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How to sell Path of Exile orbs on hardcore

You want to sell your Path of Exile Standard HC exalted orbs? Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Set the amount of orbs you want to sell
  2. Chose a payment method of your liking
  3. Add additional info or a direct message to us if you have any remarks or questions
  4. Make sureyou've put correct info in the contact data
  5. Check out in cashout preview if everything looks fine
  6. Click "send" when you're ready
From now on your orbs are in our database. We will contact you as soon as we are ready to make the purchase of your orbs

Is it safe to sell Path of Exile orbs on hardcore

You want to sell us your Exalted Orbs on Standard HardCore but are not sure how safe will the transaction be? At Sellers and Friends we are doing our best to make ensure that whole endeavor will be as secure as the game makes it possible. Our delivery methods are clear as daylight and entire process is handled by a live agent that will provide guidance through the whole deal. You can also buy path of exile orbs.

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