Herblore Training RS3 - become a great artisan of potions!

Herblore Training RS3 - become a great artisan of potions!
RuneScape 3


Important things to know about Herblore

How to make potions?

How to train Herblore?

Some useful items to get more Hbr experience

What quests can I do to get Herblore experience?

How to get herbs and other ingredients

Chaos Druid Tower

How to make prayer renewals, holy overloads and other goods potions?




RuneScape 3 has become one of the most popular games in the entire world. It has even gone on to compete with WoW for first place in the world's most popular game. But if you are a fan of this game, then you already knew. RuneScape, like every MMORPG, has a lot of ingredients, skills, jobs, quests, classes, and an incredible world with a lot of landscapes, different areas, corners, etc. But this game has a very particular skill (if we can say it like this), and this is Herblore. In this guide, Herblore Training RS3, you will have to learn how to use it. 

Herblore is the art of making potions, a critical art within RuneScape. And like any skill, you have to train to become a master. Until here, this is not much different from any skill or job of any MMO. But, in this case, Herblore has a lot of edges and possibilities.


Important things to know about herblore training rs3

First of all, this ability is just available to members. That is to say, users who have paid their subscription to have access to the complete version of the game. RS3 has more than twenty millions of users (60.000 connect daily, even 120.000), so many of them use this skill regularly. Unlike Herblore OSRS, this ability on RuneScape 3 can be leveled up faster. 

Training Herblore is relatively easy but expensive. It is because all the ingredients you need to make potions are scarce and expensive. And as you can deduce, and as happens in most MMORPGs, there are two ways to obtain experience in Herblore on RS. The first way is directly buying all the necessary ingredients to make potions. The second way is gathering these same ingredients. To carry out the first one, you have to spend a lot of money. The second one requires a lot of time. What resources are most important to you? We know that there exist two types of players: who love to gather crafting materials, and who love to buy all these materials and save time.

Today, there are more than 200.000 members who have reached level 99 in this skill. On the other hand, there are only 5,000 members who have achieved level 120 herblore. It says a lot of this ability and its training.


How to make potions?

It is the tough part. There are several ways to get experience in this field, and it is up to you to decide which one fits your style of gaming. The most common way to get experience is by cleaning the Grimy herbs. Sadly, there is no default way to do this, let alone an autoplay. To clean them, you have to click on the herb. This action will profit you just with a little experience, but something is better than nothing. At this point, it is necessary to mention that only cleaned herbs are useful to make potions. Furthermore, almost all herbs are obtained in this state. Most of the players don't prefer to clean herbs by themselves, so they buy them.

One of the essential objects on this ability are the Vials since these are used to make and store potions. Also, they can be used to fill them with water. You can buy them or craft them by yourself. Once you have these vials, so now you can prepare potions.

Basically, there are two steps when you prepare any potion, each of these combining separate elements. The first step is to add a fundamental ingredient, like a herb, to a vial, the one we mentioned before. In this way, you are going to produce an unfinished potion. This action will give you 1 point of experience. To save money making this process, we recommend you to get free vials from a portable well. The second step is mixing a secondary ingredient to the base, the unfinished potion, to make a complete potion. With this new ingredient, you will be able to make many different potions that you can sell on the market or drink. It is good that you know it is the best way to get experience and reach a new level. Also, each potion requires a minimum of the Herblore level to be able to make it.

Other way to make potions, although not very well known, is Decanting. This process is about mixing different doses of the same type of potion to make a bigger potion. In addition to this, there are several ways to obtain experience in this field. Next, you can see we have content for you, a Herblore guide that, just like an OSRS Herblore guide, will help you gain some experience in an easy way.


How to train Herblore?

This little guide contains a few tips to add to the experience of making potions.

