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Bloodstone was on a huge hype train a while ago, referred to as the "Tibia 2." Taking a page out of the game so popular (especially in Poland and Brazil) the developers of Bloodstone decided to roll on it. The game gathered some fans around the world, and a huge part of them started playing it for obvious reasons - the money making aspect that Tibia was known for. If you are one of them looking for a place to sell Bloodstone Gold - here we are.

How to sell Bloodstone Gold on Sellers and Friends?

If you want to get reach with this game, follow these steps:

  1. Type in the amount of Bloodstone Gold for sale.
  2. Fill in the form with your contact data. 
  3. Check if everything is fine.
  4. Write a message, should you need it.
  5. Select a payment processor.
  6. Go to cash out.

In a few moments a live agent will come to you and close up the deal.

Sell Bloodstone Gold fast and with a good margin

fast delivery to sell bloodstone gold

Did you hear about our Live Stock? It's a feature that allows us to deliver the currency immediately! It also allows us to receive the currency in no time, meaning that after the order is complete all you have to do is wait for payment. We'll send you the confirmation. 

sell bloodstone gold

Not only that! We'll add a nice 1% bonus to your order, and to every order in the future. You receive the bonus upon registration, and it grows up until 5%. We'd say it's worth it.

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Transaction security is the most important part. We are verified buyer and seller, entrusted by thousands of users to this day. Check our TrustPilot profile and Facebook page - you'll see tons of positive feedback. We've established a cooperation with G2A PAY which is not a small deal.

We've got everything covered, but if there is still some obstacle blocking you from a smooth trade, our Live Chat support team will remove it right away. Nothing can stop you from trading at Sellers and Friends.

There was a colossal hype surrounding the release of Bloodstone. Website that are specialized in trading the in-game currecny expected the second phenomenon like Tibia, where everybody plays. The game was released not so long ago, and it clearly refers to itsp redecessor with a few tweaks and enhanced graphics. Will it reach Tibia's popularity? Will it build a giant community around itself? We are yet to see. Nevertheless, if you are a part of this community already, you can trade Bloodstone Gold here. 

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