So, you made it here, to Sellers and Friends - the game currency trading website. We know what you want. You've earned a lot of TERA Online Gold, and now you want to earn a lot of Dollars for it. You're in the right place to do so. We will gladly buy TERA Gold from you. We're accepting virtually any amount. We will give you a nice starting bonus for a good measure. One trade with us will make you stay with us forever. There are many players that made a lot of money with us - join them now!

First and foremost, the process is easy. Every step of the transaction will go smoothly. We've taken care of technical matter so that the user's experience is as pleasant as possible. 

Second, we're a stable company. We're online for years now, buying, selling, and overall trading the most popular game's currencies. We're not going anywhere, meaning that you will have a place to sell TERA Online Gold pretty much anytime. 

Third, the trust and safety. Thousands od players and customers already believed us, when we told them, that we'll make their trade a nice experience. Hundreds of positive feedback comments on TrustPilot and Facebook prove it. 

TERA stands for The Exiled Realm of Arborea. The game gains more and more credit, and positive reviews from critics and more importantly from the players. Considering the fact that it belongs to modern era MMORPG, we can call this title quite successful. Large player base always raises the same questions, doubts, problems, and demands, and one of them is the demand for the in-game currency. 

There is nothing left for you to do other than selling us your TERA Gold. We'll pay you good and fast, hoping that you will come back any time soon.

How To sell TERA Online Gold at Sellers and Friends?

It's easy, we will tell you:

  1. Type in the amount of TERA Gold you are willing to dispose of.
  2. Fill in the contact details form.
  3. Write a message if you have something more to tell us.
  4. Select a cash-out method from more than 200 payment methods that G2A PAY offers.
  5. Proceed further.

After all formal requirements are met, all you have left to do is to wait for our live agent to come to you and finish the deal.

Double-check every information, because we do not provide refunds for the time being. 

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