact that you need to make a starting investment of money to purchase the grimy herbs to clean. Hence, if you have zero gold, you won't start cleaning herbs immediately.


Crafting Cosmic Runes

Member-only: yes.

Certain skills can be used to make gold in RS3, such as the runecrafting skill. The first thing you need to do is fill your inventory with a lot of pure essences, fill your runecrafting pouches, summon familiar till the brim and brace yourself. At the same time, you run into the dangerous Wilderness. Be prepared - it won't be easy to make your way to the abyss. Afterward, find the cosmic hole, enter it and craft your runes near the altar portal. YOu then teleport to Edgeville bank and repeat this process till you want. It sounds complicated, we know it, but it's worth every second. However, players require high runecrafting love so they can complete this high-risk method.


Casting Fruitfall

Member-only: yes.

The vast history of Rune Scape is full of sensational events that changed this video game history course. As you might expect, gold making doesn't escape this. Casting the fruitful special attack to earn gold is one of the most iconic methods available. It is relatively easy to complete. All you need to start is summon the Fruit Bat (you'll first require level 69 summoning) and then spam the special attack button to pick any papaya fruit that is dropped near you. Remember to have the "area loot setting" on so you can maximize your profit per hour. This method can easily get you upwards 2.5 million gold per hour! You may need to watch a video or two so you can better understand this process, but the time invested will be worth it.


Superheat the Runite Ore

Member-only: no.

This money making method is very simple. You don't need member access to do this, although you already know member access significantly improves the Rune Scape experience. Either way, you only need to cast the Superheat spell on the runite ore in your inventory repeatedly. That's it. Besides, this method will also grant you Smithing and Magic experience so you can level up faster. It might be a little boring, but it's gold. You can invest some hours of your life in doing this if you please. This guide was made for all kinds of players, so don't worry.


Tanning leather

Member-only: yes.

The various types of dragon leathers vary their profitability depending on the time. Remember that the RuneScape economy is very volatile so that it might be up and down from time to time. Tanning leather is an activity that increases your crafting level, and at the same time, it grants you lots of gold so that it can be really profitable. Set up a bank present with your character's inventory full of the respective dragon hide and tan them. The best part? Up to 5 million gold per hour with no stats!


Making Mud Runes

Member-only: yes.

This method might sound basic at first, but it is definitely one of the best. The main goal here is to create mud runes at the altar near the lumber yard. Enter the altar, equip the steam battlestaff, and cast the "Magic Imbue" spell to create the mud runes. You will need level 14 runecrafting at least, but to achieve the full potential of this method we highly recommend level 82 magic and 90 runecrafting. It is kind of hard to get to these levels, we know it, but if you properly fulfill these tasks you'll earn upwards of 7 million gold per hour! So far, it's just one of the best ways of making the precious golden currency.


The classic Herb Runs

Member-only: yes.

If you are a true RS player, then you know what Herb Runs are. First of all, let's keep in mind it is essentially a farming method. We won't talk about RuneScape farmer's bots, but there are certain ways to farm faster than you can. The magic about Herb Runs is the fact that if you do it at least a few minutes every day, you will certainly get gold to enhance your gaming experience. When you first start playing this video game, you'll realize the always-increasing need to plant herbs!

Your herb patches need to be constantly visited so your farming level increases, but you can't plant herbs just for the sake of plating them, be sure to check which are the most profitable herbs so you can properly focus on them. This method is hard and requires an extra level of dedication, but it can give you up to 10 million gold per hour. Of course, if you don't pay enough attention to your patches forget about getting gold.


The best RuneScape 3 gold making method: Flipping

We have come a long way of coins producing methods, but you now deserve to know the absolute best way to do this: flipping. Flipping is the most widely used way of obtaining gold in this video game. It’s not an easy process, but it certainly is the most rewarding of them all. The pleasantest thing about flipping is that it can be performed by any player regardless of the level they have. The skills don't matter either; all you need to do is have some conventional understanding of the supply and demand process. Everybody can become a merchant in RuneScape, but some rules need to be followed before performing this subject correctly.

The basis of flipping consists of purchasing commonly traded items such as magic logs, sharks, and nature runes and then selling them for a higher price. We need to repeat ourselves once more, but this is an extremely fundamental matter: RuneScape economy is like a roller coaster. Maybe that dragon bone you have somewhere will be better priced in some months, maybe it won't.

So the core of the business here is finding out profitable flipping items. If you feel helpless and don't know where to start, the best course of action for you would be to check the skills tab of other players and look at what's hot right now. Price check random items and try to calculate the margins until you find a considerable profit margin that works for you.

You may also take a closer look at the monthly game updates to see which items are best for the flipping purpose. The price of the items will be profoundly affected by each update, but the updates are usually considered as a higher risk factor in the market due to the chance for a large profit loss. Unlike other video games, there's nothing certain about RS economy.

We are not saying that from one day to another, you are going to lose it all due to inflation. It shouldn’t happen, but your items can surely lose their value without notice. If you are focused enough, you can generate a decent amount of gold in the long run. However, the best way to get better at flipping is by acquiring experience, and this can only be achieved if you play the video game long enough while you follow this guide step by step.



You now have all the tools you need to create your own path of making sweet RS 3 cash. Nobody can deny the huge importance that Rune Scape gold has in the overall progress of the game. This guide reveals all the secrets needed to become the best RuneScaper of them all. This won't be easy, but nothing easy is really worth it. This game has so many stories to be told that there are maybe new ways of making gold that we still haven't heard about.

It is why Sellers and Friends constantly encourage our readers to go beyond this guide and find new information to climb to the absolute throne. Either way, we will always be right by your side to help you overcome all of the difficult challenges that may appear. But remember, no real progress will be made if you don't focus on earning precious gold.



What is the fastest way to make money in RuneScape?

Collecting bananas and killing chickens are some of the quickest ways to make gold, but they are not the most profitable of them all. It is why you should focus on efficiency instead of speed.


Where can I play RuneScape 3?

Rune Scape 3 is available for PC users all over the world.


Is RuneScape 3 free-to-play?

Well, in a way it is. Still, the Member Subscription (monthly fee) unlocks some of the best experiences of the game, but you can still play it without paying if you want to.



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