RMT FFXIV - Learn how to make real money trading

RMT FFXIV - Learn how to make real money trading
Final Fantasy XIV

Buying and selling Final Fantasy XIV Gil and goods is not an easy task because of the risk of getting banned. 

The RMT always has to be riddled with trust and security mechanisms. 

For that reason, it is very important you know everything about RMT FFXIV. In this article you are going to find out:

  • What is RMT
  • RMT activity
  • Benefits and risks of RMT.

First, we have a short resume about the RMT activities you can do. Second, we address the legal situation and possible repercussions. Finally, you can decide if RMT is for you. 


Table of contents:

* Final Fantasy XIV RMT - What is and services

* Selling and buying FFXIV Gil

* Selling and buying in-game items and goods

* Selling and buying Power Leveling Services

* Selling and buying Account Services

* Is Real Money Trading FF14 legal?

* Is RMT FFXIV safe?

* What is the Sellers and Friends website?






Final Fantasy XIV RMT - What it is and services

RMT FFXIV  Buy GIL Sellers and Friends


RMT is the practice of selling in-game goods, that is to say, currencies, characters, services, items, to obtain real-life money. This is normal practice, although it is not well-perceived by developers and big companies. 

Selling and Buying FFXIV Gil

Gil is an important part of the economy of FFXIV. First of all, you can buy Gil, the current main currency of the game. Dozens of websites offer Gil in exchange for real money. 

Here, at Sellers and Friends, everyone can buy Gil at a really good price. Just click over the link below. 





Selling and Buying in-game items and goods

If you have played FFXIV, you know there are hundreds of items that are very difficult to get, at least within the game. These items require the completion of special quests and deep knowledge about the gameplay. 

Sometimes it is better if you obtain these items in the real world with real money. At the same time, if you have skills and you are in possession of priceless objects, all that remains is to offer them.


Selling and buying Power leveling services

Not all the FFXIV players (including us) have the time to level up their characters until the maximum levels. It requires a lot of effort and investment. 

For this reason, it is much better for a third-party professional to make this task for you to achieve goals as soon as possible. 


Selling and buying Account services

In this category, you can sell your account to other people or buy one. The advantage, in this case, is that most professional accounts have a lot of FF14 Gil, a high-level character with a good balance of statistics and a huge number of items. 


Is real money trading FF14 legal?

In-game RMT goes against the rules and it is an action frowned upon among developers. 

The last ban wave just terminated over more than 5 thousand accounts. 

Just in a few countries, these actions are illicit, but these countries almost don't appear on the map.

Square Enix also implements system changes to reduce these RMT actions like botting and Gil spam, and maintain an enjoyable play environment, although to a lesser extent.


Is RMT FFXIV safe?

Some Real Money Traders in the community are a real pain in the neck, although the vast majority are professional providers. Selling your currencies or bulk items on the platforms for cash might be a little bit of a headache. 

Most platforms that offer RMTs put supplier's information on display. Thanks to this you can check the profiles of the sellers and make the correct choice. Besides, these websites have a ranking system in which you can check the name of the providers, the qualifications, and the comments of previous buyers. 

At the same time, be careful with random friend requests. Someone or something might be trying to rip you off, a real person or a bot.

If somebody wants to scam you with the trade, you can report this anomaly through the report RMT via the system menu. Then choose “Support Desk”, “Contact Us” and “Report Cheating.” 


What is the Sellers and Friends website?

Sellers and Friends is a specialized website that provides the best MMORPG offers in terms of currencies on the Internet to the gamers and it is a great Gil seller.

In SnF you can make an order and receive it in your account in a matter of minutes. Our delivery system works in that way. 

After to accept the Terms of Service (FFXIV ToS) and complete the process, you will receive a confirmation email and an agent will make contact with you telling you all the details. After the agent receives your account data, they will send you a friend request. Accept this invitation and agree on a delivery point. 

To avoid any problem, and hacks, our platform has anti-spammers security programs to ensure that your transaction will be carried out correctly in FFXIV. Besides, all the trades between the player and us are made by real people on our team, no bots.


RMT FFXIV conclusions

We know Square Enix Co Ltd and Lodestone are anti-RMT but still, it is a practice you can do with relative care. In addition, if you need to get a high-demand item or sale your own, then RMT is your path. Just don’t shout about that fact, or you might get banned. 


This is the end of this post. I hope you use this content to improve your gaming and reach your goal. Use it, please, as a bit of advice. 

Besides, become one of the members of our community and find out the news before anyone else. We are waiting with open arms. 

All the messages you want to send us, feel free to share them in the box below, we will be happy to read them. 

Note. Our website uses non-invasive cookies to ensure the success of the transactions and protect against any advertisement. 




What is RMT FFXIV?

RMT is the sale of in-game goods, that is to say, currencies, characters, items, in addition to services such as boosting or power leveling to obtain real-life money. People that are advertising the sale of in-game items will be notified. 


Is RMT FFXIV Illegal?

If you are part of participation and get caught, you will be punished or your account will be on the blacklist of the company and you will be banned for a while. Square has the Special Task Force (STF) and GMs that are dedicated to stopping the use of third-party programs and RMT activities in Final Fantasy 14.


Will I get banned for buying Gil FFXIV?

Not necessarily, but previous examples of buying Gil and other currencies results in a ban in several MMOs including FFXIV. This is not very common but a possibility. If you are going to do it, do it on a professional site.


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