Path of Exile mods - Learn everything about item modifiers

Path of Exile mods - Learn everything about item modifiers
Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a very complex game with multiple hard to understand mechanics. In this guide, we will be taking a look at item modifiers. We want to bring you closer to this topic to help you comprehend how mods in items work, what their types are, and what you can improve when looking for the best ones. Here is our guide to items mods in Path of Exile.


What are mods in Path of Exile

Modifiers can change various aspects of the entity that they are on. Usually, they come in the form of bonuses for items, but they might also affect other things like Strongboxes, Areas, or Monsters. Mods can be both beneficial and adverse, but most of those found on items are positive for your character. Modifiers can apply statistics, buffs, or grant skills to an entity. They are applied directly, under specific conditions, or just in random circumstances.



Implicit - Implicit modifier is the one that's above the line with all of the other modifiers. Those effects can be changed via effects such as corruption and enchanting.

Explicit - Explicit modifiers are below the line that underlines implicit modifier. They come in various forms and can be found in all items besides common ones. The values can be randomized (on all items besides Uniques) or predetermined (only on Uniques).

Prefix - Prefixes determine not only one of the bonuses on an item of Magic type but also the beginning of its name. If you have a "Vicious Broadsword of the Lynx," your Prefix is "Vicious," and it gives between 85 and 109% increase in Physical Damage.

Suffix - Suffixes determine bonus and last part of the Magic item's name. If you have a "Vicious Broadsword of the Lynx," your Suffix is "Of the Lynx," and it gives between 13 and 17 increase in Dexterity in this case.

Corrupted - Corrupted items have a Prefix that has been altered by the Vaal Orb (currency item). They offer different bonuses than regular mods.

Enchantment - Enchantments have their modifier slot, and therefore they do not affect implicit modifiers. Each Enchantment mod is acquired from the Labirynth.


Implicit Modifiers

Implicit Modifiers can be found on monsters and items. While players cannot control the ones that monsters have Implicit Modifiers on items can be easily changed with the use of various orbs and items.

Blessed Orb - rerolls numeric values on the Implicit Modifier.

Vaal Orb - corrupts the modifier, which might give various results like adding or replacing the existing modifier.

Enchantment - Can add a new implicit modifier on Gloves, Boots, and Helmets.


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Explicit Modifiers

Explicit modifiers can drastically change depending on the item rarity and other modifications. The number of affixes depends on the rarity.

  • For Magic items, it is 0 to 1 Prefixes and 0 to 1 Suffixes.
  • For Rare items, it is 1 to 3 Prefixes and 1 to 3 Suffixes.
  • For Uniques, numbers are not predetermined since they have their modifiers.


On items, modifiers can be changed by various currency orbs.

  • Divine Orb - Randomizes numeric values on random item modifiers.
  • Orbs of Scouring, Transmutation, Alchemy, and Chance, as well as Regal Orb and Ancient Orb, may be used to change item rarity altering all of the modifiers.
  • Orbs of Horizons and Harbinger's Orbs are used to change different modifiers of the map.
  • Orb of Alteration and Chaos Orbs are used to change modifiers on Magic and Rare items, respectively.
  • Orbs of Augmentation and Exalted Orbs are used to add new modifiers to Magic and Rare items, respectively.
  • Vaal Orb has a chance to change the map rarity or to create maps with eight modifiers.
  • Orb of Annulment is used to remove a random modifier from an item.


Each PoE Affix has a certain level that it might appear on. You cannot find all of the Affixes PoE has on early game items as some of them can affect entire builds and have a drastic impact on the gameplay. To find items with the best modifiers in the Path of Exile, players will have to complete high-level maps and finish the toughest bosses in the game.

Choosing the right modifiers for your equipment might be a very challenging process, and finding the right ones takes not only time but also lots of currency. Make sure to choose what you wear wisely and always try to upgrade your gear with mods that will help your character become stronger.



We hope that this article has given you enough information about modifier content in Path of Exile. If you need to read more about PoE Affixes and other things that refer to Grinding Gear Games product, make sure to use official PoE Wiki. We would love to hear your opinion about this article and the site that you are on, so please leave a comment in the section below and tell us what you want to see in the future guides. SellersAndFriends is a gaming community, so get to know us better by signing up with the button at the top of the page.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I get crafting mods PoE?

Mods are present on all items besides common ones.

Can you have multiple crafted mods?

Yes, you can.

Are Veiled mods prefix or Suffix?

"Chosen" is Prefix and "of the Order" is Suffix.


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