PoE Currency Flipping - Make money on reselling without leaving town!

PoE Currency Flipping - Make money on reselling without leaving town!
Path of Exile

Flipping, by definition, involves buying goods and selling them in a short period with a profit. In volatile markets with inexperienced traders, it is possible to gain an advantage over others and to become rich. In this guide, we will be taking a look at currency flipping in the Path of Exile to show you that it is an easy way to earn additional orbs and other forms of currency. Delve with us into the world of marketing and see for yourself that it's easy to flip!


The barter trading in Path of Exile is innovative and unique, but it can get on your nerves sometimes. Buy PoE Orbs cheap and safely from a trusted seller here.


PoE trading or PoE Flipping

If you haven't heard about item or orb Flipping and you are familiar with item trading, then those two are very similar, but they have one small difference. When you talk about trading, you don't talk about profits. Maybe you intend to make some money on the side. However, Flipping strictly implies that with every trade, you want to get richer. It is the main difference between these two, and in this text, we want to bring you closer to the topic of Flipping.


Flipping currency as a way to make money

Those of you who wish to start making real money on the Path of Exile market might start looking into Flipping as a great opportunity. There are quite a few ways in PoE to earn something on the side. However, only with Flipping you will be able to skyrocket in terms of money-making. This method does not require an endgame account. You won't have to be geared for mapping or ready to complete elaborate missions - all that you need to begin is some basic knowledge, time, and a little bit of investment.

Long story short, Flipping means buying for less and selling for more. You will be looking for items, and especially currency, that has some margin between "buy" and "sell" prices. For example, if the regular price of Tabula Rasa is currently 10c at your server, then you will be trying to buy it for 8 or 9 and sell for 12 or 11. There are only two rules to follow. The first one is to never sell items for their standard prices. The second is always to make a profit on your trades. If you can do that, just make sure to look at the market frequently and try to find undervalued items. There is nothing too hard to understand. Everything is plain and simple. Buy for less, sell for more, and make money on Flipping.

Generally, there are two methods of Flipping in pretty much every MMORPG. One is sniping, where you try to hunt a valuable item listed for sale for a very low price. Undervalued high-end items are icing on the cake if you manage to land these. This method requires a lot of patience, time, and some initial investment. Also, keep in mind that it's unreliable. There will be a day that you land several good deals and a day when you snipe nothing.

The other method is bulk Flipping. There are two entry ways for it. Either you have a lot of currency or a considerable amount of items. The margin is small, but the trade volume makes it, so you end up with a profit. The method requires significant investment in the beginning.


How to Flip efficiently

Various websites offer this kind of service. You can see the price at which players buy and the price at which players sell Orbs if you go there. By looking at them, you will quickly notice a trend. Many people who sell their goods go way beyond the item's regular price. On the other hand, buyers are often undercutting item prices to get them cheaply. Usually, those trades are just listed up there for a long time, and no one uses them. However, once in a while, someone wealthy or someone who lacks knowledge will let those people earn money. It is exactly what you should avoid. Listing items well above or well beyond its price makes no sense as you count on other people's mistakes to make money.

When you are listing your Orbs, you have to take into consideration the group of people that you will be targeting. Try to make a "fair" margin on your trades, which will be beneficial for you but won't generate considerable losses for the player that you are trading with. It might seem like a less profitable path of money-making. However, by setting reasonable values on your items, you will gain more customers, and therefore you will trade more often.


How much can you make on Flipping

There are quite many ways to increase your profit margins in the Path of Exile; however, the majority of them involve hunting monsters and depending on the randomness of possible drops. Flipping as a money-making method doesn't provide a steady income as well. Do not get discouraged by tough start and low income at the beginning. You won't be able to double your bank value right away, however, with steady and patient trading, you will unlock for yourself the best Orb Farm in the game. In this method, in general, you should be easily much more profitable than on any other, but keep in mind that this requires more than mindless clicking on endless waves of monsters. You will have to spend some time learning about market prices and trends to determine items that you can earn on, but in general, Flipping is much more profitable than any other method of increasing bank value.


