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How to sell Lineage 2 Gludio Items?

Want to get rid of your account or Adena on Gludio? It’s simple, just follow these steps:
  1. Specify the amount of currency you wish to sell and/or make a list of items you want to liquidate
  2. Select a payment method
  3. Need to tell us something important? Leave a message in the message section
  4. Check the contact information
  5. Check the information in the cashout preview
  6. Click “Send Cashout”
  7. From this point forward your items are in our database. Our agent will contact you once we are ready to make a purchase from you.

Is it safe to sell Lineage 2 Gludio Items?

Here at Sellers and Friends transaction security IS our business. That is why we always choose the safest possible method of delivery. Once we are ready to buy your items off you and agree on the price the deal is performed instantly. You will have the money on your account as soon as we take the items off your hands making the entire endeavor as chill and as secure as possible. At SellersAndFriends you can also buy Lineage 2 Adena on Chronos.

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