  • One of the most common methods to obtain some high-level herbs (at the same time, one of the most difficult) is to kill monsters with the Slayer skill. With this skill, you will be able to kill monsters that are immune to damage. You have to be a member to get this ability. Many of these monsters drop high-level herbs but at a very low drop rate.
  • A free way, but also dangerous, is taking part in Wilderness Warbands. Wilderness Warbands are just for members. These camps are designed specifically to obtain great experience in Construction, Mining, Smithing, Farming, and Herblore. Anyway, we have to say that the fights that take place in this option are really risky. If you are going to be part of them, go with all possible precautions.
  • Leveling up Herblore from level 1 to level 99 will cost you no less than 270,000,000 gold if you take the first way that we were talking before, that is to say, if you buy all the vials, herbs, pay for cleaning them and all the other ingredients.
  • A great way to gain a lot of experience in this skill is by doing Daily Challenges. You may not be able todo them all, but these challenges reward you with additional experience and, in general, it's just about making some potions or cleaning fifteen or twenty herbs. If you love to do repetitive tasks, this is for you. In addition to this, to train on a double XP weekend (DXP) is another great way to save time and reduce the cost of preparing some potions, such as combination potions, super combat potions, and others.
  • Using the Beasts of Burden, or BoB, you can save a lot of banking time (actually a 39%) just clicking the "Take Beast of Burden items" button. This action helps you to get ingredients without interrupting the production of potions. This method is so practical when you are making overloads of some potion, and these require a lot of ingredients. You have to use them more often.
  • Lastly, making potions with clean herbs is the best way to obtain experience. For example, making one attack potion gives you 25 experience points. To go from level 9 to level 26, you have to make 311 attack potions. On the other hand, making energy potions gives you a maximum of 76.5 experience. If you make 321 energy potions, you will go from level 26 to level 38.


Some useful items to get more Hbr experience

Herblore Training items view image

Some items within RuneScape are convenient to get additional experience in this skill. Many of them give you, in addition to this experience, extra potion-making opportunities.

  • Portable Well. Portable Well provides you 10% extra experience, 5% extra chance to make an extra potion, and a good water source for empty vials.
  • Botanist's Outfit. This outfit is made up of 5 pieces. Each piece gives you a 1% extra experience. If you have the complete outfit, you will obtain a 1% additional as a set bonus. You can get this outfit from treasures hunters or the Clash Powder Factory minigame.
  • Botanist's Mask add-on. You will get a 1% extra of experience, plus an extra 5% of chances to duplicate a potion while making potions. In addition to what was before, this mask will give you some other non Herblore related bonuses. It can be obtained through a Treasure Hunter or in Flash Powder Factory.
  • Scroll of Cleansing. This scroll will give you 12,5% of chances to make a potion 2x as fast and 10% of chances of saving an ingredient when you make a potion. To use this scroll, you need the level 49 in Herblore and dungeoneering skill. Its cost is 20K DG tokens.
  • Factory Outfit. You can obtain it from the Flash Powder Factory Minigame. Wearing 3/5 of this outfit gives you a 10% chance of making 4 doses of potions. If you wear the 5 parts of this outfit, the Herblore experience will be equivalent to cleaning the herb while making UNF potions. The price of this outfit is 1200 Thaler/12000 Brian Points.
  • Morytinia legs 4. These pants give you a 20% chance of making a 4-dose prayer renewal instead of 3-dose while Morytania. You can obtain these legs after completing Elite Morytania Tasks talking to the Old Man Ral in Meiyerditch. These leggings give a 10% chance of a Slayer Experience boost in the Slayer Tower in Morytania close to Canifis.
  • Botanist's Amulet. This accessory gives you a 5% chance to create a 4-dose potion. Botanist´s Amulet is beneficial when you make overloads. In addition, it has 5 charges per Amulet. This Amulet is made by Level 2 enchanting a jade amulet.
  • Wise Invention Perk. This boosts the experience by 1% per rank while the item is equipped.
  • Wisdom Aura. As the name says, this is an aura available in the Members Loyalty Programme. You can buy this aura talking with Xuan in Burthorpe or with Varrock. You will need 40,000 Membership Loyalty Points for this. The Wisdom Aura increases the experience you obtain by 2,5%.
  • Mature Greenman's Ale. It is a sought-after brew made of brewing. You will need level 29 of cooking to make it. Mature Greenman's Ale is a mature version of its previous version, Greenman's Ale. When you consume this Ale, you will get a temporary boost for Herblore. This 'potion' increases Hbr by 2 levels. To prepare this Ale you need Bucket of Water, Barley Malt, Harralander, Ale Yeast, and Beer glass.
  • Gloomberry. This element also increases Hbr by 2 levels temporally and stacks in your inventory. It only has one drawback: Gloomberry reduces your defense by 1 temporally.
  • God Banner. This, contrary to the last one, boosts your Hbr by 2 for thirty minutes. This is perfect for you to make all the potions you can above your level (this is really good training). However, when you make a potion two levels above yours, the next one you make can only be 1 level above yours. If you make this potion, so the God Banner will refresh, and you can start again.
  • Pulse Core. This element grants between 4,200-17.500 of bonus experience to the skill which Pulse Core is attached to. The experience bonus that this item gives you is 2% for 10 minutes. In addition, the Pulse Core can, randomly, grant skill level boots to the surrounding players, or restore them players points or some life.


