Elder Scrolls Online Mods - All You Need to Know About the Best Addons

Elder Scrolls Online Mods - All You Need to Know About the Best Addons

Elder Scrolls Online Mods

Mods and addons are an essential aspect of multiple MMORPGs. They can provide all kinds of assistance to their users. Starting from the various quality of life upgrades, through directions regarding specific tasks, all the way to gathering and displaying information that’s otherwise difficult to access. Creators of this tool are often really fast and efficient at answering the needs of the players (addons are usually made by passionate players). Let’s take a look at some of the best mods available in ESO.

Elder Scrolls Online is a game that has received a considerable number of mods and addons over the years. Bethesda and Zenimax Online don’t have anything against these tools, as long as they don’t break the game or provide any unfair advantages. The developed modding culture in ESO shouldn’t surprise any fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise. The crazy Skyrim mods are a huge meme in the gaming community. The standard “unmodded” version of ESO is has a rather scarce interface, so there’s a lot of room for extra features. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and useful addons in Elder Scrolls Online.


Installing ESO Mods

The process of installing mods and addons to Elder Scrolls Online is relatively simple, but if you’re only using your computer for gaming, you might encounter some difficulties. You just have to open the live folder inside your ESO Documents folder (the default path looks like this: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\). Then you have to enter the folder called AddOns (or create it, if it doesn’t exist). After that, simply copy the mod files that you downloaded into the ESO AddOns folder. Finally, you can log into the game. In the bottom-left part of your screen, you should see the AddOns button – press it and activate your mods.

Some tools may stop working or cause bugs after a major ESO patch or update. They will usually be marked as outdated in your game screen. The creators might need some time to update them for the new content, so you should consider disabling your addons for a day or two. To update most mods, you’re going to have to replace the old files with new ones.


Minion – Addon Manager

If manually installing and updating mods seems like too much effort, you can get an app that will do it for you! Minion is a user-friendly tool that allows you to manage your ESO mods easily. In order to set it up, you just have to download it and place it in the AddOns folder that we talked about earlier. When you do that, you can start using Minions to install, remove, update, and find new interesting Elder Scrolls Online mods.


List of Best ESO Mods and Addons

Votan’s Minimap

The base version of ESO doesn’t feature a minimap. While this design decision might provide a more challenging and immersive experience, it can also turn out frustrating for some players. If you want to complete your quests fast instead of getting lost in the woods, we strongly recommend installing this add-on. 

You can customize its looks, change its position on your screen, decide whether it should hide or not during combat, and change some other options. Whenever new content is introduced to the game, Votan’s Minimap gets updated quickly, which is another great advantage of this addon.


Dungeon Tracker

Dungeons are a huge part of ESO - you can loot a ton of great gear while clearing them. Dungeon Tracker lists all the dungeons in the game and displays your progress across the whole account (unless you exclude some characters). It’s a small and useful tool designed for a specific part of the game. However, there are lots of different dungeons that make the database relatively big.


Urich’s Skill Point Finder

It’s a handy mod for leveling new characters. Urich’s Skill Point Finder displays your progress in terms of collecting Skill Points in different areas. It lists all the potential sources of Skill Points and tells you what storylines, dungeons, quests, and Skyshards you can still use to get extra points. We strongly recommend using it.


Wykkyd’s Framework

If you don’t want to spend the whole day picking and choosing which mods to install, you can simply go with the Wykkyd Framework. Essentially, it’s a collection of small standalone addons that forms a more developed interface. Its functionalities include: tracking inventory space and experience required to level up, enhanced chat, and an advanced toolbar. It’s a great choice, especially for new players, who need additional information about their characters and progress. 


Wykkyd’s Full Immersion

An attractive option that provides the opposite of most other addons. Instead of giving you additional information, Wykkyd’s Full Immersion enables you to hide all the elements of the base game’s interface. No chat, no quest tracking, just your character, and everything that they see in Tamriel. You don’t have to disable the whole interface – you can keep some of its parts on your screen if you want.


True Exploration

If you’re looking for even more immersion, you should take a look at the True Exploration mod. Whenever you enter a new area, your map will be a blank piece of paper. Your character will then “draw” the map as you keep exploring. It’s an interesting option recommended for a particular type of player.


No, Thank You!

A lot is going on is ESO, especially if you’re rushing through the content, interacting with multiple friends, and joining guilds. The sheer amount of different notifications that you get may be overwhelming at times. This mod acts like a spam filter that you can set up to block certain types of notification that would otherwise pop on your screen.



Binder is a small addon that saves your keybinds and applies them to every new character that you create. This functionality probably should be a part of the base game, but at least you can easily get it with this tool.


Raid Notifier

The name might be a little misleading since there are no raids in Elder Scrolls Online. However, Trials serve an identical role, and you can often see players refer to them as raids. Raid Notifier warns you about incoming attacks and mechanics that can kill you.  


ESO Daybreak

Daybreak is a visual mod that provides multiple great customization options. Players can improve clarity, get more detailed visual effects, adjust the fog, and explore more possibilities. It’s a lightweight mod that can significantly improve the looks of your game.


ESO Graphics Extender

You can enhance your graphics even further, with a more advanced mod, like ESO Graphics Extender. It’s a huge graphic overhaul for the whole game. Keep in mind that it’s heavier and can potentially have a bigger effect on your game’s performance. That being said, if your PC is able to keep up, you will get the opportunity to enjoy much more beautiful textures and animations. There’s also a lot of room for customization.


