Lineage 2 Dark Elf - learn the fundamentals of the best L2 race

Lineage 2 Dark Elf - learn the fundamentals of the best L2 race
Lineage 2

Huge part of modern games have elves available as one of playable races. Some of them divide into the Dark Elves, who have some tragic history behind them. It is a story of Dark Elves in Lineage 2 too, who decided to follow the goddess of death. Check out the race beloved by the L2 community which may please you as much as it pleases Shilen.


What are Dark Elves in Lineage 2

A quote from fandom wiki:

Dark Elves were once part of the Elven tribes, but were banished after they learned black magic in order to obtain the power to fight Humans. They lost the battle, but continued to study the dark arts. Dark Elves have similar features to their Elven brethren, but are taller, have blue-gray skin, and silver hair. They follow Shilen, the goddess of Death. 

The content is available here:

Dark Elves classes

You can become either a classic Fighter such as Palus Knight or Assassin and also Dark Mystic Elf such as Spellhowler. Dark Fighters allow you to go for physical damage attackers, while Dark Mystics are related to magic DPS wizards or support part who wear robes, cast spells, and use staves to attack enemies. Search no more, cause all the classes and transfers can be seen below:


  • Dark Fighter
      • Palus Knight
        • Shillen Knight
        • Shillen Templar
        • Bladedancer
        • Spectral Dancer
      • Assassin
        • Abyss Walker
        • Phantom Ranger
        • Ghost Sentinel
        • Ghost Hunter
  • Dark Mystic
    • Dark Wizard
      • Spellhowler
      • Phantom Summoner
      • Spectral Master
      • Storm Screamer
    • Shillen Oracle
    • Shillen Elder
    • Shillen Saint.


How to play Dark Elf in Lineage II?

There is a ton of content related to Dark Elves for you to discover. Every quest, every part of history, and every category of items is an excellent source of fun for the player. If you would like more info about how to level your Elf or what magic items you should buy from the shop - give us a sign in the comments. As in every class, the power of a particular skill is determined by specific parameters (STR or INT) and other conditions. It means you can adjust your hero to your requirements. 


Just like all the other L2 characters, Dark Elves have to get strong gear in order to really excel. Buy Lineage 2 Adena and spend it on upgrading your gear. 


Dark Elves characteristics 

What about Dark Elves stats? Let's have a quick look at what stats can you have -  STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN. When playing this kind of Elf you should concentrate on making your attacks as powerful as possible. The good news is that you are able to jump from many heights and still be fine. You can also stay longer underwater, just like any other elven class. What’s the most specific for the race, is that Dark Elf fighters and Dark Elf Mystics have high STR and INT. It means inherently that for the play style Dark Elf will want to deal the most raw damage.

On the other hand, the race has other core stats relatively low, especially the CON. It tells us that with an unimpressive HP pool and defensive potential, Dark Elves will not make a good tank. Still, they can go for an off-tank. However, they do better when they wear robes or light armor and use their dark arts to deal an immense amount of damage.


Lineage 2 Dark Elves classes and class transfer


Dark Elves first class transfer


Class transfer quest

Class transfer into

Dark Fighter

Path of the Palus Knight

Palus Knight

Path of the Assassin


Dark Mystic

Path of the Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard

Path of the Shillien Oracle

Shillien Oracle


Dark Elves second class transfer

Initial Dark Elf class

Lvl 35 quest

Lvl 37 quest

Lvl 39 quest

Final class


Trial of the Seeker

Testimony of Fate

Test of the Searcher

Abyss Walker

Test of Sagittarius

Phantom Ranger

Dark Wizard

Trial of the Scholar

Test of Magus


Test of the Summoner

Phantom Summoner

Palus Knight

Trial of Duty

Test of Witchcraft

Shillien Knight

Trial of the Challenger

Test of the Duelist


Shillien Oracle

Trial of the Pilgrim

Test of the Reformer

Shillien Elder


Dark Elves third class transfer

Initial Dark Elf class

Final Dark Elf class

Abyss Walker

Ghost Hunter

Phantom Ranger

Ghost Sentinel


Storm Screamer

Phantom Summoner

Spectral Master

Shillien Knight

Shillien Templar


Spectral Dancer

Shillien Elder

Shillien Saint


Dark Elves Awakening

Each race receives some unique traits after awakening, except for races and classes that do not undergo the Awakening. As for the Dark Elves, they get new skills:

- Sharpness - +1% to P. Critical Damage and M. Critical Damage,

- Blessing of Wind - +20 to Wind resistance,

- Dark Presence - +1 STR and INT at nighttime,

- Disparition - Removes all debuffs, increases Speed by 30 for 5 seconds, and makes you untargetable,

- Life Siphon - Takes 1% of the damage dealt as HP.

The Awakening classes for Dark Elves are:

Pre-awakening class

Awakening class


Ghost Hunter

Othell Ghost Hunter

High Critical Damage

Reflect Atk. Skill damage

Ghost Sentinel

Yul Ghost Sentinel

Highest P. Atk. among similar classes

Great damage dealt in short time

Storm Screamer

Feoh Storm Screamer

Highest M. Atk. among similar classes

Uses Vortex magic

Spectral Master

Wynn Spectral Master

Summoner specializing in P. Atk.

Uses phantom-type summons

Shillien Templar

Sigel Shillien Templar

Great P. Def.

Increased P. Atk. for the whole party

Dynamic Debuffs

Spectral Dancer

Iss Spectral Dancer

Useful party buffs

Shillien Saint

Aeore Shillien Saint

Healer with powerful M. Atk.

An expert in MP Recovery


Summary - why play Dark Elf in Lineage 2?

Dark Elves are the dangerous, unforgiving creatures, that will attempt to down you no matter what. As you can tell by the information in this guide, each class - even the tank or support - have a serious damage output. As for the pure DPS classes, dark elven characters have higher raw damage than their counterparts. The answer is simple - if you want to be a valuable part of a team, and you still want to dish out some hard hits, then dark elven classes should be your go-to race. Dark Elf Classes skills, high base damage values and low overall constitution somewhat predetermines their role, no matter the class you choose.

What’s more, if you are a type of a lore-focused, role-playing gamer, willing to explore the background, then the Dark Elven controversial history can also appear tempting. You can help them seek their revenge or redemption if you find it unjust to be banished after they learned black magic. You don’t need to wear robes and worship Shilen. You’ve only got to use some dark magic power to learn people, that your race is no worse than other races. 

On top of that, you can also buy some Adena, to boost your Lineage 2 Dark Elf character, and read our other Lineage 2 guides. 

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