Sell Astellia Asper

Sell Astellia Asper

Are you a rich Astellia Online player? Looking for an easy way to “liquefy” your currency? You have arrived at the right spot! SellersAndFriends offer you an easy way of selling what you have. If you are good at farming Astellia Asper you can start making money on the thing that you love - on gaming. Someone wise once said, “if you are good at something - never do it for free!” adapt those words into your lifestyle and start making money on selling Astellia Asper. The process of trading is very simple and won’t take you longer than a few minutes - become our supplier and enjoy the easiest way of making money on playing online multiplayer games

It has never been easier to sell Astellia Asper!


  1. Select your server from the dropdown list.
  2. Type the amount of Asper that you have for sale.
  3. Choose a payment method that suits your needs.
  4. Put all the required information in the contact form.
  5. Check all the info once again to see if everything is correct.
  6. Our live agent will contact you in the next few minutes to complete the trade.

Astellia Asper

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery is what we are known for! You can expect your orders to be completed within the first few minutes after filling the contact info during our business hours. If we are currently in beds (which is unlikely since almost always our moderators are online) don’t worry - we will be contacting you within the next 24 hours

Special bonus

Right from the start, we have a bonus for you! For each purchase that you make we will add 1% extra - completely free of charge! If you will stick with us you can raise this bonus even up to 5%! That’s 5% of the free currency that you can make on every trade - doesn’t matter how big it is!

Safety above all

The safety of our users has always been our main feature! We have made sure that all of your trades are secure so you won’t have to worry about losing anything during the process of exchange. We will protect your personal data and your money.

Live Chat Support

With Live Chat Support, all of the problems that you may have come across can be solved within minutes. We have a Support team ready to answer all of your questions at any given time so if you have come across a bug or an obstacle that you cannot overcome on your own make sure to leave them a message.

Is it safe to sell Asteillia Asper at SellersAndFriends?

Of course, it is! We are a team of experienced gamers and we know how to make trades with our users to avoid surprises. After you are finished with writing us all of the information that is needed for the exchange the Live Agent will contact you to tell you how we are going to complete the trade. It is a specialist who knows better than anybody what is safe

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