What quests can I do to get Herblore experience?

Herblore quests sign and live lol show less read youtube videos twitch

Depending on your level, you can do some quests that will give you a large amount of herblore xp. If you are at level 1 to 3, you have to do the Druidic Ritual quest. This is a free-to-play quest that allows you to start using this skill. The idea of this quest is to collect a group of druids for a ritual. In exchange, the druid Kaqemeex will give you the knowledge of Herbs.

From level 3 to 9, we recommend you to do the Jungle Potion quest. This is a short quest located in the town of Karamja. It is very simple. All you have to do is gather some different ingredients. Next, show them to the shaman of Tai Bwo Wannai, Trufitus Shakaya. These ingredients are sito foil, ardrigal, volencia moss, rogue's purse, and snake weed. The chaman will reward you with 775 Herblore experience lamp, 1 quest point, and two treasure Hunter keys.

From level 9 to 13, you should complete the Recruitment Drive quest. It is a quest in the Temple Knights series. In this Temple you will meet Sir Tiffy Cashien, which will recruit you to the Temple. In this quest, you have to solve a lot of puzzles and riddles. At the end of the quest, Sir Tiffy Cashien will reward you with 1 quest point, the Gaze of Saradomin, the Temple Knight's Initiate Helm, two Treasures Hunter Keys, and 1,000 Prayer, Herblore and Agility experience points.

From level 13 to 19, you must do the Dig Site Quest. This is the first quest in the Return of Zaros series. This quest is very simple. The only thing you have to do is complete a search, that is to say, an archaeology exam located in the Varrock Museum. When you complete this quest, you can excavate the ruins of the city of Saranthium. There you are going to discover something else. This site is located in the north of Al Kharid. When you are there, you have to go to the Exam Centre. At this point, you will start with the quest. This quest will reward you with 2 Quests Points, 15,300 Mining experience, 2 Gold Bars, Two treasures HUnter Keys, and 2,000 Herblore experience points. If you talk with the archaeological expert again, you will get 75 Attack, Magic, or Ranged or 91 Constitution.

To go to level 12 to 26, you can make some strength potions. To make these potions, you need a Vial of water, Clean tamorrin, and Limpwurt root. The cheapest way to obtain Limpwurt roots is to sow them in a flower patch. Another alternative is to kill Hobgoblins. These have a high chance of dropping Limpwurt roots. You can find Hobgoblins to the west of the Crafting Guild or, on the other hand, in Rellekka. Each potion will give you around 40 experience points. To go from level 12 to level 26, you will have to make about 144 strength potions.

Go from level 15 to level 38 takes some time. To do this you can make Serum 207s. The ingredients needed to make this potion are Vial of Water, Clean Tarromin, and Ashes. Of course, you will need a Portable Well. First, you have to clean the grimy herb. Second, use the herb within the vial of water and then use ashes. When you prepare this potion, you earn 50 experience points. To reach level 38, you must prepare 560 Serum 207s. Something very important about Serum 207s is that you can only craft them if you have done the quest Shade of Mort'ton.

