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Escape from Tarkov is all about gathering a small fortune and leaving the war-torn city. But what if you already have a small fortune, and you want to monetize it? Instead of looking for someone willing to buy EFT money from you, you can sell it to us. We'll buy any amount, anytime. We're fast, rewarding, almost always online. Whenever you need to dump your hard earned Roubles, Dollars, or Euros - you can sell EfT Money to us.

How to buy Escape from Tarkov money?

Do you want to sell EFT Money? Just follow this process:

  1. Select the amount of EfT currency that you have for sale.
  2. Fill in the contact form with your details.
  3. Double-check the order information.
  4. Choose the check out method.
  5. Await the payment.

Our live agent will approach you to close out the deal.


Sell Escape from Tarkov Money

short wait fast delivery EfT money

During our working hours, the transaction will go through smoother than you can imagine. Just as you finish your EfT Money sell order, you'll be given a confirmation from our agent, that everything is fine, and you may proceed to cash out. The process will take a few minutes at most. 

bonus value to every eft money trade

Not only will you receive good money for your in-game effort, but also you will get a guaranteed bonus! At the beginning it's 1%, and it will grow to 5% if you have a high trading volume. Loyal customers get more benefit.

guaranteed safety of EfT transactions

We're in the business for many years now, and we're well aware of the fact that the trust and reputation is everything in this industry. We keep collecting our custmers reviews here in the comments section, on TrustPilot, Facebook, everywhere we can. Countless positive opinions should give you a good insight of what we're doing, and that we're good at it.

live chat support sell eft money

Our brave Live Chat support staff is there for you all the time. Should you have any question, doubt, issue regarding your EfT money trade - go ahead and ask them. They will help you 100%. 

Back in the day, we played games for fun ("Ok, boomer"); quite frankly, most of us still do, but there are several groups of online gamers who play for something more. 

One of them is the pro players, obviously. They are so good at the game, that they play it profesionally. As one said: "If you're good at something, never do it for free." These young guys and gals earn thousands of dollars in prizes for torunaments and sponsorships. 

Then you have content creators - streamers, YouTubers, guide makers, and game's personalities. These people also play for fun, but outside of that they have something to give. They play for people's entertainment, which sometimes can be far from fun. Also, money in content creating is something we can't pass on. 

Next, you have these players that want to be the best in everything. Not necessarily they are, but at least they want to, they want so bad. Better than average, but not enough to be the pro. They would kill for a tiny bit of an advantage over their opposition, including cheats and buying the currency. Let's be honest, currently if you want to be somebody in the Laboratory in EfT, you need to be prepared. You won't make it too far without a proper equipment. Labs is where the elite EfT players meet. 

Finally, last but not least, you have providers. These are players who make their living out of playing certain game. They provide for pro-wannabes that are willing to spend their whole paycheck to buy the best items in the game. For these players, our heroes, we've prepared a generous offer. Here at Sellers and Friends they don't have to worry about looking for the buyers. We'll buy their EfT Money at the spot! All they have to do is fill in the contact details and go to check out. We'll do the rest. We're not like the competition, where people wait forever to have their in-game goods sold, and their offers are online covering in dust. We'll give people their hard-earned money right away. Come join us, give us a shot, and you'll never regret it.

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