Sell Temtem Pansus


We are all amazed by the popularity that this cute game is gaining recently. TemTem is a phenomenon comparable to Pokemon series, that it takes inspiration from. If you managed to reach greatness in TemTem, and you gathered a lot of Pansun, we offer you a reliable platform to exchange the in-game currency for real money here at Sellers and Friends. Wait no more! Start trading right away.

How to sell Temtem Pansun on Sellers and Friends?

We made it as easy as possible. Just follow these steps to sell your Pansun:

  1. Select the amount of Temtem Pansun for sale.
  2. Fill the contact form with accurate information.
  3. Type in the message if there is anything we should now.
  4. Check the information twice, so that there is no mistake.
  5. Choose on of the payment methods that we offer.
  6. Proceed to cash out.

Out live agent will come to you to collect your Pansun, and complete the payment.

Trade Temtem Pansun with us

fast delivery temtem pansun

We have Live Stock feature that allows us to complete every deal quickly. Closing the end of your sell trade, your Pansun will be added to the Live Stock, and you'll be sent the confirmation of the payment. It will take a few minutes at most. No one does it faster.

Bonus to every deal temtem pansun

Upon the registration, we provide you with a 1% bonus to every deal, which is going up to 5% depending on the trading volume. Every user here gets something extra, and loyal clients earn even more. Once you sell your Temtem Pansun - you'll see for yourself.

secutrity sell temtem pansun

You have nothing to fear trading with Sellers and Friends. We're in the business for many years now, and we have no interest in scamming anybody. You can buy Temtem Pansun, but you can't but once lost repoutation. Why is it important? It's because here you are not selling to strangers, but to us - your friends. Join the sellers crew, and become one of our best TemTem Pansun suppliers.

live chat support for sell temtem pansun

We are prepared for anything. Even despite our best efforts, something can go wrong. It is why we have our Live Chat support crew waiting for you to ask them anything. They will help with everything that you need during selling Temtem Pansun. 

Although being very similar to Pokemon franchise, Temtem managed to get its own piece of the pie, and quite a large one to be completely honest. We are following its career with an utmost interest, waiting for what's going to happen. The more people play it, the better for us, and for you, as you've just found a place to sell Pansun. Keep going!

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