Albion Online Silver Farming: Four ways of making silver

Albion Online Silver Farming: Four ways of making silver
Albion Online

Albion Online is a pretty specific MMO, in some ways similar to EvE Online. You fight - you lose stuff and you have to get it back, for that you need silver and to get silver... well how DO you get silver? "Albion Online Silver Farming - how to do it well?" is the most commonly asked question by the newcomers and one that you should find an answer for as soon as possible to enjoy the game. So here are our five easy tips for making some easy Albion silver without any special gear or skill. If you don't want to farm silver, you can buy Albion Online Silver here.


Table of contents

  1. Albion Online Silver Farming - Four ways to farm silver

1.1 Pup Farming 
1.2 Treasure Hunting
1.3 Focus Refining 
1.4 Merchant Running 


Albion Online Silver Farming - Four ways to farm silver

1. Pup Farming 

This is a pretty straightforward method, it is fun, casual and can earn you quite a buck with little to none effort. Pup farming basically goes down to killing certain mobs in the open world in the hopes of getting valuable and rare pups. Pups can be further bred into mounts and used to breed more pups and are very sought after by exotic animal dealers. Best pups to Albion Online Silver Farming farm are Dire Wolf pups which are a tier 6 mob. You can find them in any forest with tier 6 or higher mobs. Another good pup to farm is lizards, altho they are worth less than Dire Wolf but they are found in lower tier zones (tier 5) and are far less contested than dire wolves. One of the advantages of pup farming, apart from easy money, is the fact that you actually gain fame from killing mobs while doing it so consider this an added value. There are other extremely rare mounts to farm like Mammoths or Dire Boars but those are very hard to get because they are rare and with extremely low respawn rate so not really viable as a mass money-making method. Currently, dire wolf pups range at around 600-700k silver a piece. Stags are also quite an easy farm but compared to dire wolves they are dirt-cheap and not really an effective method for Albion silver farm. Hunting dire wolf has another extra bonus if you can skin them, turning their leather in for some decent profit. 


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2. Treasure Hunting

When compared to other farming methods this is probably the least grindy and boring one as you will be getting out in the open, fighting elite mobs and sometimes racing against other players to get the loot. But there are some things you will need for your tile-to-tile salvage adventure. First, you'll need a decent fast mount, the quicker you can cover each tile the more loot you will get - pretty simple, also you'll be able to escape anyone that will want to kill you while you are Indiana Jonesing around. Another thing you'll need is a good bag with lots of capacity, the logic behind this is simple really - the fewer returns you have to make the bigger your hourly income. With those two things go out and look for treasure! It doesn't really matter where you go, Anglia, Murcia, Cumbria all are good for this. You will be looking for a few things, for example, hidden treasures which are disguised loot boxes around the world. Each biome has a different theme for the hidden treasure so for example forest treasures will be a tree-stump, steppes maps will be a rock etc. Hidden treasures can drop a variety of loot including tomes of insight, rare gear etc. The treasure items you'll find can be vendored for 25+ thousand if tier 5 or 6, tier 4 treasure is worth only 1 thousand silver so not really worth looking into as a way of making Albion silver. Another thing you will be looking for is treasure chests. They are often guarded chest just sitting on the ground up for grabs (if you manage to defeat the guardians that is), inside you will find a nice bit of silver, runes, souls and the occasional rare item. 


3. Focus Refining 

Maybe not the most fun Albion Online Silver Farming way and captivating method of farming Albion silver but it gets the job done. So basically you'll want all your characters to gain 10,000 crafting focus per day (because obviously, they all have premium). With 10,000 crafting focus, we will then use it to refine rare resources with a good resource return and then we sell it off for a good profit. First, you'll need to unlock Tier 4 refining in any of the refining categories other than stone, you will need to invest some silver to begin but once you will get it up and running your income will start snowballing. With that done go ahead and buy some 0.3 or 0.2 raw resources and some tier three refined resources to refine your tier four. Then go to your Caerleon refining station with low cost to use (for the resource return) now activate your crafting focus and produce as much of the resources as you can and then just sell it off for profit. 

4. Merchant Running 

This method for Albion Online Silver Farming was very popular when the game launched but it faded into obscurity after some time. It still can bring a steady profit. The premise is simple - buy something that's cheap in one town and sell it somewhere where it's more expensive. This was very popular when Royal Cities were crowded but since Caerleon, they are pretty much ghost towns. Now trading revolves not as much as resource trading but its currently a treasure trading. Basically, people that are too lazy to turn in the treasure to the point of destination they will sell it off the closest market under the turn-in fee just to sell it quickly, you will want to buy as many of those treasures as possible and then transport them to their destined city making profit off the difference between purchase price and the turn-in reward.

That is it! If you are waiting for more articles like Albion Online Silver Farming just let us know about it!


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Impatient • 22 April 2020 How can I buy some silver? I'm tired of farming, grinding etc. and I donnt have time for this BS Reply
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MonoPaladin • 25 April 2020 Early in the game merchant running got me some decent equipment. I don't think that there are better ways to make currency if you have nothing Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 25 April 2020 by MonoPaladin.

labilex • 29 April 2020 Good methods but not for endgame i thiink Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 29 April 2020 by labilex.

andezor • 4 May 2020 I made a lot of silver by farming pups and breeding mounts. Recommend this method to everyone. Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 4 May 2020 by andezor.

Wardpuff • 7 May 2020 Not making use of your crafting focus should be a crime. The game basically gives you free money, you just have to pick it up! Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 7 May 2020 by Wardpuff.

Ripper33 • 27 May 2020 Merchant running and caravans used to make sense, but now crafting in Caerleon is better than anywhere else. Way to kill an interesting part of the game smh Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 27 May 2020 by Ripper33.


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