Other quests that will give you a large amount of experience are:

  • Heroes's quest. You need level 25 to access this quest. Heroes's quest will reward you with 1,250 experience points.
  • Zogre flesh eaters. This is a quest for members from level 8. Zogre flesh eaters will reward you with 2,000 Hbl points.
  • Land of the Goblins. You can access this quest from level 37. This quest will give you 3,000 experience points.
  • Fairy Tale II - Cure a queen. This is a quest for members from level 57. If you complete it, then you will obtain 3,500 Hbr points.
  • A guild of Our Own. A quest for level 46 members. When you finish it, you will have 4,000 experience points.
  • Grim Tales. This quest is for players in level 52. The experience points out that this quest are 5,000.
  • Glorious Memories. This quest, like the previous one, will give you 5,000 experience points. This is a quest for level 43 members.
  • A Void Dance. This quest will reward you with 10,000 Hbr points. If you are at level 49, you can access this quest.
  • My Arm's Big Adventure. A quest for level 31 members. The experience points that My Arm's Big Adventure will give you are 10,000.
  • Eadgar's Ruse. You need the same level as above. This quest will reward you with 11,000 experience points.
  • Salt in the Wound. This is a quest for members from level 47. At the end of this quest, you will get 15,000 experience points.
  • Evil Davel's Big Day Out. This is a quest featuring Zamorak, Evil Dave, and body swapping. You have to be in level 30 to access this quest. When you finish it, you will be rewarded with 20,000 Hbr points.
  • Kindred Spirits. Kindred Spirit was the second quest released in the Sliske Quest Series. To access this quest, you must have reached level 60.
  • Plague's End. This is a quest that features King Lathas, Dark Lord, the West Ardougne Plague, and the Iorwerth Clan. This quest is part of the Elf quest series. The Plague's End will reward you with 50,000 experience points. You have to be in level 75 to complete this quest.
  • River of Blood. River of Blood is a quest part of the Myreque quest series and was released on 25 April 2016. It is available to players who have reached level 80. River of Blood will give you 75,000 experience points.
  • The light within. This quest is a grandmaster quest. In this one, you have to help the elven elders to gather the component shards. You need to be a level 80 member to access the quest. The light within will reward you with 90,000 Hbr experience points.


How to get herbs and other ingredients

In general, if a player has a great ability for farming, he can easily get a wide variety of herbs and ingredients. This compared to buying these same ingredients on the market or sharing it on the Grand Exchange. In Gran Exchange, of course, you can trade all kinds of goods, buy and sell with other players with the game. It is a great way to obtain some cheap items. We recommend that you try.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy all the necessary items to make potions, Herblore will become a very expensive skill because, in general, the price of the ingredients can be higher than the price of the final product. If you don't mind spending your time gathering herbs and all these materials from slaying monsters in combat, we encourage you to do so.

Most monsters tend to drop herbs, but only one, in most cases. A strong monster, instead, drops a large amount of herbs. Besides, these monsters can drop really good second ingredients, though many of them can be obtained without killing any kind of monsters. Trying to get two potions instead of one is a necessary skill you have to improve if you want to level up your herblore level in the fastest way, although many times, this does not depend on you. It is a great way to maximize the experience that you obtain per hour.

One way this works is by killing the bosses. It is the same as in Old School RuneScape Herblore. Bosses such as K'ril Tsutsaroth usually drop stacks of ten Grimy Lantadymes, a very useful herb to make Super Magic Potions or Antifire Potions. Other bosses, such as Fungal Mages, drop Potato Cactus in stacks of eight. With these ingredients, you can make a lot of new potions. One example of this would be making Super Strength Potions. Other bosses who drop interesting ingredients are General Graador's bodyguards. Later, you can get Limpwurt Roots in stacks of five if you are lucky.

A simpler way to obtain some potions (if you are in a hurry), in addition to skilling resources, is to buy them directly on the Grand Exchange at very good prices. Here you are going to find a lot of posted offers, such as ingredients and herbs. Then, if you have run out of ingredients, you can go here. Once you have found those potions, you have to consider that they will be much more expensive than producing them yourself.


