Maplestory 2 Fishing guide - how to start fishing in MS2

Maplestory 2 Fishing guide - how to start fishing in MS2
MapleStory 2

MapleStory2 offers a vast amount of activities. Those players, who prefer grinding around can join various Dungeons, or go hunting for a World Boss. Some people like to decorate their own houses or take part in mini-games, competing against other players. Others play for the sake of gaming. And some people cherish these moments of solitude, when they can settle down, listen to the sounds of water, with a fishing rod in their hands, waiting for that lucky Golden Fish catch.


Welcome to our MapleStory 2 fishing guide. Today we’re going to talk about fish. In this guide, beginners will learn how to start fishing, how to rank up with the most efficiency, and how to advance in your fishing game. On top of that, we will be giving out some intermediate and advanced tips and tricks for your more experienced anglers, who already spent hours upon hours, to explore ocean content and catch fish


Why you should start Fishing

Catching fish not only brings a lot of joy, as this activity can be quite exciting if you pull out something rare and valuable. It’s just like a slot machine. Sometimes you can invest millions and gain nothing, but if you are lucky, you can put the quarter in and hit the jackpot. In terms of MapleStory 2 Fish catching, it means catching a pet or a valuable item that you can sell for 100k meso. It’s all a gamble. Also - as with any life skill in this game - you can get trophies that help you advance. So yeah - catching new fish is not hard, and it’s fun.


How to get the Fishing Pole

To cathc a fish, you need a rod. There are two ways of obtaining your first fishing rod. You can either progress through the main story up until level 13, and you will be able to access a quest called “Cast The Line” in your Maple Guide men. Or you can get yourself a brand new rod from one of the Fishermen NPCs in Towns of Tria or Evansville. 


We recommend the first way since it provides you with a short tutorial that tells you everything you have to know about how to use the mechanic of catching the fish.


How to Fish in MS2

As soon as you grab onto your fishing pole - you are ready to start collecting fish. All you have to do now is find a tile filled with a body of water or any liquid present in the game. Yes, this exceptional occurrence means that you can catch something in lava, venom, or poison tile too. We certainly don’t recommend eating anything from those. You have been warned.


After you place yourself near the body of any liquid to catch fish, double click your fishing rod from the inventory and use keys to pick a tile you want to fish in. Finally, press the spacebar to cast it. This short mini-game should pop out on your screen. Tap the spacebar to balance the fish icon in the blue area of the meter until the lower bar fills up entirely. When it fills up - congratulations, you have your catch.


There is a possibility of auto-fishing as well. In this scenario, the second you leave your character, it will fish automatically, even when you’re AFK (e. g. in Henesys). However, keep in mind, that this costs merit points, which can be purchased for real-life money. You need to decide if these couple of fish are worth it.


Of course, you don’t have to stick with the same old fishing rod you got from the main quest. If you want to be efficient, you should exchange your tool for a better one once you have an opportunity. You should try to get the best rod possible for your mastery level.


There are three categories of fishing poles in MapleStory 2.





Polished Wooden Fishing Pole




Blue Metal Fishing Pole



Blue Carbon Fishing Pole


Reel time reduced: 2 seconds


Turquoise Carbon Fishing Pole


Reel time reduced: 3 seconds

Orange Kevlar Fishing Pole


Reel time reduced: 5 seconds



You can also use a variety of lures or baits. If you will, that will enhance your fish catching skills. Some will increase your chance of catching a gold fish. Others will give you a better chance of catching a rare fish etc.


How to gain mastery points fishing:
1. First time catching new fish 
2. If you are fishing in areas of the same mastery as your character is, then each level the amount of fish that players will need to catch to receive mastery points goes up by 2. It starts at 1 fish for Beginner 1, 3 fish for mastery value Beginner 2, 5 fish for Beginner 3, etc. For each rank of the fish there is a separate list. Catching the required amount of fish gives half the points that you would get for a first time catch.
3. When you manage to catch a prize fish, it will yield as many points of mastery as if it was a first time catch. Playing in a party may increase the chance of catching the prize fish from 1 to even 5%.

Fishing Level and Progression in MapleStory 2

We have to talk about levels of mastery since fishing places and your progression are both tied to your current level of fishing. You see, just like any other activity, you can level up your proficiency. Guaranteed mastery levels:

  • Beginner I Mastery Total: 46 Mastery Points

  • Beginner II Mastery Total: 26 Mastery Points

  • Beginner III Mastery Total: 28 Mastery Points

  • Beginner IV Mastery Total: 34 Mastery Points

  • Intermediate I Mastery Total: 46 Mastery Points

  • Intermediate II Mastery Total: 40 Mastery Points

  • Intermediate III Mastery Total: 54 Mastery Points

  • Intermediate IV Mastery Total: 50 Mastery Points

  • Advanced I Mastery Total: 50 Mastery Points

  • Advanced II Mastery Total: 82 Mastery Points

  • Advanced III Mastery Total: 68 Mastery Points

  • Advanced IV 68 total Mastery Points.