Currency Flipping or Item Flipping

There are two major groups of items that you want to trade to make a profit. The first one involves trading currency in the form of Orbs. This one works great for both new and advanced players since it doesn't require high amounts of initial investments. You can make money even on trading low valued Currency Items like Alchs, Fusings, Alterations (Alts), Chromatics, and Chaos Orbs, but the real profit of Orb trading lies in Exalts. Since their value can be counted in hundreds of other Orbs, it is easy to find someone who won't know the exact market price or players that will undercut real values. With this method, you will be trading quite often since you want to get every little bit of profit that you can get - even if it means going back to town for one Alch. Everybody in Path of Exile has Orbs, and because of that, anybody can be your potential client.

On the other hand, you can also Flip items. This method is dedicated to much more experienced players. You will have to become an expert, which will be able to determine item values instantly to make a profit on item trading. There is much less competition in this field, which means that there are more possibilities for easy gains. Remember the time when you first started playing the game? Likely, you were not able to determine whether to throw out something from your inventory or to keep it. In the Path of Exile, there are numerous different stats and items usually come with at least a few affixes. Many different builds use a large variety of different kinds of stuff, so only the most experienced players can accurately determine whether an item is worth its price or not. If you are one of those players, you can get rich through item trading.

There are many types of equipment that can be traded, and item value does not determine whether an item is worth something or not. Even simple blue stuff can have one or two exceptional stats that will make the item that they are worth hundreds of Exalts. It is the highest learning curve that new players have to overcome in the Path of Exile. Finding random items with exceptional stats that are undervalued on the market is probably the best way to increase profits in PoE, but if that's too hard, there are also other items with more stable prices - uniques, flasks, skill gems, maps, and others. In general, item-trading is more volatile than Currency Flipping, and therefore, we recommend making money on Orbs rather than equipment. This way, you won't lose any of your hard earnings, and you will always be on the plus.



Not every trade that you make has to be profitable right away. Long-term investments are the way to go during server launches when the prices are at the lowest. If you see someone on the chat or on trading websites with endgame legendaries and crucial gems that are used in builds featured in the current meta - make an offer. Pile up on items that will be valuable to pro players later on and wait a few weeks or even months before selling them.

On the other hand, if you were lucky enough to get a valuable drop like an Exalted Orb - do not sell it at any circumstances. During early days on the server, everything is cheap, and even though "living" costs and you need some currency to buy gems and basic equipment - it will always be better to tighten your belt and hold on to your valuables. Doing that, you will receive a huge reward of profit after the first few weeks. 

If you are a high level player you might have already gotten pretty rich through at the map run or from the boss drops. The thing about the flipping is that the more you invest in it the more you might get in return. It is not required to have a lot of currency to start however it will definitely help. Prices within your server will be set depending on the league status and its release date. During the early days getting rare items might be hard since there are high demand and a low supply of them but overpaying at that time will still make you a profit on the long run. Prices early will be low so take advantage of that fact and invest in Uniques and Rares to make easy money per every flip. 



Whether you are Flipping higher tier currencies like Exalted Orbs, Unique items, Support Gems that are core for certain build or other things everything can be profitable. If it does work for everyone it will work for you. The biggest profit us always made on rarely traded goods that don't have a lot of competition on them. Search through your Stash Tab for items that other players may want to buy. Using this technique you might be able to find multiple really interesting tradeables with lower market post ratios. Equipment pieces that are rarely posted can still sell quick for a fast profit and you can make a few times better profit with them than the money that you could get from regular trades.

If you want to collect the data about PoE orbs use site that is made for it - don't try to determine prices within the game. Make the use of websites like PoE trade and PoE ninja to buy sell and list what you have. Their services are free and thanks to the help of their tool you will be able to find clients for your goods much easier.

Besides the data and premium guides, we have got for you more content available in video and in the text. If you want to use a full range of features of Sellersandfriends. com please use the sign up button at the top of the page.

It is the end of this short guide to Flipping in Path of Exile. If you have read the whole article, then you should easily start earning orbs on this process. If this text has proven to be helpful to you, make sure to tell us what you are thinking about it in the comment section below. We value your opinion since with every voice that comes from your comments. We can improve our services and make this website more user-friendly. You can also check out other articles that we have made in the blog section and read guides from other multiplayer online games. Join our community and become a member of a large gaming family today!

 Last but not least - thank you for reading and for your views and that being said - see you in the next one!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there API for item prices in the Path of Exile?

There are various tools and websites where you can check prices.

How can I trade someone in the Path of Exile?

By right-clicking the target's portrait.

How many Fusings does it take to get a 6-link?

On average, it takes somewhere under one thousand Orbs of Fusing to link six sockets together.


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