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Do you want to sell Lineage 2 items? Do you have some powerful drops, that you will never use? Or maybe you need some money? It is the place exactly for you. Hop in, and monetize your in-game luck.

How to sell items in Lineage 2?

We believe that you have never in your life experienced more convenient system.

1. Select the item from the list

2. Type in the item's traits (enchant, grade, description)

3. Fill in the form with the contact data

4. We will approach you, if we are interested in the purchase

5. Once we make an offer, our Live Agent will come to you to complete the deal.

sell lineage 2 items

Time is an invaluable resource, and we know it. On our website transactions are closed within 120 seconds during the working hours. You will not make it to the end of the cigarette, before your items are successfully sold. Your item will be added to our stock the moment you submit it. All that is left for you is to wait a couple of minutes for the payment.

bonus to every items supplier

We are not only saving your time, buy also making some profit! As a registered user you immediately gain a 1% bonus to all transactions, which can grow up to 5% depending on your turnover. No matter, if you're gaming pro trader, or just a casual seller - you will get something extra from us.

secure trading

Is it safe to sell Lineage 2 items? On our website - yes! 5,500 customers, hundreds of positive reviews, TrustPilot, these can't lie. It's not in our interest to scam people, as we aim to be the best in the business. To put it into perspective, the items, you own, and you are willing to sell are as well as money. It's on you, to set the price.

awesome customer support

If anything goes wrong, which barely even happens, you have a Live Chat support at your disposal. We serve you 24/7 for the best possible trading experience. Over 5,500 satisfied customers already enjoyed it. There is no reason for you not to join them.

Not only will you get it fast and with a bonus, but also you will never run out of payment options! We accept over 200 methods, so all it takes is a single account on the most popular payment processors out there. We support G2A payments, which also guarantees safety.


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