Chaos Druid Tower

As its name says, this tower full of druids, which is located in the north of Ardougne, is one of the preferred to gain experience for high-level players. It is also a great place where you can clean herbs and make Fishing Potions or Prayer Potions. Then you can bank them and repeat all the process until you get 3,000 of experience. If you are interested in obtaining all kinds of items and additional experience, this is the perfect place for you. The Chaos Druid Tower also is an entrance to a dungeon, where you can obtain more clean herbs from the monsters that are there, plus additional experience and many other treasures.

Another place where to get a lot of high-level herbs is the Salarin the Twisted's dungeon. The boss, Saralin, drops the Sinister key, which can give you a lot of herbs, low and high. The dungeon in Edgeville Wilderness is full of chaos druids, besides the free spawns with grimy marrentill, grimy harralander, grimy ranarr, and grimy irit. In addition, other way to get some experience is participating on Herby Werby. 


How to make prayer renewals, holy overloads, powerburst potions and other good ones?

To create prayer renewals potions, you must have level 94 of Hbr reached. These potions restore the prayer points of the player slowly for 5 minutes and more. To create them, you have to mix Morchella mushroom and Clean fellstalk with a vial of water. Each of them gives you 190 of Hbr experience. If you use the Morytania legs, you have a 20% chance of obtaining 4-dose instead of 3.

Holy overloads potions, on the other hand, can be made if you reached level 97 of Herblore. To create these overloads, you need to buy a special recipe from Lady Meilyr. This recipe costs 700,000 coins. Holy overloads are made of prayer renewal (4), overload (4), and the crystal flask, the recipe that you received from Lady Meilyr. Each holy overload gives you 350 experience in this skill.

The holy overloads combine the effects of prayer renewal and overload, that is to say, they boost the Strength, Ranged, Attack, Magic, and Defence by 15%. Getting these potions recovers prayer points steadily for 6 minutes. This combination of potions is a very economical mix. Each flask gives you 6 doses. You only need 4 prayer renewals and 4 overloads to make one of these potions. Note that a notable advantage of holy overloads is that they take up little space in the inventory, so you will have more space to load more ingredients, make other potions, such a weapon poison or ranging potion, and increase your Hbr level even more. In addition, you will need holy overloads to make another vital tool in this skill, the Blessed flask. To make powerburst potions you will need level 105 on Hbr and the primal extract as the main ingredient. With primal extract also you can make bombs and other potions. Anyway, we recommend you to make these potions only if you plan to use them.



Herblore is a challenge for any MMORPG player. Few times was so challenging to level up a skill in any game. Please, don’t give up! RuneScape 3 is an experience specially designed for professional players or those who love video games. If you love challenges, we invite you to follow this route and read this guide as many times as you need. We think to understand how Herblore works, you will need to check this article again and again. We also go through that process. We encourage you to use it! In addition, don't forget to browse our platform and join us. We always have news and info about RS and the most popular MMOs. Thanks to our services, you can find other guides and services related to RuneScape and other games we have included. Please try, you won't regret it!



How many potions per hour in OSRS can I make?

The number of potions that you can make per hour is relative. For example, if you make Saradomin Brew from 81-99, you will get 405.000 of Herblore experience per hour. This is a total of 2.250 potions per hour. Every 4 - 6 hours you can reach a new level.


How to make prayer potions 4?

To prepare this type of potion, first of all, you must reach level 38 of Herblore. The process to prepare this potion is adding to a vial of water, a ranarr weed, and then a snape grass. This potion gives you 87.5 Hbr experience to your account. 


How to make money training Herblore?

In the training process, you will make a lot of potions, common potions, prayer renewals, making super potions, and others. Then you can share these potions on the Grand Exchange. it is a very common error not to consider the variable price of potions. 


How do you make extreme potions?

First of all, to make extreme potions, you must reach level 88. These potions are made of a clean avantoe and 3-dose super attack potion. In addition to others such as the extreme strength potions or extreme magic potions, these potions can be mixed with a clean Torstol. For this, you have to reach level 96.


Where can I find Herblore guide OSRS?

You can find the replies you are looking for on OSRS Herblore guide in the link we have below. Just click here and watch it. 


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