  • Total: 592 Mastery Points.

For total value Beginner I to Master you need 1,000 points though. Catchin fish for the first time, yields full exp. Subsequent catches give some mastery, but less than catching fish first time. Going from Beginner I to Master is a long road. With this MapleStory 2 guide we'll try to shorten it.


You start as a beginner, slowly rising to the position of Master Fisher. There are four groups. The first three are divided into four levels, respectively. To access each level, you have to reach a specific value of fishing mastery.


Beginner I

Beginner II

Beginner III

Beginner IV





Intermediate I

Intermediate II

Intermediate III

Intermediate IV





Advanced I

Advanced II

Advanced III

Advanced IV








The fisherman mastery points you get, depending on the quality of the catch. Also, the more points you have, the better the items you will be able to get from each fish caught. Keep in mind that you get points only for the fish you haven’t caught before, and for fishing from locations that are recommended for your proficiency level (you can check that in Map menu).


If you want to catch a specific fish, you can look into your fish album using the fish icon at the top-left side of your screen. In the album, you will be able to check the list of fish and their locations.

Unknown Fish Locations 

Some fish locations are hidden, and cannot be checked in your player album. No fear, you don’t have to search for them yourself, as we have prepared a list of unique fish for you:


Beginner I:

Broccoturtle: Turtcoli Cave sub-map (Royal Road Plaza)

Star Candy Crab: Harang Island

Pineapple Fish: Harang Island


Beginner II:

Voldrake: Harang Island

Shrubberpuff: Harang Island

Black Drum: Victoria Runway sub-map (Tria) / Spring Beach

Horse Mackerel: Victoria Runway sub-map (Tria) / Spring Beach

Tiger Prawn: Victoria Runway sub-map (Tria) / Spring Beach


Intermediate II

Sorrowfish: Development Lab sub-map (Goldus Pharmaceuticals) 

Toxic Flounder: Development Lab sub-map (Goldus Pharmaceuticals) 


Intermediate III:

Machodile: Van Corta Dungeon


Advanced II:

Seahorus: Horus’ Nest Dungeon



Masked Parexus: Blueshade Cave Dungeon

Vilequill: Temple of Immortals Dungeon

Footballfish: Chaos Morc

Treelacanth: Ludible Time Hall Dungeon

Pyromander: Fire Dragon Dungeon  



It is the end of our Guide for MS 2 Fishing. We hope our guidelines might help you prosper as Master Fisherman, and go from Beginner I to Master in a blink of an eye. Join in on the discussion, leave a comment, and share your ideas if you have some more experiences with fish, to help other players, and who knows, maybe we will learn some more fishing skills from Maplestory 2 community! Once you catch the Blackback Butterflyfish, Freshwater Bream, or Black Snakehead. More MapleStory 2 guides for this website are still yet to come. Follow us to get them all. To obtain more information, visit the last edited, available wiki page. We were getting vast number of unique player account entries on our shop site last December, which added greatly to a total unique views count. We appreciate every player, that comes here, and we wish you come back anytime soon.


Fishing is not the only aspect of MapleStory 2 we can advise you in. You should check our MapleStory 2 Classes guide in the first place.


MapleStory 2 Classes guide >>>



What are guaranteed mastery gains?

Catching new fish in every tier and catching them all will eventually yield: Beginner I 46, Beginner II 26, Beginner III 28, Beginner IV 34, Intermediate I 46, Intermediate II 40, Intermediate III 54, Intermediate IV 50, Advanced I 50, Advanced II 82, Advanced III  68, Advanced IV 68.


How much do I need to fish to reach breaking points?

Different fishing Mastery level have different value: Beginner I 0, Beginner II 80, Beginner III 160, Beginner IV 240, Intermediate I 320, Intermediate II 400, Intermediate III 480, Intermediate IV 560, Advanced I 640, Advanced II 720, Advanced III 800, Advanced IV 880, Master 1,000.


How much mastery will I get for catching fish?

The experience you get from catching new fish varies depending on its rarity. Normal 2 points, rare 4 points, Exceptional 6 points, Epic 8 points.


What kind of fish is Abalone?

As for mastery, rank, biome it's rare, saltwater, Advanced III. Rare saltwater advanced catch can be found in Raptor Dive Pass, Frostbunny Park, Muros Media Park, or Highcliff Temple. 


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