Sell Blade And Soul Gold


Have you earned a lot of Blade and Soul gold over the years? Or maybe you are new to the game? It doesn't matter, as we provide both ways here! You can buy and sell BnS Gold at Sellers and Friends. We will tell you exactly what to do.

How to sell Blade and Soul Gold 

If you want to sell BnS gold simply follow those steps:

  1. Select the amount of BnS gold you'd like to sell 
  2. Check your contact information
  3. Choose payment processor
  4. If everything is ok, proceed to checkout
  5. Carefully verify your order (amount, price, email) in the preview
  6. Our live agent will take you through the rest of the process

Be careful! To prevent our services from frauds and exploits, we do not provide a refund in any case.

Fastest transactions! When your offer is accepted, your BnS Gold is added to our Live-Stock and you have to wait just a few minutes for trade to be completed. Within business hours it should not be more than 120 seconds. Yes, it is possible to do it that fast. With our trade speed we leave competition miles behind.

We add a 1% extra bonus to your every transactions. For a 100 USD trade, you will have 1$ extra from us just for registering the account. The more you trade, the higher the bonus goes, up to 5% bonus after reaching the $2,500 threshold.

If you have a bulk of Blade and Soul gold for sell, you can feel as well as having money in your pocket. We'll accept pretty much any quantity of BnS Gold for a fixed price. We are supporting G2A PAY, and with more than 5,500 satisfied customers already, you can trust us with your life.

Should any obstacles appear on your way to the perfect BnS Gold trade at SellersAndFriends, contact our Live Chat support. They will do their best to help you out and they are yet to fail at it.

If you are looking for a place to sell Blade and Soul Gold, SellersAndFriends should be your service of choice. We provide safety, short delivery time, registration trade bonus, Live-Stock, and competent support crew. Our team is working their hearts out for years now just to make you feel comfortable when trading Blade and Soul Gold.

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