Various Map Addons

There are lots of important things that you can find during your journey across Tamriel. Memorizing their locations is almost impossible and constantly checking them on various websites is an annoying chore, unless you’re playing with two monitors. Fortunately, some great mods can provide directions and show you the location of everything that you may need.

Quest Map – displays the locations of all available quests on your map and minimap. It’s an excellent addition for players who want to finish every quest in the entire game. It will only show the tasks that you haven’t yet completed. There also are some additional options that let you modify the size and shape of the pins on your map and filter the quests that you want to see.

SkyShards - collecting Skyshards is a vital part of ESO because doing so will grant you additional Skill Points that you can later use to develop your character. You can find Skyshards while exploring the world, some of them are situated in remote places, but their locations are always the same. This mod downloads them onto your map and allows you to find all Skyshards easily.

LoreBooks – Lorebooks are collectible items associated with progression in the Mages Guild. In order to rank up and unlock new skills, you have to collect Lorebooks. Install this addon to receive information about the ones that you can still find.

HarvestMap – a great addon if you’re interested in earning some gold. It provides the locations of various chests, containers that you can steal from as well as nodes of crafting materials. There’s an option of customizing the looks of these markers as well as toggling its categories.  

Destinations – finally, this mod updates your map with locations of all the other Points of Interest. It can help you find Delves, World Bosses, Wayshrines, Group Events, Mundus Stones, and more! Of course, you can freely toggle what types of locations you’re interested in.


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Quest-related Mods

Multi-quest tracker – while the base game only allows you to track a single quest at a time, this addon fixes that problem. There’s nothing more to it – it’s all in the name.

Votan’s Improved Quests – one of many Votan’s addons that refine a specific part of the game’s interface. This one sorts and categorizes the quests that you have started.

FCM Quest Tracker – an alternative tool that allows you to categorize and track multiple quests at the same time. It also allows you to filter which ones you want to be displayed and customize its appearance.


Combat Mods

Foundry Tactical Combat – a useful mod that provides a lot of detailed combat data. Its features include active buff tracking, displaying cast bars, providing advanced information about your character’s stats, and more! It can help players understand what exactly happens during the fight.

Combat Metrics – if you’re more interested in sheer numbers to track your DPS and establish which skills are the core parts of your rotation, this is the mod for you! You can also use it to track active buffs and debuffs as well as outgoing and incoming heals. It’s an excellent tool for players who are trying to improve and clean up their gameplay actively.


Inventory and Items Addons

Advanced Filters – during your adventures in Tamriel, you’re going to find tons of different items. You will likely save a lot of them for the one time that you might need them in the future. Advanced Filters help you narrow your inventory down to very specific categories and find every item that you need (as long as it’s in there). It makes managing your inventory much easier. 

Votan’s Rune Tooltips – rune system in ESO is pretty complex, and the base game doesn’t provide the essential information. This mod lets you check what glyphs can be made from your runes while you’re browsing inventory.

Inventory Grid View – the standard ESO inventory is displayed as a list. If you want a more traditional MMORPG approach, you have to get this convenient inventory mod. It initially shows less information, but allows you to browse through the items faster and easier.

Master Merchant – this addon provides a lot of extra information about trading. It scans all trading offers available to your guilds and helps you find the best deals. Besides, the mod tracks the history of your sales and purchases – you can later use it to establish how did you make the most gold. It’s a must-have for players who trade a lot.

Awesome Guild Store – as usual, the base ESO Guild Store UI is not exactly rich in information. With this mod, you’re going to get a lot of useful, accurate information as well as some convenient quality of life upgrades. It’s lighter than Master Merchant, but also more accessible to casual players.

Tamriel Trade Centre (ESO TTC) – another trading addon that helps you find the best deals. It also provides a more user-friendly interface with extra information. Just don’t get too excited about the best bargains – other players that use addons can see them too, and they can get there before you.

Bag Space Indicator – a straightforward mod that displays the amount of gold and inventory space that you have available at all times. Thanks to this addon, you can access that information with a glance to the top of your screen, instead of having to open the inventory.

Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter – doing the crafting writs is a part of many ESO players’ daily routine. If you still want to get valuable rewards but decrease the amount of time spent on doing that, we recommend using this mod. It automates some parts of the process, as long as you provide the necessary materials.  

Auto Research – researching all the possible traits in Elder Scrolls Online takes a tremendous amount of time. Moreover, the process might get a little hectic if you base it exclusively on the standard UI. This addon lets you organize your crafting research and progress automatically. It’s a great option for new players who want to unlock all the traits.

Potion Maker – a crafting addon that’s explicitly focused on Alchemy. It shows a full list of potions that you can make using the ingredients from your inventory. It also accelerates the process by reducing the number of clicks necessary to complete a potion.

Loot Log – another tiny addon with a single functionality. It shows the loot history of you and your group in the chat window. It also displays the item traits. It’s a nice option, especially since many players are used to such features from playing other MMORPGs.


Elder Scrolls Online Addons and Mods

As we said, there are tons of great mods that you can use in Elder Scrolls Online. The ones that we listed and described are only a narrow selection of the best and most interesting options. Feel free to keep looking for more, and you surely will find something worthwhile.

No matter if you need additional information on your User Interface, visual improvements, automated crafting, or any other quality of life upgrade – you’re likely to find a mod that suits your needs. For the most part, ESO addons and mods are really easy to use, install, and update - especially if you’re going to use the manager app. We hope that some of the tools in this article caught your eye, and you’re going to try them out in-game! 

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Caghnson • 19 May 2020 If you want to really just chill, get the Full Immersion, True Exploration and something to block the chat and notifications. Such a relaxing way to play the game, just throw all the unnecessary UI away and do your thing. Reply
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