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How to sell Lineage 2 Classic Items?

Do you wish to sell us your account or gold on Classic Server? That is pretty simple, just follow these steps:
  1. Decide on the amount of currency you wish to sell and/or make a list of items you want to liquidate
  2. Choose a payment method
  3. Got an important message to pass on? Type it down in the appropriate window
  4. Verify the contact information
  5. Check the information in the cashout preview
  6. Click “Send Cashout”
  7. From now on your account is in our database and our agent will contact you once we have a need for your goods.

Is it safe to sell Lineage 2 Classic Items?

Want to sell some Lineage 2 Classic account but have your doubts about security? Here at Sellers at Friends we won't be pulling wool over your eyes - we will buy your stash once we need it and only if we can pay for it instantly. No false promises, no account stacking, just transparent and painless business.

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