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How to sell Lineage 2 items on Naia?

Wish to sell Lineage 2 items or some currency on Naia? It’s easy, just follow the steps below
  1. Type in the amount of currency you wish to sell and/or a list of valuable items you want to liquidate
  2. Decide on a payment method
  3. Need to let us know about your online time etc.? Type it down in the message window
  4. Verify the contact information
  5. Verify the information in the cashout preview
  6. Click “Send Cashout”
From now on your items will be listed in our database and our agent will reach out to you once we are ready to make the purchase.

Is it safe to sell Lineage 2 items Naia?

Selling your Lineage 2 items on Naia but wonder how safe it is? Here at Sellers and Friends we take pride in quality of our service, that is why we value security and transparency. Instead of having your items “on hold” or selling you false promises, we only perform trade once we are ready to buy your items instantly. Thanks to this approach our deals are safe, fast and reliable. At SellersAndFriends you can also buy Lineage 2 Adena on Chronos.

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