Lineage 2 Dwarf Guide - Spoiler, Warsmith and more!

Lineage 2 Dwarf Guide - Spoiler, Warsmith and more!
Lineage 2

Lineage 2 Dwarfs - Who needs them, whos got em?

Lineage 2 Dwarf classes (smoll human :3) are one of the simplest classes and races of lineage 2, besides dark elves….. :D. They have expanded inventory and can carry a lot of weight.a


Jokes aside, dwarfs are meant to fill a specific role in the game, as no other race can acquire skills and abilities this race has. Both of their classes fulfill a unique place in-game economy (at least on the classic servers).

Dwarfs both male and female can become one of the two classes, scavenger or artisan. You might know them as “spoiler” and “crafter” respectively.



Lineage II Classic: Spoiler and Warsmith:


We have mentioned before in our Adena farming guide, that spoilers are a good source of income. Spoilers are even better when you can AOE spoil, this means you will use skills such as: spoil festival and festival sweeper. At this point is good for you to know that this class would be a good addition to a party if you have a tyrant or warlord to spoil and sweep the trains.

There are not many tools or support for this class can provide besides spoil, so make sure you want, enjoy, or really need to spoil before creating this class, and spend time on it.


Get Lineage 2 Adena and forget about farming. Start enjoying the game right away!


Low places to spoil in Lineage 2 Classic:

Plains of Dion, go for Delu Lizardman Scout (, you can get Varnishes from 1 to 3 with a high rate.

Abandoned Camp from lvl 20 to 30, from lvl 30-35 you can try spoiling SOP with Windsus ( Barracks is a decent spot also, check the L2 Wiki classic for more info.

You can also try getting Iron Ore from the Red Rock Ridge. Nevertheless, to monetize Iron Ore, before you go to Red Rock Ridge you should try to get some Varnish and then craft some Steels, which you can try to sell for more Adena. From higher levels, places to spoil are Enchanted Valley, Forest of Mirrors and Dragons Valley.

Spoiler as your main:

Is it accepted in parties? To put it roughly: no. But on a high level a lot of players, CPs and clans look for spoilers. Not having one will make your group lose potential income from a high-level grind spot. In the early-game, however, you might struggle to find a party. To put it short, there is a great demand on high lvl spoiler for high lvl groups, but it's valid only for high lvl, so it might be a chore to get to that high lvl without any group to help you.

PD: Try to never share your spoil. Only random, avoid using “random including spoil”.



As a Warsmith the crafting will be your main source of income. Set up a crafting shop for mats, tools, weapons, and armors. To craft, you need to invest in a consumable recipe, and with that recipe learned, you can set up a shop charging people who want to create that item.  As a Warsmith your income is way more limited as you have to compete with other craftshops. With a spoiler, you have a greater number of tools to obtain more adena (also check out our offer on Lineage 2 Adena), as it depends on the zone you are leveling, the party you have and the materials you spoil. Additionally, on NCWest Classic servers, VIP Accounts will have increased spoil rate.

When you reach level 5 dwarves will have access to Spoil - Dwarven Fighter. Even if you are Warsmith so go and get at least this recipes.



Quests for starting dwarves:

Mutual Benefit

Temple's Decorations

Loser Priest (1 of 3)

Loser Priest (2 of 3)

Loser Priest (3 of 3)

Future: Dwarves


A quick glance into PvP:


Bounty Hunter/ Fortune Seeker:

Every dwarfs task is to disable the enemy from performing any action. Like, for example, in this video:

Basically, you need to use your 3 stuns, tough one is available till lvl 77 (Armor Crush - Fortune Seeker ), then use only two stuns Hammer Crush - Bounty Hunter, Body Impale - Bounty Hunter. Disable enemy healers and mages, that's the best you can really do as a dwarf in PvP. Make sure to use your stuns correctly don't overlap them. If you land a 7-second stun don’t replace it with one that lasts 3 seconds.


Warsmith/ Maestro:

Actually the same, but only with  Hammer Crush - Bounty Hunter and (once you get it) Armor Crush - Fortune Seeker. Warsmith has a better utility in the siege warfare being able to summon Siege golems.  Warsmith can also summon: Summon Mechanic Golem - Warsmith, tough I don't like using it on PvP as it tends to break the stun chain.


Goddess Of Destruction:

Othell Fortune Seeker:

It is worth mentioning that now Fortune Seekers are part of the Othell Rogue classes, in the latest update Orfen, they have pretty much the same skills as other daggers, but they still lack in damage. So basically, you are looking into daggers as weapons, light sets, and items that raise your P. Critical Damage and P. Skill. Critical Damage.

How to build a Fortune Seeker after latest changes? Put +15 LUC, +3 Luc Accessory, +1 LUC Venir’s, and a decent gear so it doesn't get one shot in Sea of Spores (Orfen Update) and Shadow of The Mother Three (Helios Update), and now in Atelia Refinery Macro Farm, you should make a macro like this:


/useskill Wild Plunder

/delay 5





If you have Premium Account (Core + Ramona, or Tiat + Drop Runes) You will make around 100kk an hour, if your party kills fast enough. Sometimes it would be necessary to make in the macro delay 3, cause mobs die too fast. When I used to play on Core, on refinery macro, profit was around 1b in 26 hours, and spoil would be around 200kk with drop rune. (This was around 6months ago/ 11/02/2019 Time of writing). Now when there is a need of materials to craft dragon weapons you can sell weapon fragments, cokes, and wires for a decent price.

Spoiler-specific skills make him ok in PvE if you spoil:

If you go raid or something that it's not worth spoiling, Othell Ghost Hunter will still be better.

Fortune Seeker in PvP: Well this class falls short when compared to other classes both in 1v1 and Open PvP They have fewer gap closers and lesser chance of avoiding enemy skills compared to Othell Ghost Hunter(currently most played Othell). You can see in the table below what skills you will be missing.

It doesn't mean you can't defend yourself, you have equally strong, backbreaking stabs. But if you have no intention of spoiling or getting hero, you should not go for this class. Remember you can use Chaos Essence to keep that cute female dwarf appearance and still be a ghost hunter. (If you are playing male dwarf what are you even doing)


Tyrr Maestro

Sadly there is not much to say about Maestro class. They are a forgotten class by NCSoft, just like the spoiler, but at least with spoiling you can get profit or mats that are needed for the endgame content. Now, most of the trades and crafts are made by NPCs making Maestro obsolete.

The only thing you can use a Maestro is to lvl mats from lvl 3 to 4, or 4 to 5. This is done by boxes, I can guarantee you that this class is not needed by anyone.  There is no problem if you already started as this class, you can buy a chaos essence and change to any other Tyrr.

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SSJOmega • 5 May 2020 Its lonely being a dwarf :( Reply
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Murett3 • 8 May 2020 Kinda sad that Dwarves are only focused around economy. I wanted to play a warrior like Gimli :D Reply
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Mephisto666 • 11 May 2020 The crafter's siege golem is really epic. Having this huge metal man approaching the walls of a castle gives me the transformers vibes Reply
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Blakeney • 23 July 2020 Right now you just need a single dwarf for crafting and maybe sieges, spoilers are pretty useless now. Reply
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