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Server Standard
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Exalted Orb
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How to sell poe orbs on standard

You want to sell your Path of Exile Standard exalted orbs? Nothing easier! Just follow the instructions:
  1. Decide how many orbs you want to sell
  2. Decide on your payment method
  3. You feel you need to tell us something important? Leave a message in the message window
  4. Check if you've put correct info in the contact data
  5. Make sure if all the data in cashout preview are correct
  6. Click "send"
From this point your orbs are in our database. Our agent will contact you as soon as we are ready to make the purchase of your orbs.

Is it safe to sell poe orbs on standard?

Selling your orbs on Standard but you're asking yourself: What makes me sure the transaction will be sage? The answer is simple - you deal directly with us. Nobody will ever know that the gold sold comes from your account. We are always doing the trade through the safest method known to each game and server. Thanks to the fact that we only buy the currencies only when we actually have a need for them, our transactions are made swiftly. You can also buy poe orbs

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