Blade and Soul Gold Farming - money-making in BnS

Blade and Soul Gold Farming - money-making in BnS
Blade and Soul

Usually, every MMORPG has its economy. To be fair, the vast majority of games have the economy. You need to collect gold, ammunition, resources. It all pours into your army, buildings, items, and upgrades. You fight for the control of resource buildings, and killing enemies grants you a reward. 


Farming Gold in Blade and Soul

Gold Farming in BnS is limited, to say the least. It means that walking around the world, collecting herbs, rocks, skins, and other trash items en masse, to sell them in bulk, later on, will not do. For some reason, NCSoft decided to restrict sheer gold farming for the sake of enjoying the game, or whatever. 

It means that you need to find other ways to get rich. Or die trying.


How to make gold in BnS?

As always, players will find a way to increase their wealth, even if it was a tiny stash of gold. We present you with the most popular BnS gold making options in Blade and Soul.



There are plenty of these to take part in Blade and Soul, but not all dungeons yield loot good enough to make a sheer profit. Moreover, for harder dungeon, you will need better gear, and for better gear, you’ll require gold. Then again, for gold, you need to do said dungeons, and so on. You must check which dungeons are soloable for you and for which you need a party. There will be really a lot of requests in the chat that people are looking for someone to join them in the run. Feel free to give it a try and fill that void. 

Also, try to choose these dungeons that are included in daily or weekly challenges. It will allow you to hit two birds with one soul stone and increase the gold per hour ratio easily.


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Dailies and weeklies

It’s one of the best, and probably the most reliable method of farming gold in BnS. Wherever you go to ask about gold making in Blade and Soul, players will tell you: “Do dailies.” We have chosen the best challenges in terms of gold per hour and listed them in the table below.



Gold award

Echoes of an Emperor

Nightfall Sanctuary

43g 68 s

Chasing Zulia

Temple of Eluvium

39g 20s 80c

Clockwork Guardians

Nightfall Sanctuary

34g 48s 90c

The Big Sting

Nightfall Sanctuary

32g 37s 00c

Life and Death at the Temple of Eluvium

Temple of Eluvium

31g 48s 60c

Queen of the Hive

Temple of Eluvium

30g 00s


Scion’s Keep

29g 90s

Raven’s Cry

Skybreak Spire

25g 74s

Military Intervention

Skybreak Spire

23g 59s 50c

Dark Revival

Skybreak Spire

21g 45s 

Hot Headed, Cold Blooded

Temple of Eluvium


The Great Thrall Brawl 

Temple of Eluvium


Dumping Iron

Scion’s Keep


Keeper of the Peace

Nightfall Sanctuary


Bearer of the Shield

Nightfall Sanctuary


Lord of the Sting

Nightfall Sanctuary


Stealer of the Light

Nightfall Sanctuary


Shadowmoor Rising


16g 25s

Live by the Sword

Ransacked Treasury

15g 60s

Bad Karma

Sandstorm Temple

15g 16s 68c

Horrors of the Hollow

Hollow’s Heart

14g 17s

Rolling in the Deeps

Drowning Deeps

14g 17s

Sundered Reflections

Circle of Sundering

13g 69s 29c

The Leader of The Pack

Starstone Mines

12g 93s 50c

Mastering the Marauders

Outlaw Island

11g 32s 30c


Farming alts

Since daily and weekly quests are the saving grace of your BNS bank account, you will need to finish a lot of them to earn some coin. But there are limits tied to a character, and you can’t do the same quests multiple times. It is why you need alternative characters - alts.

We will not go in too deep into the farming as an alt, because it doesn’t differ much from a regular quest farming. However, keep in mind that it's challenging to have multiple accounts well geared. 



Pretty much every MMORPG game with a market has its share of flipping. There are people who prefer to sit on the market for hours day by day, sniping underpriced items, and sell them high for a profit. Or players who possess tons of items, and they are bulk trading them over and over on the auction house. 

However, an important thing to know is that auction house flipping is not the case for Blade and Soul. First, there are not many items worth trading. Second, there is a daily trading limit, which is completely new for the community. A premium player can list only five items per day at rank 1, going up to 20 with ranks. Maybe we’re not in-game trading tycoons (actually we are), but to us, it’s a way too small number to make a reasonable profit by flipping. Third, there are many taxes and fees that ruin profits of any trades, and oftentimes they can even put you in the red. Normally, you would need to learn the market, but here it's rather worthless.

blade soul flipping rights reserved



The rewards for participating in PvP activities are Moonstones and Soulstones, and these will always be in demand due to their properties and utility. It's nothing new. Be mindful, however, that PvP is time-gated. What it means is that you will not always find a party or enemies for PvP. It is because most of the PvPers hail from East Asia, and if you live in Europe, you may be playing the game while people in Asia are asleep. Also, ping is essential here. Although in PvE, you can somehow manage to participate with 300 ms, in PvP, it will not do, even if you're a Whale.


Apparently, Blade and Soul is the first big title in the new MMORPG genre to eradicate gold farming, or at least not make it easy. Ubiquitous limits, nerfs, lack of reliable BnS Gold farming methods are what make the game limited itself. It feels like NCSoft wanted people to play the game, and nothing more. No wonder that so many players decide to buy the gold.

Let’s face it, no MMORPG had a great success based on how cool the game is, per se. Behind every major MMO game, there is a vast market, both in-game and RMT. RuneScape, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Tibia, all of them have something for the players to offer - engaging quests, developed lore, emotions, fame - but all of them also have ginormous markets. Back in the day, there was a legit EVE Online casino! People made a wagons of money grinding and farming gold in WoW, gathering herbs and crafting materials, or staking in OSRS. Some of them still do it for a living, having games their main source of income. We can all agree that Blade and Soul are weak in this department. We don’t want to make false prophecies, but if ever BnS dies, it will be because of the lack of a good trade.

It is not the last post we publish, as we continue to add post after post to guide you with knowledge. If you need help with anything, please, head straight to our Live Chat support team, and they will help you. They are able to fix almost anything with their power. Also, make sure to check out our other games like PoE, BDO, Albion Online, Trove, etc. Sign in, become a member of our jolly community, read the content that we've got. Follow us on social media for updates. 

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How to farm gold in BnS?

Farming gold in BnS is monotonous, yet straightforward. You clear a couple of dungeons, daily challenges, weekly challenges, and it should yield some profit even if you don’t have much time to play.


How to make a lot of Gold in Blade and Soul?

The best way to maximize your profits is to have many alts and do daily quests on them, to trade all valuables to one account later on.


How to bypass the trade limit in BnS?

The same as maximizing the gold income - via alts. The limit does link to the character, not an account.


How to buy BnS gold?

Go to our selling page. Once you're there:

1. Choose the amount of BnS Gold you want to buy, or amount of money you want to spend

2. Select your best used payment method; it can be credit card or other payment processor of your choice

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